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  • The Canadiens are in Toronto to take on the Leafs after a long rest in which they saw no action since Tuesday.

    The Habs and Leafs have traded shoot out victories this season with both teams winning on the road.

    On paper things point to a slight advantage for the Canadiens.

    They are rested. The Leafs are now without Captain Mats Sundin and starting goalie Andrew Raycroft both nursing injuries.

    How much rest is enough?

    The Habs haven’t played since Tuesday. This could have two possible results. Either they are rested, healed and ready to go after the break. Or they come out slow and lackadaisical after being away for too long. The latter often happens to playoff teams who wait too long after dispatching their opponents quickly.

    Being it’s a Habs and Leafs game, it should not be too hard to ‘get up’ for it.

    The Canadiens played very poorly against the Leafs in their last game until they managed a late rally to send it to a shoot out. Another shoot out and another guaranteed Leaf point is not the most desirable outcome.

    Abeischer gets the start tonight, his 3rd consecutive against the Leafs. Is this something we can expect to see all year? Designated goalies for designated teams? Abby for Leafs, Huet for Bruins. Maybe Pat Jablonski is available for Ranger games.

  1. #1 PACTUM SERVA says:
    November 11, 2006 at 12:42 pm

    If our boys show up like we know they can it will be a complete blowout.Toronto could not have played any better the last time these two teams met and we played a brutal game and still brought it to a shootout.Tonight would be a great night to show them what we are really made of

  2. I wont even see this boring game. Leaf games are almost always boring. Besides, there is poker on tsn.

  3. If the Habs play to their potential and come out hot from the beginning, maybe Carbonneau should play a tape of the last game these guys played against the Laffs to get them going, the Habs should destroy them.

    No Sundin, No Raycroft, No surprisingly not terrible Pavel Kubina, Habs roll 5-1.

    Another facter to take into consideration is if they have a ceremony before the game for Hall of Fame weekend(could somebody please tell me if there is one?) there legs might get ‘cold’ so they might start slow cause of that to.

  4. I’ll be at the game tonight (though living in Toronto, a huge Habs fan and will be there with 3 other ex-Montrealers who are also to the bone Habs fan). Really looking forward to it. Toronto’s been playing well of late and we’ll see how these recent injuries affect them. Tough to call this one….

    By the way, you have a fantastic blog and, as an ex-Montrealers, it’s nice to drop by for a regular (non-filtered) dose of Habs news.

  5. #5 Jack Tornton says:
    November 11, 2006 at 4:44 pm

    Can someone tell me why the NHL management want to reduce a 82 games season to 78???

  6. The season is to long, players get hurt and tired so the playoffs get a bit watered down.

  7. #7 dyed in the wool fan says:
    November 11, 2006 at 5:46 pm

    the problem is, the playoffs extend into June. So, to quell this problem, start the season earlier, maybe October 1st, then there shouldn’t be any problems. Injuries are a part of the game, and of course after about 60 games, players will be tired. That’s where conditioning plays a factor. Players in good shape, should have the stamina to play a full schedule. I would like to see a different format for the playoffs. Let’s go back to the way it used to be. Seeding the entire league. In other words, #1 vs. #16, #2 vs #15, and so on. That way, the best team, as far as points, will play the weakest playoff team. And then people can’t say the schedule is meaningless. a team should be rewarded for finishing in 1st, and penalized for barely making the playoffs. There would be more incentive, and more exciting for fans to see an east vs west matchup, in possibly the first or second round.

  8. #8 Jack Tornton says:
    November 11, 2006 at 7:51 pm

    If we lose this games folks, it’ll be a disgrace to us. Those gay Maple leafs fans including the teacher will pick on me if we lose. And if we lose I’ll have to skip this class and I dont want to get suspended its my last chance…

  9. #9 dyed in the wool fan says:
    November 11, 2006 at 9:54 pm

    From now on, when we know our next game is against the leafs, could we just forfeit the game? It would just save us from being disgraced, BECAUSE WE ALWAYS PLAY OUR WORST GAMES AGAINST THEM!!!WE NEVER BEAT THEM!! We take TRIPLE the amount of penalties of our opposition! Why do we take SO MANY PENALTIES? We’re killing ourselves! You can’t score if you’re in the penalty box!Geez! It’s so frustrating to take penalty after penalty, not to mention the fact that we didn’t show up for Toronto AGAIN! No skating, no checking, NO GOALTENDING! NO OFFENCE! Aebischer didn’t show up either! It doesn’t help when your goaltender lets in soft goals. I personally think we are intimidated by the leafs. we never play well against them. I just don’t undestand it, but from now on, I refuse to watch games between habs and leafs.Guess what: we’re #6 in the league, in taking THE MOST PENALTIES!!!!!Says something about LACK OF DISCIPLINE AND BAD COACHING!DISGRACEFUL!

