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  • TSN: Are you kidding me?

    In TSN’s NHL “power rankings”, where would you expect the Montreal Canadiens (sitting atop the Eastern Conference with Ottawa) to rank?

    #1? #2? Surely the top 5?. Top 10? WRONG.

    #16. Ya, sixteen. Who writes this garbage for TSN? The Toronto Sports Network has every team in the Northeast Division but the Leafs ranked ahead of the divisional leaders, the Habs. Not placing the Leafs above the Habs is shocking in itself.

    What kind of recognition is that for a conference leading team? Last I saw we beat Buffalo back to back, beat the Panthers and beat the Rangers. Curiously all of these teams outrank us. You can argue these results are a few days old, but I’d be shocked if we crack the Top 5 in the next updated version.

    Should we complain? I seriously doubt any NHL coaches are reading and formulating their gameplan from TSN’s power ranking, but if they are maybe we’re sneaking in under the radar. No TSN power rank, no need for visiting teams to worry right? We’ll sit quietly at 1st overall in the east and let the TSN power ranking camouflage our excellence.

    “If you would like to voice your opinion regarding the NHL Power Rankings please e-mail Scott Cullen at”

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  • Canadiens Steal Game 1

    The Canadiens came out on top tonight with another big road win. 6 wins and 1 overtime loss in 7 road games makes us one of the most lethal teams you want to welcome into your home arena.

    The Canadiens started Yann Danis in goal and despite giving up an early goal, he performed to expectations and did his job. Martin Biron responded with a stronger game himself, having very little chance in stopping the go ahead goal – a deflection by Niklas Sundstrom.

    Role players did their job tonight. The Habs 4th line might have been its best as Higgins, Plekanec and Perezhogin made their impact known while go to guys like Koivu and Zednik had an off night. Sundstrom coming up with the clutch go ahead goal, after the go to guy Ryder found the net to tie it up.

    Did anyone notice how many Canadiens fans were present in Buffalo? I don’t ever remember receiving such a warm reception in Buffalo. When the Canadiens scored the tying goal and the camera panned out it looked like more than half the people were up and cheering for the Habs. Die hard hockey fans in Buffalo, not believing in their team, picking the hot team to root for? Was it just Friday night and hundreds of Montrealers making the trip to Buffalo?

    The Habs steal 2 more road points and get ready for the home portion of the back to back games. 2 games in 24 hrs usually makes for a little more hatred and a more intense matchup.
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