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  • Jose Theodore’s Propecia Drug Problem

    Theo without Propecia and no steroids.

    So Jose Theodore has tested positive for a banned substance. The substance is found in Propecia which is a hair loss prevention drug that Thedore has apparently been taking for 8 or 9 years.

    Why is Jose Theodore taking Propecia? He may not be able to stop a puck but he sure has long untamed flowing locks that even Al Iafrate would envy.

    Propecia apparently acts as a ‘masking agent’ that inhibits detection of certain anobolic steroids. Steroids are probably not what Jose’s on. The question is can it mask other substances?

    There’s plenty of gossip and some verified claims regarding Theo’s partying lifestyle. Perhaps his Propecia is masking certain ‘recreational’ drugs.

    It would certainly explain his year so far.


  • Jose Theodore Fails Drug Test

    RDS reports Jose Theodore failed a doping test conducted by the Olympic comittee.

    Detials will follow.