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  • Selanne Rumours Persist

    There is still much speculation that Teemu Selanne could be wearing a Habs jersey before the puck drops in October.

    Once Koivu who is a good friend of Selanne’s was re-signed, Montreal’s chances grew significantly.

    It’s no secret they are friends and want to play together, but do the habs have the cap room and desire to sign him?

    Once Theodore is inked on paper, the cap room situation will be a little clearer. After having a poor season last year, Selanne may be able to get signed for a decent price.

    How bad does he want to play in Montreal? That will be the decisive factor. Atlanta and St-Louis appear to be in the mix as well. If the desire to play with Koivu is strong enough expect to see him signed for a 1 year deal.

    Selanne although having a poor season last year, is still a significant offensive threat. Playing with Koivu and Kovalev could be a devastating combination.

  • Lecavalier Rumours Put to Rest

    Vincent Lecavalier won’t be wearing the CH. Well at least not for another 4 years. Lecavalier re-signed with the defending cup champ Tampa Bay Lightning for a 4 year deal worth $6.8 Million a year.

    There was rampant speculation in Montreal that he would be coming home to play for the Canadiens. Lecavalier was in the papers saying how he had a lot of pressure from family and friends about working something out with the Habs, but ultimately decided to stay with the defending champs.

    In other news, as mentioned in this post, Pittsburgh continues their reconstructive surgery by signing power forward John Leclair. Leclair is getting on in age but if he can stay healthy he is another offensive threat to add to their growing list.

    It also seems the wandering Anson Carter will play for his 6th NHL team as he is on the brink of signing with the Canucks. I don’t know why this guy gets thrown around so much, he can put up numbers and he can play a strong physical role, perhaps he will find a good fit and settle down in Vancouver.