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7th Defense spot up for grabs

  • J.P Cote who was considered the probable front runner to complete the Canadiens defense was injured in yesterdays training camp after Aaron Downey fell on his knee.

    Cote will undergo an MRI to determine the extent of the injury.

    This leaves the 7th defenseman spot wide open.

    Who will step up and get the chance to star the season with the big team?

    It won’t be James Sanford. Habs prospect James Sanford was sent home by Guy Carbonneau who was not impressed with his physical conditioning. It must be kind of embarrassing to be the first person cut and for being out of shape.

    Dan Jancevski is the only other prospect with NHL experience. Although very little, 2 games.

    But The Canadiens signed him this summer for a reason. They must like something about him. At 25 he’s paid his dues in the minors and this might be his lucky break.

  1. I had not even heard of a potential injury. That would be a shame for Cote, who has certainly done what the club has asked of him. This in no way reinforces my confidence in the Habs D for the opening of the season.

  2. How does a proffesional hockey player, in this day and age, show up for camp out of shape?!? Two years in a row!!!

    Does James Sanford work at a “Krispy Kreme” in the off-season?


  3. #3 Lafreniere says:
    September 18, 2006 at 9:00 am

    That’s too bad for Cote, this was his chance. I believe the HABS will pick up someone from waivers once the season starts.

  4. are the talks with Jason Wooley still ongoing?If so, I think we need to sign him, especially with the injury to Cote.

  5. Apparently the Habs decided against him and he’s now talking to Carolina

  6. What are the chances of Benoit getting somegame time?

  7. I think we will be fine. Boullion will be back sooner then everyone thinks. He is a tough one. As long as we have our number one D man healthy(Huet) we will be okay.

  8. Yeah, not to worry. With Rivet, Markov, Souray, Dandenault, Komisarek, Streit, and Boullion coming back pretty soon we have an ok base. Besides, the injury to Cote isn’t that bad either. No need to sign anyone, unless we bring a real quality defenceman.
    The Canadiens will play their first preseason game on Tuesday in Montreal against Boston. The line up will be:


    We will have to wait before seeing some Kovalev (Ribeiro/Grabovsky) Samsonov line in action, but you gotta give those newbies a chance.

  9. Gainey signed Jancevski for a few reasons and they’re the reason’s that he will be the #7 d-man.

    1)Gainey drafted him when he was the GM in Dallas, that’s were he was signed from.

    2)He knows this guy fairly well.

    3)From what I understand he’ll bring some sandpaper to the d-corps.

    4)He has more experience than anyone else.

    These are may my reasons why Dan Jancevski will be the #7 d-man.

  10. #10 jack tornton says:
    September 18, 2006 at 9:38 pm

    Don’t giv the chance to any of our prospect this is the time of the year we have to aquire a professional defence(period)

  11. Let them fight it out for the spot. Thats why we have preseason. I really dont care who it is as long as they get the job done.

  12. Dont know if anyone here has been to Winnipeg but if you are ever in town I would recommend you dont start a hockey conversation with anyone. WE are invested with leaf fans. Ever since the crappy Jets left all of those fans who chose to continue to watch hockey(still some crying)converted over to the dark side. Mostly cause the leafs get the most publicity and all of their games are on TV out here. We have a small french community here who love the habs but other then that its all leafs fans. I do my best to convert a couple here and there but there’s way too many to deal with. Just thought I would let everyone know.

  13. Poeple here laugh when I tell them I watch RDS to see my team play. They dont understand why i would watch a game in french. Obviously if you are a habs fan you understand. I actually enjoy the games in french. Dont know a word of french but I fell during the game I understand everything they say. Call it hockey sense.

  14. I agree with Habs #1. Gainey acquired Jancevski as an unrestricted free agent for a reason, and like most of the deals that he has made as GM, I think he knows something that the rest of us don’t. Gainey seems to have pretty good hockey sense when it comes to defensemen. I mean who really knew that Patrice Brisebois was really such a lousy defenseman, and why were the Habs holding onto him all those years before Gainey arrived on the scene?

    Gainey did draft Jancevski originally, and obviously feels he has something to offer since he acquired him for a second time this year as an unrestricted free agent. Also, don’t forget that it was Gainey that was smart enough to steal Stephane Robidas to Dallas from Montreal for nothing when he was GM in Dallas.

    There are still enough potential prospects available to do the job on D until Boullion is ready to return. No need to panic. Great opportunity for some prospects to gain some NHL experience.

  15. Snake as HABS fan for life!! I watch RDS also.I don’t understand french,but hockey is the universal language…But I prefer to watch RDS to the crap CBC pours out about the laffs.You can put TSN in that grouping as well..Both stations anouncers have nothing good to say about the Canadiens.

  16. #16 Papineau says:
    September 19, 2006 at 4:04 pm

    Phil is so right, CBC commentors are crap.

    Anyways, Tonight watch out for the O’byrne Komisarek pairing. O’byrne is huge but he can skate, hit and he has a shot. Janceski has notthing on him.

  17. #17 PACTUM SERVA says:
    September 19, 2006 at 4:20 pm

    I also dont speak a word of french but i love RDS.Some ppl just dont understand lol.

  18. #18 jack tornton says:
    September 19, 2006 at 5:31 pm

    REspect for all those fans that watch hockey in french! This proves how much you guys are down for the team.

    This gives more hope to the team in my opinion. Us, Quebecois, are proud to have fans outside the province. And hockey is not only for the actual province, its most likely considered as a culture. You accept and follow it or you don’t you don’t give a damn!

    Montreal is not only a team but a portion of our history.

  19. #19 jack tornton says:
    September 19, 2006 at 5:32 pm

    Guys be ready for the action to begin! ( the war over the 7th spot!)

  20. I even watch the intermissions. My girlfriend thinks its weird that I watch a couple of guys talk to eachother in french at a desk and I listen to every word. SHe also thinks it is weird that I talk online to other habs fans. WE will call her POISON SNAKE.

  21. the link to the off-season conditioning done by Higgins and Komi is back working.. just click on “play movie”. You will also see Rick DiPietro and Eric Nystrom


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