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  • Carey Price World Junior Shutout

    Montreal Prospect Carey Price was by far the best player on the ice and earned a shutout in Canada’s opening game of the World Junior Championship.

    Canada as a team looked questionable and pulled off the win mostly due to Price’s strong play.

    Keep an eye on him throughout the Tournament.

  • Which Canadien will return with Olympic Gold?

    As the Olympics slowly come to an end it’s time to put the focus back on this site’s main topic. Da Habs.

    The Olympic Hockey semi-finals are about to begin and by lunchtime Sunday a new country will be crowned Olympic Champs. There’s a strong possibility that a Montreal Canadien will return to the Bell Centre with a Gold Medal dangling from his or their necks. There’s also a strong chance Gold and Silver medals might adorn the Habs dressing room next week. Who will it be? Will the experience bring a boost or positive energy to his/their game and to the Canadiens?

    Should Russia win, Alex Kovalev and Andrei Markov will be Gold Medalists.

    If Finland wins, Captain Saku Koivu will have led his countrymen to the Olympic gold.

    If the Czechs manage to repeat their 1998 win, Jan Bulis will be showing off his medal.

    If the Swedes win….

    Either way the Olympic experience should benefit all the players who took part. Including Mark Streit who was actually noticeable as the Swiss captain. You saw a little of what perhaps the Canadiens scouts saw in him to begin with and hopefully he’ll be more confident now in a Canadiens jersey.

    I gotta cheer for Koivu and the Finns to win. “Olympic Gold Medal Team Captain” has a nice ring to it when describing your own Captain.