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Aaron Downey Update

  • Apparently things are going better for Aaron Downey and he is awaiting the green light to begin skating again.

    Sportsnet reported some fabricated story that he was ready to retire. Well he isn’t which is good news for Habs fans and hockey fans in general.

    Hopefully Downey can make a full recovery and come back as healthy as before.

  1. #1 PACTUM SERVA says:
    October 20, 2006 at 2:26 pm

    Great news.This is one guy that plays his heart out for the CH.Lets get that left cross workin again.

  2. Who would you trade Samsonov and Kovalev for?

    I think trading away Samsonov is not a bad idea, but Kovalev?!
    Plus, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Samsonov might leave by the end of the year if he has a bad year, but Kovalev is one of Gainey’s favorite players.

  3. No worries! Downey has taken on some of the toughest customers in the NHL. This incident won’t stop him. If you ever doubted how tough he was, you should have a look at this video:

  4. How about a straight trade to philly SAMSONOV for GAGNE?

  5. Sheesh!!!! Trading Samsonov after a few games?? I’d hate to see what happens if there’s a fire near you, Raz or Jay!! Whoa on the panic!!

    Let’s focus on Downey: a real leader by all accounts. Fact is the Habs need character players as well; people like Downey, Begin and Komi who make up for their lack of “touch” with solid, hard, work.

    I’ll agree with the pessimists on one thing, though: Sammy has a thing to learn about heart from Aaron.

  6. Downey will be back soon according to his quote.But what he says he won’t forget about that lame hit.Trading this time of the season is just stupid…Unless Gainey gets a chance to MAKE the team better.I believe it is a matter of chemistry. Little tinkering here and there and those two guys will excel.

  7. to Rob : Not because Downy is able to fight that he would recover faster from an head injury. It’s not his first similar injury, so it could be problematic for him in long term. He is a good fighter, but do we really need a fighter ? There is less fight now than there was and we don’t need them as much cause others guys can fight when needed, but we do need some big guys to make big hit on the other team.

    Why is everyone talking about a trade ? Cmon, they already traded Ribeiro, nothing else will happens. Because it’s need time to see what the guys can do after a little more games, you don’t want to give something you consider bad after 6 games, and the other teams won’t exchange something now that they wouldn’t exchange this summer, cause they also want to see what will happens.

    Forget a trade with Samsonov. No manager will trade a guy they signed up in their first year of contract, and no one else want him either or else they would have offered him the money too. Unless a team really wanted a guy, and he refused or signed for more else where and the team accept to trade him for less.

    Does Samsonov or Kovalev have any anti-trade thing in their contract ?

    I don’t think we will see them go this year. May be Kovalev won’t have a great year, but might have another good one.

    My concern is more with Samsonov and Huet than with Kovalev. We signed Samsonov, and he is doing nothing right now, hope it’s change for better. For Huet, he play good but not like last year or like Aebi is doing. It would be hard to get something decent or only to trade Huet, cause he earn a lot (if he can’t play like last year) and not playing well would be he is not the player we tought he was. But Aebi earn less and could give more to a team, so easier to trade.

  8. J-Nic:

    I am not sure that I understood any of your last post, but…

    Go back in time five years when every other team in the league took liberties with the Habs because they knew no one on the team was a capable fighter. Do you remember seasons when half of the Canadiens’ talented players would be out with injuries? Who are these other guys on the Habs who will fight when needed? Yes, I believe that the Canadiens absolutely need an enforcer on the team. I don’t think that the game has really changed that much! If it has, why does just about every other team in the league still have enforcers on their fourth line? Anyways, it is great to hear Downey saying he feels good and like he is ready to go again after the whack that he took merely days ago. That’s the kind of toughness that the Habs have been lacking since Nilan played for them.

  9. Well Rob five years ago (2001) half of our talented players was 1 injury. But yeah Calgary lerned first hand that no one will walk into our building and push us around.

  10. #10 joshtm says:
    October 21, 2006 at 11:15 am

    I think everyone forgets Lindros, before his concussion and related injuries, he was great, I mean a flash in the pan as they say. After his injury he was hit and miss, more miss than hit mind you. You just don’t know what injuries will do, but concussions are usually different than say Mario Lemieux’s back injury and comeback for stanley cup….

    Definitely having Downey made up for Souray’s lack of defensive performance and enforcement, and Souray’s injury kind of shows what an injury can do for a player’s main skill sets…like Souray handling the stick like its a curling rock…it’s all right if you are in the Tournament of Hearts but when you have Zdeno Charra or Peca coming down on you, hey, anyone can skate faster than a curling rock….

    Huet is also playing with an injury don’t forget.

    I think a package of Downey, Souray and Huet…hey that rhymes, would probably net you a decent player in return, Toronto is not treating Peca with respect…or heck even Havlat or someone of that stature…maybe another European player than can finish the line and have a totally European line, heck why not repeat the Finnish National Team’s Olympic Performance?

  11. #11 joshtm says:
    October 21, 2006 at 11:20 am

    The other problem with Montreal is its like the Vet hospital for broken down hockey players, we have the worlds greatest hockey doctors…hmmm…nurse nurse…I think it is time to bring up the rookies and send the broken down players to the old folks home perhaps…

  12. Relax. Both boxers and fighters get knocked out all the time. There are lots of extra brain cells up there not being used anyways so what’s a few dead ones? The same principle is involved in drinking JD in the stands. The Lindros brothers, I guess, really did not have that many extra brain cells to spare. Concussions happen all the time in sport, and almost always, they are no big deal. We used to call this “getting one’s bell rung.” You went to bench took a sniff of the smelling salts, and went out for your next shift. Nowadays, it is probably better to sit out at least a week after a concussion, but not every concussion is career ending. Far from it. Downey will be fine, and will be back soon. We don’t need to trade him or sell him off as damaged goods just yet.


    looks dirty to me, albeit not intentional. Safe thing to call would be a elbowing minor or at least something.

  14. You are right, ROFL1967.

    With the benefit of replay, it was clearly an elbow. Downey has also indicated that he felt that Regehr should have been penalized on the play, and has said that there is a double standard with the NHL officiating when it comes to players like him. It’s too bad that the earliest that we can see the Flames again this year would be the finals, but Calgary really do not look like they will make it right now. Downey will just have to take Regehr’s number for now.

  15. #15 lavaman says:
    October 26, 2006 at 11:40 am

    The hit on Downey was legal but brutal. Regeir should have benn run the entire game and I’m very dissapointed Surray didn’t personaly pound him. I don’t care who is on the receiving end of that hit- his teamates should have made Reiger regret it!


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