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Back on Track

  • The Canadiens strong road play was bound to end at some point. And it did, badly, Saturday night against the Rangers.

    Perhaps their worst game of the year.

    One of the Canadiens better games of the year was the last time they played in Long Island. They controlled the game early and often en route to a 4-1 win.

    The Habs hope to do the same tonight an get back on track with another win in Long Island.

    Patrice Brisebois who sucked up the most time on those non-converting 5-3 powerplays on Saturday, will be out of the lineup with a ‘sore ankle’. Hopefully for Candiens fans Brisebois will be out of the line up for good, instead of another return to the team to provide nothing except the theft of ice time from younger and/or better players.

  1. Nice win tonight! Great effort by Plekanec and Huet. Ryder looked a little lost out there at times and Huet was sloppy with the puck, but we got the 2 points. Looks like Ottawa is about to lose to Washington in regulation!

  2. its funny how there can be no one on the blog one night and then lots of people the next game

  3. Invite some of your buddies…

    Kind of a snooze fest game. 2 in the bank though.

  4. BTW, Price allowed 7 goals on 31 shots in Hamilton. going from bad to worse.

  5. Y’know this game was an ok win…but the stinker on Saturday just makes your stomach churn…with just an average effort the Habs could be in such a better state, but noooooooo! the Jeckyl came out. ‘Ahhhh where are those boxing gloves!!!!’

    To top it off, Tampa Bay has got to be looking to shake things up…another shutout, they’ve got to be interested….Ryder, Kovalev & Huet(prefer Jalak) for Lecavalier, Boyle & Denis & 2nd round draft choice…

    come on we need one or two pieces…I would like to keep Huet but if it’s to make the deal happen…Good Luck to you.

    Keep it going!! Go Habs Go!

  6. #6 Don Carnage says:
    January 16, 2008 at 12:23 am

    Right TB will jump on that trade … We need to keep AK27 right where is he .. and Huet also …

  7. Agreed…while I’d love to see Vinny play in Montreal I wouldn’t be willing to give up Kovalev or Huet. Price is in bad form lately and Halak is unproven – we’re not in a position to let Huet go yet.

  8. Dont trade Kovalev.It would just show that If you play good, your gone!

    Mtl always makes trades with the west. I’m thinking Patrick Marleau. Ryder,Halak and a 2 round draft pick. Price is doing really bad in the AHL right now. if he was in the NHL it would be embarassing!

  9. While agreed that the Lightening may not want to trade, a few more bad losses and more shutouts and this becomes more of a reality. It does become part of the GMs priority and it takes bargaining strength/skill to make this happen, BG has got to make some movement as the team is lacking the one or two pieces to put it all together. Kovalev & Huet are a key point this year but the adage you have to give something in order to get something is true here. Besides if ever you are going to get a particular individual is in the right conditions and when it presents itself you jump on it. Actually think back, Lecavalier was in the dog house probably 4 or 5 years and perhaps then it was a lot riskier but that would have been the time to do something. Anyways, it’s gonna take something more to get us to that proverbial next step and waiting for the young guns to do it is not happening. My two cents.

    The next opponent is the Thrashers and it can be another win but the right team has to show up, that would read Kovalev to show up. Come on! Go Habs Go!

  10. #10 Ice Man says:
    January 16, 2008 at 8:49 am


    Do you think it is not embarassing for Price as it is. Being sent down from the NHL to th AHL and sucking down there.

    What happened to Price? He was great in the Olymics and in juniors. Last year he was great in the AHL. He was even great in about 8 games in the NHL. All of a sudden he just flopped. It was like overnight. I’m deathly worried about Price. I think this is the begining of the end. I know that he is only 20 but I think that his confidence is so low that he may not be able to get it back.

  11. Why would we want to get rid of AK27 that is playing amazing for us this year. I don’t know if your all looking at the same stats as me, but it’s a pretty big shame to see our captain that ain’t a fighter have as many penalty minutes than Kostopolous. And Koivu is the second most penalized player in Montreal. And 3/4 of the penalties are hooking, meaning he’s too slow. What do we do with that ? One trade I would like to see would be Koivu, Ryder and maybe Halak agains’t Jagr… Is that any possible ?

  12. #12 MrBigTime says:
    January 16, 2008 at 11:54 am

    To load the Rangers with the depth they need??

