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  • Round One: Game One

    Oh man can you feel it?

    Its that time of year where you can get pre-game jitters at breakfast! Tonight the Habs will face the Ottawa Senators in Game One of their first round playoff series. The fun gets underway in Montreal tonight for a series that has all of the potential to be an epic one.

    The rivalry between the Canadiens and the team from “down the street” has always been somewhat underwhelming. This is probably in part due to the phenomenal rivalries that both teams enjoy with other teams in their division. Montreal-Boston IS the rivalry. Toronto-Ottawa has in the past been a close second. Because this is the first time that these two clubs will meet in the post-season, they have never had the chance to develop that special feeling toward one another.

    But here it is. Both teams are young. Both teams are hungry. The stage is really set – and if we see a good series, we could have the makings of a very FUN rivalry going forward.

    There is enough hyperbole and narrative to fill a hundred newspapers at this point. I’m not going to get into that. Both teams like their chances – and they have every reason to. A quick start in this game could have a big effect on the series – but I’m going to warn for caution at this point regardless of how tonight plays out. We’ve had enough playoff experience in the past few years to know very well that the top seed doesn’t always win and that you don’t win or lose a series in Game 1. A good start can’t hurt though. So let’s get on them!

    Go Habs Go!!


  • Playoffs!

    The playoffs have started! Its really here!

    So what do you guys think about this first series? Ottawa has typically given Montreal fits. Though the Habs controlled the play during most of the season series – Ottawa’s other-worldly goaltending was supremely good. The Sens are bolstered by the return of their Norris-winning Swedish defender Erik Karlsson. But who will score their points? Their top scorer this season was Kyle Turris. Surely they miss the presence of Jason Spezza.

    How do your Habs stack up?