  10. #10 dyed in the wool fan says:
    November 11, 2006 at 10:17 pm

    I hate to say this, because I am a habs fan, but the truth is, Toronto is a better team than us. Also, they are beating us soundly, without their leader and captain, Mats Sundin! They have a much better offence, and their goaltending is far superior. I really don’t like making these comments, but the truth speaks for itself. If you don’t believe me, just look at all the games between the 2 clubs in the past 5 years. they constantly beat us. We are simply unable to play a good game against them!

  11. WOW! After the last T.O.-Montreal game we all thought ‘there is no way in hell these guys can play any more pathetically!’ Well they proved us wrong tonight. And Aebischer wasn’t there to bail them out tonight because he absolutly sucked.

    The Following players played like S***:Souray, Rivet, Markov, Komisarek, Ninnamaa, Streit, Koivu, Latendresse, Ryder, Kovalev, Samsonov, Perezhogin, Begin, Johnson, Bonk, Downey, Murray, Plekanec and especially Aebischer.

    If these guys continue to play bad against their own divisoin, especially it seems against Toronto(they never seem to be able to get up for a game against them), they will not make the playoffs.

    I hope Carbonneau bag skates the hell out of them tommorow because that was absolutly unacceptable.

  12. Did I mention they are the most undisciplined group of misfits I’ve ever seen. #6 in the league in taking penalties. Without Higgins they better learn to stop otherwise they are in a deep pile of S***.

    There powarplay has dissapeared without him as well because he was the only one willing to stand in front of the net.

    I think we’re in for a very bad next six weeks.

    Oh ya, Carbonneau was also brutily outcoached.

  13. Mr Positive as usual. You know sometimes there’s such a thing as too much negativity.

  14. #14 CH fan1 says:
    November 11, 2006 at 10:51 pm

    You’re right! Absolutely horrible! totally unacceptable!These guys get paid alot of money, and deserve none of it!So can someone please explain why we play so poorly against the leafs? We didn’t even show up! And they didn’t even have Sundin in their lineup! What the hell is going on? Did leafs score 3 powerplay goals? Now, we can’t even kill off penalties. But, if you’re going to spend the whole game in the penalty box, what do you expect? Did Aebischer fall asleep during the pregame ceremony? Sure looked like it. Did you see the Kaberle goal? unacceptable! we do play that team too often. Can we play Toronto once a year only? PLEASE!

  15. #15 CH fan1 says:
    November 11, 2006 at 10:57 pm

    for all you optimistic habs fans, just another loss, right? Wrong! We are starting a road trip. the next 3 games are in Ottawa, Tampa, and Florida. If we continue to play this way, it will be a very very long week! Didn’t we lose last Saturday, also? Bad trend! bad team!Carbo should have the habs skate laps all morning, because they need to learn how to skate! AND STAY OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Well, it all comes down to Gainey spending 230 million on second rate broken down sissies!!!!!

    The Leafs are worth 330 million, and even though they play like crap most of the time, the individual talent shines through, the rest of the league better watch out when the Leafs ever get the right formula of expensive players. But what half a century of paying for the best hasn’t exactly netted the Leafs a cup now has it?

    The Habs kind of reminded me of watching the Canada USA women’s hockey….you know knock em down hockey, the stronger Canada team basically outmuscled the yanks….heck I met the Womens Canada national team would skate rings around the habs…heck they would probably make Ninny cry and Souray would still give away the puck….

    Honestly, all that aside it was the penalties that killed the Habs, they’ll spring back…

  17. #17 CH fan1 says:
    November 11, 2006 at 11:31 pm

    well, if the hab players ever decide to look for another profession, they would be great magicians, BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS PLAY THE DISAPPEARING ACT! Start showing up guys!I can’t recall last year, us taking so many bad penalties.I think the trainer needs to tape the player’s hockey sticks to theirjerseys so habs won’t hook and end up in the sin bin. Is it possible to teach DISCIPLINE? Komisarek has no idea what that word means. He is very generous, tho. he great at giveaways! he always puts the puck right on the stick of the OPPOSITION! When is Bouillion coming back?

  18. The leafs were clearly the better team tonight. As well their style of play (which emphasizes a strong forecheck, and puck pressure) certainly gives the Habs all kinds of problems. If the Canadiens are on top of their game(which they were’nt) they due have the speed and skill to counter attack effectively.
    Unfortunately tonight they looked sluggish most of the time and that could be because of the three days off as well as not having a game day skate today because of scheduling issues. Really no excuses; but I do expect the Habs to bounce back on the rest of this road trip and take two out of the next three.
    Final point; I wish Montreal would call up Maxime Lapierre to take the place of Murray on the fourth line as he has been ineffective this year.