    Trading away our captain is a difficult decision… he has been bad as of late, but someone mentioned earlier that we will probably find out what is wrong with Koivu by end of season (medically)… no idea what to do with him either… I still feel Ryder will bounce back, but I am simply hoping, no real indication of that yet…

  13. #13 patrick says:
    January 16, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    I have a question to put out there (though I rarely receive any answers), should the Canadiens pick up a “rent-a-player), you know an older first line forward who will be a free agent at the end of the year and likely not return to Montreal (unless they won the cup) next season. If so, what would you give up? And don’t say Ryder or Huet, those two are rent-a-players too, I’m talking about prospects and picks, what normally goes the other way in these deal.

  14. Dumbest thing to do. Saw The Isle and Oilers last year they both got up the wazoo….

  15. I think that Bob isn’t going to trade any players away unless It’s Dandenault or Halak. I think that we might just get a veteran for a 2nd or 1st round pick. And the Habs are going to the playoffs.

  16. We’re playing well lately, I don’t see any reason to get too trade happy. I don’t think it would kill us to keep things as they are and work within the organization. When we’re at our best, we’re a Cup contender. It’s just a matter of staying there.

  17. habs have best road record(most road points)than anyone,includind Detroit.

  18. #18 Habs4ever says:
    January 17, 2008 at 12:31 am

    I agree Kovalev is having a good year…thats only becaue it is his contract year, once he get’s signed he will disappear again untill next contract. I hope the Habs don’t fall for that, trade the bum and get rid of him, he has
    proven year after year he is a flake that only shows up every now and then..but contacr year he puts in a little more effort. get rid of the bum
    at the trade deadline. Habs are still in the running but it is so tight that
    a few losses in a row and you are on the outside looking in.

  19. #19 patrick says:
    January 17, 2008 at 9:50 am

    i thought next year was his contract year, and give him a break, he is the reason the “Habs are still in the running”, we need him for the playoffs, period.

  20. Tanguay for Ryder,WHERE DO WE SIGN!!!!and what else is it going to cost us?

  21. #21 PACTUM SERVA says:
    January 17, 2008 at 2:16 pm

    Kovalev is our best player right now like it or not and he is under contract next season aswell. He is playing for the team not the money.

  22. #22 HabsFan4life says:
    January 17, 2008 at 4:53 pm

    Kovalev AND Plecks are our best players right now!!!

  23. #23 PACTUM SERVA says:
    January 17, 2008 at 7:00 pm

    YES plecks aswell cheers HF4L

  24. #24 Habs4ever says:
    January 17, 2008 at 11:32 pm

    I was under the impression that this was Kovalev’s contract year, so I stand
    to be correted, I agree he is having a good year, but one never knows from game to game if he is going to show up or be invisible. But I will give him his due, he is playing well this year.
    Koivu is playing the same way Naslund is in Vanc. both not anywhere near where they should be, both wearing the “C”, and are not by the wildest imagination playing as leaders. Their best days are apparently behind them.

  25. #25 Donnie says:
    January 18, 2008 at 12:32 pm

    Hey again, fellow Habs fans. Good to see isn’t it? This team is playing well…how long we been waiting for this? Not much to be critical of…but I gotta mention something….and it seems Habs4ever is thinking the same way. What is Saku Koivu doing to deserve all this ice time? Can anyone answer that? I know, I’ll hear all the same responses we’ve all been using for a few years now….”he’s got heart”…”he’s the leader”…”he’s the man”. But come on guys, even the heartiest of Koivu fans gotta admit, on the ice, he’s basically invisible, pretty much evey game they play. No production, and it seems whoever Guy puts with him just gets dragged down offensively also.

    I liked Koivu, I’ve liked him for years…but it’s time to admit, for a 1st or 2nd line center in this league, he’s just not in on the scoring the way he should be. But my beef is….why is he getting all these ice-time opportunities??? He’s playing his regular shift, and getting rewarded with PP time, AND PK time…rewarded for what??? He’s a non-factor almost every game.

    What about a player like Ryder? What was it…..18 or 20 of his goals came on the PP last year, and he doesn’t see the ice on the PP this year? Yet Saku is out there on every PP doing nothing, and just keeps getting the time…wasn’t Ryder benched this year for a few games for doing just that? And now they got him stuck in no-mans-land with Smolinski…geez Guy, if you showed the faith in Ryder you’re showing in Koivu for not contributing, maybe your top goal scorer the last 2 years would have more than 7 goals now.

    Seems to me, thats the only thing that was working a little….that got both these lines scoring a bit was when Guy had Latandresse on with Saku, and Higgins on with Ryder. Latandresse was getting a few goals with Saku assisting, and Ryder finally got it going with 3 goals and an assist in 2 games thanks to Higgins. But now those duos are broken up again, and neither of the 4 players are really doing anything since.

