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  • Burke Snubs Pittsburgh – Settle for Thibault

    Well after posting about Pittsburgh earlier this week, it seems the Penguins have continued their attempt at becoming a better team, I’m just not sure if they did the right thing.

    After being snubbed by Sean Burke, who took an offer from Tampa instead, The Penguins went after and got Jocelyn Thibault. A measly 4th round pick in exchange.

    Note to the Pens, don’t expect much from this guy. He is/was a mediocre goalie at best, and now coming off surgery don’t expect any miracles. Coming in to replace Patrick Roy in Montreal destroyed this guy and he has never recovered.

    Watch for him to start the season and then promptly get replaced by Fleury before Christmas.

  • Theodore on His way out?

    The latest rumours being kicked around are Theodore going to Florida in exchange for Montreal native Roberto Luongo. Is this so far fetched?

    Probably so. Although there has been trouble getting Theo signed to a long term deal don’t look for this to happen unless Theo’s asking price is ridiculously high.

    They are both restricted free agents and both in the same calibre and price range. They will both be expecting big bucks after what Khabibulin signed for in Chicago. Theo has stated that he wants to play in Montreal and I believe that to be true. What would be the point of this swap?

    Well from a Florida Panther standpoint it could be beneficial considering that Mike Keenan apparently wants Michael Ryder to be included in this deal somehow. Ryder was robbed as rookie of the year last year and has a promising future ahead of him in this league.

    I don’t see any possible reason to exchange Ryder, Bouwmeester being the only choice to ponder.

    Will any of this happen? Doubtful, but stranger things have happend. If Theodore’s Vezina Trophy and Hart trophies are still dancing in his head and he’s holding out for some more money to give his loanshark daddy, then maybe this should happen.