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  • Western Conference Predictions

    In last week’s Eastern Conference prediction we looked at how the new rules, new system and new rosters might affect the standings and consequently the playoff births in the east. Today we take a stab at the Western Conference from our Northeastern division perspective.

    Western matchups will be even fewer than ever with only 10 matches slated for the entire season.

    The West will be wild and closer than ever. Several teams will be within 5 points of the final playoff spot but still too far away from a birth.

     Vancourver Canucks x Vancouver
    San Jose Sharks x San Jose
    Nashville Predators x Nashville
    Colorado Avalanche Colorado
    Los Angeles Kings Los Angeles
    Edmonton Oilers  Edmonton
    St Louis Blues St Louis
    Chicago Blackhawks Chicago


    Detroit Red Wings Detroit
    Calgary Flames Calgary
    Anaheim Might Ducks Anaheim
    Minnesota Wild Minnesota
    Dallas Stars Dallas
    Columbus Blue Jackets Columbus
    Phoenix Coyotes Phoenix


    1. Nashville
    2. St-Louis
    3. Chicago
    4. Detroit
    5. Columbus


    1. San Jose
    2. Los Angeles
    3. Anaheim
    4. Dallas
    5. Phoenix


    1. Vancouver
    2. Colorado
    3. Edmonton
    4. Calgary
    5. Minnesota

    Nashville continues to build their franchise into a respectable contender, they take their division while Hockeytown finds themselves a point or 2 shy of the final spot.

    Wayne Gretzky gets a warm welcome into the coaching world as his Coyotes stumble early and never recover.

    High expectations and intense pressure take their toll on Calgary as they miss out after going to the final.

    Until April 06′.

    Disagree? Post your own predictions in the comment section.
  • Training Camp Set to Begin

    The Montreal Canadiens officially begin the season tommorow with the beginning of their training camp. 46 players have been invited to start camp, some worthy of note.

    Michael Ryder most importantly remains without a contract and therefore not at camp. Should Canadiens fans be worried? Rumor has it that Bob Gainey and Ryder’s agent are only $100 000 apart on a deal. Will it be 1 year or long term? Canadiens fans hope to see this guy locked up for at least 3. It’s important to have him begin training camp with the rest of the team and Gainey knows this. Ideally they’ll announce a deal today.

    Cristobal Huet is missing training camp with an injured knee. How severely injured is this guy’s knee after not having hockey for so long? Who will be backing up Theodore when the puck drops?

    Goalies at camp: Yann Danis, Jaroslav Halak, Olivier Michaud, Carey Price.

    Olivier Michaud having played 2 periods one night in Edmonton is the only one with NHL ‘experience’. Whatever young goalie can impress the most at camp will find himself sitting on the bench come October.

    The Canadiens could face a bit of a problem should Jose Theodore get injured early.