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  • Eric Lindros washes up on the banks of Lake Ontario
    As a Canadiens fan, I can tell you nothing makes us happier than seeing the Toronto Maple Leafs lose. It seems they took another step in that direction when they announced the signing of Eric Lindros to a one year deal worth 1.5 Million.

    I’m sorry to say, as a one time fan of "The Big E", but he’s got nothing left.

    Eric Lindros
    Nice Smile Eric!

    Okay, at 1.5 Million this is considered a bargain. Well maybe if this was the Eric Lindros of old, and not the Eric Lindros whose had 8 concussions and can’t seem to go two weeks without some kind of injury.

    Concussions ended the career of his brother before it ever got started and they threaten to do the same to him. These days Lindros plays with fear and you know he’s a target every time he steps on the ice.

    Expect Lindros to bow out early while Jason Allison leads the Leafs in scoring this year.

  • Ribeiro/Komisarek Re-Sign with Habs

    The Montreal Candiens have agreed to terms with Mike Ribeiro on a one-year contract for 1.178 Million.

    Ribeiro put up an impressive 65 points two seasons ago and has exhibited undeniable skill and talent on the ice.

    However he has also had questionable behavior on the ice, taking dives and acting like a cry baby. He was the most hated player on the Canadiens during their last playoff series against Boston.

    There’s also the questions about his skating ability and size. A more mature Ribeiro coupled with the new ‘enforced’ NHL rules might be all it takes for him to put up some career numbers.

    Mike Komisarek has also signed a one year deal. He will no doubt be challenging for a permanent job on the blue line this year. Komisarek is a big punishing defenseman that The Habs have desperately lacked. If he gets a regular shift, it may be his chance for a breakout year.