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Andrei Markov Suspended.


    Well after a frustrating Friday and Saturday for the Habs, the news just seems to get worse. Apparently Andrei Markov is being investigated by the NHL and could possibly be suspended.


    Apparently Markov put his hands on a linesman after Saturday’s controversial loss to the Leafs. After the game, off the ice and off camera. Touching or grabbing an official is something you never do, and the league can come down hard on him. However, apparently no league official saw the incident, so nothing might come of it.

    Losing Markov for even a single game for the Habs could be crushing. Especially against the Senators. Markov is by far the best Habs blue liner this year and leads the team in ice time.

    Rumors floating around that Sheldon Souray‘s absence is not so much injury related but due to his problematic personal life. It’s rumored he’s in California reconciling or finalizing the divorce with his wife.

    Back to hockey, in effort to shake things up a little Cristobal Huet has been recalled and Yann Danis sent down to Hamilton. Huet should make his first start with the Habs in the upcoming week or so. Theodore will be in between the pipes against the high flying Senators tommorow night. The Toronto loss won’t feel as bad if the Canadiens can find a way to beat the Senators in Ottawa which is no easy task.

    So it has been confirmed, Markov receives a 3 game suspension. I’ll be curious to hear what he has to say about it and what exactly the details from the league are. Either way, this is bad bad news for the Canadiens and at no worse time. The Senators and division rival Sabres after that.

  1. well its dum to suspend markov but it will b a miracale if the habs do beat the sens. eaven with out kovalev they do have a chance.

  2. It seems hinky that he should be suspended for something that nobody saw?

  3. Especially for 3 games. But apparently is an automatic rule, and the linesman filed it in his game report.

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