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  • What can you say about a game like that? It’s the same story every night. Penalty after penalty….or weak goaltending…never a full 60 minutes of hockey…or all of the above.

    The Canadiens score 5 goals and still lose. They allow 8. Eight goals.

    Was every single goal Aebischer’s fault? No, but this is the race to the playoffs and goaltending is incredibly important. David Aebischer is not playing like a professional goalie. He is not making the saves, not keeping his team in games and certainly not building ANY confidence on the team.

    The whole point we had David Aebischer all year earning in the millions, was if Cristobal Huet went down with injury or just didn’t get the job done we’d have a ‘reliable backup’ to come in. Someone who’s been on winning teams, experienced and ready to play.

    Face it, Aebischer is another Habs bust. He hasn’t done what he’s supposed to. The Canadiens post season hopes now rest on an untested rookie and another AHL journeyman. The sad thing is they might come in and save the day. At this point the coaching staff has no other options but to turn to them. Halak will start tonight in Boston.

    If you said at the beginning of the year the Canadiens would start the playoffs with Jaroslav Halak or Michael Leighton you’d be met with stares and laughs no doubt.

    Cristobal Huet may be back in time, but if the team doesn’t pull it together fast Huet’s return will be to the golf course and not the rink.

  1. #1 IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE says:
    March 4, 2007 at 1:54 pm

    Who cares if Huet returns, he also SUCKS!
    Did you check his record in the last 15 games?
    Did you notice all the soft goals?

    Please stick with the young kids and let Halak finish the season.

    This team sucks anyways!

  2. #2 Frank Doiron says:
    March 4, 2007 at 2:38 pm

    can I offer a suggestion here. The coaches they have hired are obviously trying to mold their team to look like the New Jersey Devils. Problem is that we don’t have those types of players. They have a team that should be free wheeling and allowed to go in deeper to get the puck and press the opposition. When someone loses the puck then the two other guys are retreating. They are simply afraid to make mistakes (defensively) and the process are making a lot of mistakes. Trying to play a defensive style of hockey when you are suited for a different kind of game just doesn’t work. I do not think this team is suited for defensive hockey. I really don’t. In most games when they are losing (with about 5 minutes to go) they turn up the afterburners and really put pressure on the other team. But they are not allowed to do that during the rest of the game. I would hate to think that this team is going to become the next New Jersey Devils. If you don’t think that is true than why hire Carbonneau, Jarvis and Muller……. and Gainey as your GM. All defensive specialists. I have a feeling that the reason Gainey didn’t go after talented forwards is that they wouldn’t fit into his defesive system. That is scary.
    On the other hand I could be wrong

  3. That’s also the style you incorporate for a team with a lot o rookies,make’s up for mistaken judgement .It’s supposed to keep the score

  4. #4 LeBeau says:
    March 4, 2007 at 2:52 pm

    Frank makes a lot of sense. But there are some obvious flaws in the system if you can finally get your team to score 5 goals and still lose.

  5. #5 Habs4life says:
    March 4, 2007 at 6:31 pm

    BIG NEWS…Souray is most likely re-signing with Montreal. And yesterday on HNIC, Don Cherry said if the Sabers dont re-sign Briere, he’ll most likly come to Montreal, so thats just hope that they re-sign Drury, because Briere would be a sweet fit in the Habs lineup:)


    2007 playoffs here we come!!!!!!!!

  6. #6 Jack says:
    March 4, 2007 at 8:08 pm

    If you check back, way back, I’m always one of the most positive and optimistic bloggers on this site. I still feel OK about this team… next year.

    Having watched a few of the past games, I gotta admit, the Habs look awful. Yes, guys like Plekanec, Komisarek, Bonk… hell even Dandenault lately… are really making an effort, but too many are on the bus for the bumpy ride to the golf season. Even my favoured Souray is looking god-awful on defense, worse than he’s looked since last year (though he’s still scoring goals).

    That’s the point, though, they can’t score goals. The reason: lack of forechecking, lack of effort, lack of belief in oneself. I don’t know, maybe it’s Carbo, maybe the flu, maybe the cold February… whatever… they’re not showing up WHILE EVERY OTHER TEAM DOES!!!

    I wonder what the off-season will bring: Briere would be good, but let’s make sure he has the right supporting cast (Sammy was a bust, as we’ll clearly recall).

    Next year, fans, lookin’ forward to it!!

  7. Jack,I’m surprised you didn’t notice Souray constantly being double teamed? He’s the best player Montreal has and he’s got no back-up in the defencive end ,remember it’s a team sport Jack.

  8. #8 Jack says:
    March 4, 2007 at 8:49 pm

    Xhabsfan, you might have a point, and he’s had a great season, no doubt, but he has not looked good lately. Team sport, yeah, so then where’s everyone else? I’ll admit one thing, Souray scores because he has confidence in his shot… where’s everyone else’s confidence. Down the drain at the moment… with just a few games left and everyone gunnin’ for the post season.

    And yeah, losing the puck in your own zone… back-up don’t help on those!

