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  • Samsonov wants out!

    Good Riddance!

    Sergei Samsonov and his agent aren’t pleased. Not pleased with how he’s been treated in Montreal.

    Well roll out the red carpet for Mr. Samsonov because he’s certainly earned it, hasn’t he? He should be calling the shots right? With his performance he’s earned the right to demand what he wants, earned the right to flap his gums to the media.

    Samsonov will never recover from this. Should he NOT be traded, the taste he’s left in the mouths of Canadiens fans is bitter. Very bitter.

    Who in their right mind will take Samsonov and his salary? The big rumor is Chicago. Gainey will have to pull some strings to come out ahead on this one.

    Congratulations Mr. Samsonov, you’ve brought no class to an organization built on it.

  • Souray Trade Rumors

    If you’ve followed this site for awhile, you know I filter/ignore almost all of the BS trade rumors that float around the Internet. I’ll only post trade rumors when there is a reliable source or reliable information available.

    Everyone and their dog can make up a rumor, and it just pollutes the reality. That being said, trades DO happen, and sometimes they don’t. Either way there is discussion involved, there are after all how many pro scouts in the league?

    Apparently the Los Angeles Kings have being scouting around our Canadiens. In fact there were four Kings scouts including General Manager Dave Taylor at the Montreal/Ottawa game.

    Their main focus, Sheldon Souray.

    Souray is leading the entire league in goals and points for Defensemen. His stock has never been higher.

    Not to mention that Souray is a free agent at the end of the year.

    Combine that with the fact he’d like to be on the West coast to be close to his young daughter – and this seems quite plausible.

    Who would Souray go for? It’s hard to say at this point, but if something does happen it may involve more than two teams and more than two players.

    The league is taking notice of the Canadiens. Five other NHL teams had scouts in Montreal and although Souray is gathering most interest, there are a number of desirable players teams may have interest in.

    So let the speculation run wild.

    One thing is sure, the high demand puts Bob Gainey in a favorable position.

    How do you feel about Souray leaving?

    It’s tough to say, Souray is arguably the best powerplay defenseman in the league. He’d already be a candidate for the All Star team, and although it’s early a front runner for the Norris. Who wants to give that up?

    On the other hand, Souray is also known for momentary lapses and his ability to magically change into a pylon in certain situations.

    Who said General Managers had easy jobs?

    Habs look for revenge against the Canes tonight. Expect Koivu to ‘show up’ against the team that nearly blinded him.

    Cristobal Huet gets the call tonight. The Canes played last night and the Habs are fresh which always makes for an interesting third period.