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  • Eric Lindros’ Future

    What kind of Habs fan would I be if I didn’t post this?

    Eric Lindros

    Eric Lindros

  • Salary Cap to Crush Former Giants

    The tide is changing in the NHL. The introduction of the new salary cap is supposed to level the playing field giving every team a legitimate chance at competing.

    Nowhere is this more evident than in Detroit. Detroit spent nearly double the new cap last season. The former NHL powerhouse has announced they are “nowhere near” signing Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk. Arguably, the future of their aging team.

    The Red Wings are about $7 million under the 2005-2006 salary cap, and “hope to sign four or five players”.

    Fat Chance.

    They’ll be lucky to sign one of those players, much less four or five. Who will they choose? GM’s are faced with new challenges and decisions like never before. Teams like the Red Wings will never be what they once were. How fun will it be to watch a challenged Red Wings team struggling in the 3rd period to tie the visiting Florida Panthers or Columbus Blue Jackets?