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  • Quintal calls it quits. Selanne a duck once again

    Stephane Quintal announced his retirement Monday after living out his childhood dream of playing for the Montreal Canadiens.

    “I have no regrets, and besides, I was fortunate enough to fulfill the dream I had of playing for the Montreal Canadiens.” Quintal is quoted saying.

    I personally liked this guy, played his heart out for the habs, dropped the gloves when he needed to and occasionally gave out a stiff beating. Best of luck to him and his family in the future.

    The thought of Selanne joining captain Koivu for the season is now officially dead. Selanne, 35, has appeared in 394 games with the Mighty Ducks during his career, scoring 482 points. He ranks among Anaheim’s all-time leaders in several categories, including goals, points and assists.

    I guess he will never have the pleasure playing for a real hockey town. Enjoy the beaches Teemu!

  • Selanne Rumours Persist

    There is still much speculation that Teemu Selanne could be wearing a Habs jersey before the puck drops in October.

    Once Koivu who is a good friend of Selanne’s was re-signed, Montreal’s chances grew significantly.

    It’s no secret they are friends and want to play together, but do the habs have the cap room and desire to sign him?

    Once Theodore is inked on paper, the cap room situation will be a little clearer. After having a poor season last year, Selanne may be able to get signed for a decent price.

    How bad does he want to play in Montreal? That will be the decisive factor. Atlanta and St-Louis appear to be in the mix as well. If the desire to play with Koivu is strong enough expect to see him signed for a 1 year deal.

    Selanne although having a poor season last year, is still a significant offensive threat. Playing with Koivu and Kovalev could be a devastating combination.