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  • Everyone is well aware how crazy Game 7 of any playoff series can be. There is simply no predicting the outcome of a game in which an entire series will depend. This fact is compounded tonight by the fact that Game 6 and Game 7 are being played back-to-back instead of with a customary day of rest in between. In a series that has been both emotionally and physically draining, you wonder how the players can keep their intensity over such a grind.

    It is time to throw reason out the window. Both teams have the same opportunity tonight and the winner will be the one who in the end is most ready to seize the circumstances in which they find themselves. An opportune bounce off of a defender’s leg, a powerplay opportunity, a defensive mistake – the team that buries the puck when they get the chance is going to move on. Both teams have had their share of luck – both good and bad. The team that can out-hustle the other to loose pucks, and to open ice will emerge the victor.

    One more crazy game 7. This is the best time of the year, and the winner tonight takes all.

    Go Habs Go!!!

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