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  • Todd Bertuzzi as a Montreal Canadien

    The Trade that almost happened.

    Todd Bertuzzi had been the subject of trade rumors since the beginning of the season. As the trade deadline drew near, the Canadiens were rumored to be one of the teams interested in his services. The Canadiens lack a big, strong power forward type of player and Bertuzzi is that kind of player. Considering his past and Vancouver’s desperation at several positions, Bertuzzi might have come at a bargain price.

    Bertuzzi didn’t get traded but he was about as close as you can get. The Canadiens apparently made them an offer but it wasn’t attractive enough to send Bertuzzi over. The trade was to be announced the same time the Theodore news broke. Theodore gone, Bertuzzi in. A little better headline than Theodore gone, Aebischer a Hab.

    Canucks GM Dave Nonis admitted their were several offers for Bertuzzi but none that he felt were strong enough. Gainey said something like “the deal for that type of player wasn’t there.”

    The trade was to send underachieving forward Richard Zednik and an unnamed defenceman. Vancouver didn’t take it and you can’t really blame them. The unamed defenceman? Bob Gainey pre-acquired depth defenceman Todd Simpson to replace whomever it was that was to be dealt. If Vancouver took the deal before the last minute, Gainey and the Habs would have their replacement. It didn’t happen and no one knows when Todd Simpson will actually play.

    You have to wonder what defenceman was on the block? Someone of value but not a core player. Mike Komisarek comes to mind.

    Bertuzzi as a Canadien. That would definitely change the composition of the team up front. Would Bertuzzi be able to play here? Would Hab fans welcome him?

    Say what you will about Bertuzzi but if he could take Richard Zednik’s spot on the roster I think most fans would welcome the change. For now we will never know, but the new financial space the Canadiens have to work with might make it an interesting off season for the Habs.

  • Jose Theodore traded for David Aebischer

    The Montreal Canadiens made a shocking trade sending Jose Theodore to Colorado for David Aebischer.

    Details to follow.

    This trade doesn’t make sense as it is, stay posted as this may be the first move in a multiple move deal for the Canadiens.

    This deal is eerily similar to the Patrick Roy deal which was one of the worst in history.

    Is it the first part of a blockbuster change or is that it?

    This trade was made at roughly 7pm on the day before the deadline and not right down the strech, leaving plenty of time to iron out the other details.

    9:45 PM Update: The Canadiens have still yet to make any comment regarding the trade fueling speculation that something else in the works.

    8:00 AM Thursday: It looks more and more like this is a straight up 1 for 1 deal and hopefully the Canadiens are busy working on other deals. The initial thought that Abeischer was going to be packaged and further moved in another deal seems fleeting.

    Initially this deal was a shocker. After some thought though it makes a little more sense. The swap 1 for 1 talent wise doesn’t seem just, David Aebischer is not the same level goaltenders as Jose Theodore. But are we evaluating Theodore on his past? Or on his market value today?

    Is there a chance Theodore will EVER be able to be the goalie he once was?

    Like him or not, Theodore has been a cancer to this team all year. Too many distractions, too many bad games. Bob Gainey obviously had enough and did something about it.

    Who would take a risk on the personally troubled, broken heel boned shaky goaltender? A goaltender with a fat contract for several more years. Colorado is traditionally the team that scoop’s up Montreal’s garbage and this time is no different. Theodore will escape the fire that is Montreal and most likely return to being at least a decent goaltender while playing in the Rockies.

    Is David Aebischer a #1? Arguably. A change of scenery might rejuvenate his game. Aebischer and Huet as a duo may be able to get the job done. Are the Canadiens cup bound after this deal? Certainly not. Were they going anywhere with Theo? No.

    The best part of the deal is the money it frees up for the Canadiens but what does that matter if the Canadiens don’t find another player immediately? For this to be a really good or great deal for Montreal they have to find another player to add to the roster before 3PM.