    But it seems that Saku is getting all the chances in the world….chances that, if Ryder was getting them, would be outta this slump now. All the advantages go to Koivu, and he still makes nothing of them. Give Higgins back to Ryder….get those 2 scoring’re gonna need em Guy, and put Lantandresse back with Saku and young Sergi. 3 solid lines will keep this club on top of the league where it belongs. Tending hand and foot to Saku is damaging these 2 lines, and it’s time to look down the bench at the rest of the team and see who should be getting some of these advantages given to them.
    Theres more players there Guy that deserve it. We’re winning with Koivu’s production. How about let him try to drag himself outta this with no rewards being given. I think it’s gonna start hurting us in the 2nd half of the year with all these 1 goals games that we’re winning now. Don’t take much in games like this for the W’s to start going the other way. As a matter of fact, all it really takes is to keep putting a player who isn’t contributing offensively on the PP….keep giving him massive amounts of ice-time with nothing happening, and the goals we’re getting now to win games, could stop coming. If it does..gonna punish Ryder again Guy?? Sems that compared to Koivu, you gave up on this guy in the bat of an eye. And now, has him playing a defensive roll with Smolinski on the 3rd line. 60 goals in 2 years, and this is where he is cuz of this slump, and yet the guy is still managing to poke in a goal here and there. Give him some of Koivu’s time Guy, whatcha got to lose when Saku isn’t putting up any numbers himself? Anyways, keep winning team, just like all these other true Hab fans bloggers, I’ll always be a fan, but will be critical when something is bugging me. GO HABS GO !!!

  26. I think that bringing in a good power forward could help out Koivu.

  27. #27 Donnie says:
    January 19, 2008 at 6:58 pm

    Yeah, I agree Stuart. Anyone hear the Ryder for Tanguay rumor? What do you guys think of this?

  28. #28 Senet 1 says:
    January 20, 2008 at 1:29 pm

    Well I agree with a number of you guys, these are the players I would trade. Koivu, Ryder, Brisebois, Smolinski, Huet for starters. Koivu has been unproductive all year, he is making bad decisions with the puck, loosing important faceoffs and not producing. Brisebois, well what can anyone say about him, he has never made good decisions with the put in our own end and simply needs to be moved ASAP. Ryder seems to be pulling out of his slump and maybe if he had a better centerman he would be more productive, it seems to me that last year when he was scoring goals he was in the slot just off the left side, but now he seems to be always in the corner fighting for the puck and when he does get the puck it is on his backhand. He needs to look at last years tapes and get back in those positions so his centerman can get the puck to him. I think his play may have something to do with Koivu’s play this year. Ryder should not be carrying the puck which is what he seems to be doing more often this year. Smolinski was suppose to take Bonk’s place but Bonk could win faceoffs and Smolinski is doing nothing for us that I can see, so he would be s throwing on any trade. Huet, needs to be moved before the trading deadline, yes he is our only proven goaltender but Halak played pretty well last year and had he played the last game instead of Huet we may have made the playoffs?? Price will come around and maybe sending him down to Hamilton was the wrong move. He lost a little confidence so we sent him down to a team that is weak this year because we have most the good players from that team up with Montreal this year. Bring him back and let him fight for the #1 job with Halak. Huet is a UFA and I doubt he will sign with Montreal because he sees two young goaltenders waiting in the wings. Had Price continued his good play Huet would have been our # 2 goaltender and I think he sees the writing on the wall. I think our number one priority this year is actuall next year. Lets make the playoffs, and build the club for a championship run next year or maybe by 2010.

  29. #29 habman says:
    January 23, 2008 at 9:28 am was a great game to say the least..things seem to go your way when your having fun!..and it was stellar to see crisp passing and Kovalev looking like he owned the rink..heads up on the lost glove retreaval while moving the puck….one thing bothered me…keeping Huet in the net when he should have been showering half way through the Guy nutz?….when its a route like that you send out your young talent the Bruins did!..they aint gona score 5 goals in 15 minutes..lets give the Bruins credit for letting thier boyz play and getsome time in..if Huet would of got hurt in the third i would of been pissed!

  30. #30 habman says:
    January 23, 2008 at 9:44 am

    one more thing..who in thier right mind…would trade one of the most classiest players ever to play in Montreal?..this senet 1 guy doesnt know shit about what happens off the ice which is just as important as on it you know what Koivu does for his community?…last years tapes?.Ryder? laughing my head off!…yeah trade them all away and rebuild..and then keep trading them off…Kaberle is the shits too..and so is Ribero..i bought an airplane today..i think im going to fly it tommorow……Quarter finals for sure this year!..Watch!

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