  9. You Hab fans have to wake up ! We have only one brite ray of sun this year , and his name is Souray ! And with all the hart RYAN SMYTH has about edmonton ,he still went to N.Y. for a hundred thousand more ,but Souray’s staying,he’s got true hart and we fans are very lucky to have him.

  10. You say that like Ryan Smyth had a choice in the matter

  11. #11 Joshtm says:
    March 5, 2007 at 12:18 am

    Actually Ryan Smith could have accepted the paycut, he chose to pay off his agent. Same thing could happen with Souray, you never know eh?

    Smiler, this is not the first season for the coaches buddy, this is their second season, while Gainey was behind the bench, the coaches were still there. So good try. Was it the GM’s fault? Well, the GM chose to keep the players, and no they don’t look good on paper, their stats suck big time. Unless of course you like seeing ten goal seasons as payoff for a big salary. Most other teams just trade em, why do you think we got Samsonov, Johnson and Bonk? Okay Bonk has a good season, but he has not physical size to speak of.

    Smiler you gotta do better, at least try your “everything is great in Baghdad” speech like Rob. What, it was a bad game and these players went into a slump? Hey Smiler, they are ten goal scorers, they were before they came to Montreal and guess what? They are still ten goal scorers. Except for Souray of course.

    So what is your other great excuse Smiler?

  12. #12 LeBeau says:
    March 5, 2007 at 6:24 am

    As much as I’d love to see Briere in a Habs jersey, it doesn’t help us out size-wise. You know what we need? A big player who can hold his own and set the tone for a game by himself. We need someone like Bertuzzi.

  13. #13 Aurel1 says:
    March 5, 2007 at 9:44 am

    So why did we keep Souray? He is going to be gone at the end of the year. In the alternative, we sign him but probably lose Markov and don’t have enough money left over to deal with the team’s offensive problems through free agency. I heard that the reason they did not trade him was that with him they had a chance at making the playoffs thus making the ownership some money. Is that what this team is about; not building for the future so that we can sneak into the playoffs and more than likely lose in the first round. This team (the core group)has been spinning their wheels for several years now. Getting some new blood for Souray would have been a fresh start and possibly new identity for the team. Did we mortgage the Hab’sfuture so that there was enough money for Liverpool?

  14. #14 Dalley1 says:
    March 5, 2007 at 10:46 am

    Souray. Good shot yes. But he gives up a few goals in his own end. He must have scored at least 10 on his own net this year………………You put the blame on the Coaches and the GM. Yes they are some of the problem. BUT the players should know how to win a hockey game.

    You take Scotty Bowman. He was the best Coach in NHL history. When he was the Coach for Montreal in the 70’s look at the players that he had. I’m sure that if there was no Coach behind the bench they still would have won those cups. WHY? Because the players knew what to do………..And how to win…..

  15. #15 smiler2729 says:
    March 5, 2007 at 10:51 am

    Yeah… you’re right josh…

    They suck. I hate ’em. Trade or release them all and fire everybody in management. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    Screw it, I’m just gonna start rooting for Ottawa or Jersey. See you guys.

  16. #16 Dalley1 says:
    March 5, 2007 at 10:57 am

    Good bye Smiley. We will see you on the golf course when your teams get booted out in the first round.

  17. #17 johnnyhab says:
    March 5, 2007 at 11:31 am

    If Souray is so bad why would every other team in the NHL want him? I see now that Rivet is gone it’s time to tear apart Souray who’s next after him? Markov anyone else you would to run out of town.

  18. Nice, points there, R Habs 4 Real. I like your viewpoint and you tell it like it is. I think there is more pressure to play in Montreal than any other city in hockey and that is evident because some players do not want that pressure here. They want to play in a place where there isn’t a lot of pressure and they also want to be part of a team that is not rebuilding and can contend every year. From almost Montreal’s entire existence in 1909 to 1995(when Patrick Roy was infamously traded), the Canadiens have been a perennial Stanley Cup contender with the exception of the years 1932-1943 but every other year they were a contender. They always had a chance to win the cup, now they do not. I want to see them become a perennial contender again and if that means waiting a couple more years, I can do that, hey we have waited 14 years for a champion, we can wait a little longer, can’t we? Here’s hoping the Canadiens turn things around quickly.


  19. #19 Joshtm says:
    March 6, 2007 at 9:09 pm

    Geeze, the NHL players, ya right, as if they have an option, in a market where it is tough to crack into the NHL you are telling me that pro hockey players have a choice of coming to Montreal or not? Man, what have you been smoking. That is the oldest cop out since, when, geeze for years the downhill mens ski team used every excuse in the book, like the media was too hard, the taxes were too high, they didn’t speak the language, but mainly because, hey the rest of the world was just better than they were.

    In Montreal we don’t get good players, because guess what? We keep hiring loser GMs and management who don’t care if they get the best or the worst.

    Now lets get back to talking about how we can improve Hockey in Hockeytown. Simple, get the best GM, the best management, then you can get the best hockey players who love bathing under the media attention, love making the big bucks so they can comlain about taxes and most of all love playing hockey, regardless of where they play.

  20. #20 Dalley1 says:
    March 7, 2007 at 9:16 am


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