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  • Sidney Crosby is a Pittsburgh Penguin

    The NHL Draft lottery was extremely nerve racking to watch, right down to the end.
    The stakes grew more and more as each pick was announced.

    Once Montreal made it through the first 10, then the second 10, things got very tense for Habs fans.

    Sidney Crosby made it known his dream was to play for the Canadiens. As the remaining teams grew fewer and fewer, the intensity level increased dramatically.

    Could it be fate? Could the past 10 years of medicore and poor Canadiens hockey all be forgotten with this impending news?

    Ahh, but it was not to be, The Habs got very close, getting the 5th pick – but Sidney would not be in a Habs jersey come next Saturday.

    It hurt quite a bit to get so close. Had we gotten the 30th pick it might been a little easier to swallow.

    Let’s look to the positive. When was the last time the habs picked 5th overall?

    Let’s hope Bob Gainey and company can put together a strong 5th pick and a strong overall draft.

    It seems the Canadiens will have their eyes on Benoit Pouliot or Gilbert Brule as their 1st pick. French Canadians are popular choices of the blue blanc and rouge after all. Expect Pouliot to be the choice if available at #5, expect Brule as the next.

    So Sidney Crosby goes to the Pens who had statistically one of the best chances at getting him. What does this mean for Pittsburgh? Time will tell, but under the guidance of Mario Lemieux, things look promising.
    I think we all preferred Pittsburgh over Anaheim, for the simple fact that Anaheim and the “Mighty Ducks” have never and proably never will feel like a real hockey team.

    Not to mention Sid will be visiting the Bell Center a couple times a year.

    So Bob Gainey, now it’s up to you.

  • The Sidney Crosby Sweepstakes

    So the NHL draft is scheduled to take place Saturday July 30th, and everyone wants to know who will end up with Sidney Crosby.

    The draft lottery system means any team has a chance, with a few teams having a slight advantage.

    Buffalo, Columbus, New York Rangers and Pittsburgh have the best odds of snagging the 1st pick.
    They each hold 3 balls out of a possible 48, giving them approximately a 6.2% chance.

    The Canadiens in comparison, have a single ball and that means about a 2% chance of getting 1st overall.

    So it is still very much up in the air, any team can get lucky.

    Either way, the chance of landing a Top 5 or Top 10 spot are decent, let’s hope Montreal gets lucky and can use that to find a quality prospect.

    Note to the GM: We don’t need another Eric Chouinard, Jason Ward, Terry Ryan or Brad Brown.