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  • My NHL Kicks off Tonight

    The long awaited 2005-2006 NHL season is set to kick off tonight and all 30 teams are in action. The hockey pool drafts are over, the mundane pre-season action has ended for good and the greatest sport in the world is set to go. NHL hockey is a distant memory to most of us and I for one am thrilled to be able to relax, crack open a beer and enjoy some NHL action again.

    I have ‘come back’ to the NHL, but I never really left. Montrealers will be watching RDS tonight and probably tuning in to the other networks during commercial just to get their hockey fix. The real test will be in the United States and small market teams. Will they come back? Were they ever really there?

    The NHL blasts off with all 30 teams playing tonight including many divisional rivalries kicking off their 8 game series.
    Key Matchups:

    • Leafs vs Sens
    • Habs vs Bruins

    Sidney Crosby makes his long anticipated debut. The rookie talent pool this year is perhaps the deepest ever. The season will hold many surprises that is certain. The Montreal Canadiens for good or bad, have the highest expectations placed on them in a long time. Let’s hope they live up to their potential.

  • Canadiens make Final Cuts

    The Pre-season is over and the Canadiens have trimmed the fat and come up with their starting roster. The fat in question can be considered a bit of a surprise.

    • Peter VandermeerRaitis Ivanans, the big Lativan has seemed to sneak in and steal the enforcer job from Vandermeer. Vandermeer must be very upset, he has been trying to crack the league for several years and has lead the AHL in penalties numerous times. Ivanans, much larger than Vandermeer, did his job in the pre season and impressed the management enough to get a chance.
    • Ron Hainsey – Swiss player Mark Streit has apparently taken Hainsey’s job. Hainsey has been trying to make the Habs for several years now and it seems he just can’t get to the level the Canadiens want him at. Hainsey will no doubt be very dissapointed and frustrated at his latest failed attempt. Hainsey will be placed on waivers where he more than likely will be claimed. If not, he will return to his spot in Hamilton.
    • Opening game is a little over 48 hours away, it will be interesting to see if this new team meshes well early and get off to a strong start.