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  • Ribeiro/Komisarek Re-Sign with Habs

    The Montreal Candiens have agreed to terms with Mike Ribeiro on a one-year contract for 1.178 Million.

    Ribeiro put up an impressive 65 points two seasons ago and has exhibited undeniable skill and talent on the ice.

    However he has also had questionable behavior on the ice, taking dives and acting like a cry baby. He was the most hated player on the Canadiens during their last playoff series against Boston.

    There’s also the questions about his skating ability and size. A more mature Ribeiro coupled with the new ‘enforced’ NHL rules might be all it takes for him to put up some career numbers.

    Mike Komisarek has also signed a one year deal. He will no doubt be challenging for a permanent job on the blue line this year. Komisarek is a big punishing defenseman that The Habs have desperately lacked. If he gets a regular shift, it may be his chance for a breakout year.

  • Burke Snubs Pittsburgh – Settle for Thibault

    Well after posting about Pittsburgh earlier this week, it seems the Penguins have continued their attempt at becoming a better team, I’m just not sure if they did the right thing.

    After being snubbed by Sean Burke, who took an offer from Tampa instead, The Penguins went after and got Jocelyn Thibault. A measly 4th round pick in exchange.

    Note to the Pens, don’t expect much from this guy. He is/was a mediocre goalie at best, and now coming off surgery don’t expect any miracles. Coming in to replace Patrick Roy in Montreal destroyed this guy and he has never recovered.

    Watch for him to start the season and then promptly get replaced by Fleury before Christmas.