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  • The Sidney Crosby Sweepstakes

    So the NHL draft is scheduled to take place Saturday July 30th, and everyone wants to know who will end up with Sidney Crosby.

    The draft lottery system means any team has a chance, with a few teams having a slight advantage.

    Buffalo, Columbus, New York Rangers and Pittsburgh have the best odds of snagging the 1st pick.
    They each hold 3 balls out of a possible 48, giving them approximately a 6.2% chance.

    The Canadiens in comparison, have a single ball and that means about a 2% chance of getting 1st overall.

    So it is still very much up in the air, any team can get lucky.

    Either way, the chance of landing a Top 5 or Top 10 spot are decent, let’s hope Montreal gets lucky and can use that to find a quality prospect.

    Note to the GM: We don’t need another Eric Chouinard, Jason Ward, Terry Ryan or Brad Brown.

  • The Habs Blog

    What better week to launch the Habs blog? The NHL and NHLPA have just agreed to a new CBA and that means hockey is finally back.

    After losing a whole year and harboring a lot of bitterness and resentment towards the NHL and towards the players, I can’t help but find myself extremely happy this is all over and we will get hockey back.

    Maybe being from Montreal, I am easily won back. The mood here is strong, everyone’s excited to get our game back. How this year will actually unfold is anyone’s guess, but it promises to be interesting.

    Enough time and energy has been wasted talking about this, so we’ll leave it at that.

    Looking forward to hockey.