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Alexander Ovechkin vs Sidney Crosby

  • Tonight the Habs are at home to take on the visiting Atlanta Thrashers. The Canadiens recent struggles and the Thrashers just being the Thrashers leads one to expect a snorefest similar to the Canadiens 2-0 victory early in the season. Atlanta’s explosive offense is always in danger of erupting but more often than not lies dormant. It’s unsure exactly who will be playing where as the Canadiens are still a little battered in every position.

    Alex Kovalev is recovering from knee surgery, he was hobbling around the Bell Centre yesterday doing interviews while on crutches. Prognosis is good but it will still be several weeks before he can even get on skates.

    The real show tonight should be the Pittsburgh/Washington game where rookie sensations Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby go head to head for the first time ever. A lot of pressure is being put on these kids being called the Lemieux and Gretzky of today’s generation. Both are extremely skilled and extremely competitive and exciting to watch. They will no doubt be in high gear tonight trying to out shine each other and give their struggling teams a win.

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  1. Sidney Crosby cries more than my 4 month old. It was nice to see another young up and comer put him in his place. It was also nice to see that his team is going to make him fight his own battles. Grow up kid. Cheers from Alberta.


  2. yo JT, you from alberta, where in alberta?

  3. Alex has got him beat. And yea, Sidny does cry WAY to much :-P.

  4. #4 maniii says:
    October 16, 2006 at 2:58 pm

    crosbyz fukin gayyyy its all aboutt `Ovechkin, `Alexander the GR8….crosby is shit while ovechkin is the shytt… crosby cant test ovechkin

  5. omg people, get a life, Sidney is wayyyyy better than oveckin….he kicks his butt bad. Ur all just jealous that hes way better than you could ever be.

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