  19. To all those fans who are frustrated and pissed……this to will pass. I know when I was younger I used to take every loss way to personal, but now that I am much older and have too much else too worry about they don’t bother me nearly as much. Don’t worry the sun will still rise tomorrow…..even if it is a loss to the much hated Leafs. Until next time….

  20. There was a moment when the camera went by the Maple Leafs bench and I saw:
    McCabe, Peca, Stajan, Wellwood, Steen, Tucker etc.
    All F***’n Canadien boys. What f***’n team am I cheering for?
    Habs bench:
    Markov, Kovalev, Samsonov, Plekanec, Bonk, Streit, Koivu etc. etc etc etc
    Les Canadiens were Roy, Muller, Lafleur, Richer, Desjardins, Robinson, Gainey, Mahovlich brothers.


    Carolina won the cup with: Whitney, Staal, Recchi, Ward, Brind’amour, Williams CANADIAN CANADIAN CANADIAN
    Tampa won the cup with: Boyle, Vincent L, Richards, Modin, StLoius CANADIAN CANADIAN CANADIAN

    Most of you don’t know what it’s like to live outside Toronto and watch your team get killed by the Leafs for 11 years now. I have to deal with this shit day in and day out.

    Package Markov, Samsonov and Kovalev for Canadian Boy Shane Doan and Canadian Boy Ed Jovonovski.
    Now is the time to bring the tradition back. Sorry Bobby if you don’t want to listen get the f**k OUT!

    We are offically the True Canadien Maple Laughs

  21. Well, at least most of you could change the channel. I had to endure this game live. The crowd was full of Habs fans (as always) and Habs jerseys filled Le Bifthèque a few blocks from the Air Canada Center. The crowd was really into it from the start, and the Hall of Fame and Remembrance Day Ceremony was nice (though it took a long time).

    Unfortunately, the Canadians warm up seemed “slow”, which was a sign of thingsto come. They got into penalty trouble early (including, I think, 2 delay of game penalties) and were simply outplayed. It’s still very early in the season, and without trying to be too negative, it really was an awful game to watch. Toronto simply outplayed them at every level. I’m sure coach Carbo. will regroup and they’ll move on. I have to tell you, though, that the Canadiens just didn’t seem into it and the shot total and score show that (frankly, the score could have been higher and even though Aebischer was pulled, believe me when I say that you can’t blame him for this, in any way.)

  22. #22 smiler2729 says:
    November 12, 2006 at 10:14 am

    I, too, am an ex-Montrealer living near Toronto (70 kms NW in the hills of Caledon to be exact, used to live in Etobicoke but I hated that city, ’nuff said). I just fucking HATE losing to this team, not so much because I HATE the players (cuz I do HATE Tucker and McCabe especially, overrated as everything else to do with this team) but because I HATE Leaf fans. They are ignorant, STUPID and infantile. Their team has done NOTHING for 40 years and they act like it’s their God-given right to the Stanley Cup every year and whine when they don’t come anywhere near it again and again. The last time these idiots won a Cup there was SIX TEAMS! You had to win TWO ROUNDS! The Habs rules that league and ruled the 21 team league of the ’70s… we won in ’86 when Gretzky rules and again in ’93 when Lemieux’s Pens were the superpower. We won those Cups because there is a proud tradition with this team due to its history in the game. We won them because we had a superstar goalie.
    It’s 2006 and the tradition wanes. I see guys skating around wearing non-traditional hockey numbers (73? 84? 79? 57?) I see way too many imports who, talented as they may be, know nothing of thirst for Lord Stanley in their hearts (Kovalev, Samsonov, Markov, Koivu, Plekanec, Bonk, Niinimaa). I see a fading aura of greatness (though I do believe Carbo and Muller can relight that flame).
    I, too, would like to see more CANADIANS on the team and the fire on ice brand of style return so Bob Gainey, start getting us the chemistry we deserve and nevermind the Euro talent, they disappear too often. Brendan Shanahan, I know we tried to sign him. Shane Doan? Vinny Lecavalier? Daniel Briere? Who knows who can be gotten but let’s get them so we don’t wither when the Leafs play us.

  23. WAY too much European bashing going on in here :(

    Just because your Canadian does not make you instantly good at Hockey. It seems almost hypocritical to say that we need more Canadian players because the game is dominated by them. As for French Canadians, European traditions are just so rooted in them, they are practically European themselves.

    People need to shut up bitching, support the team at the moment, leave decisions to the men in charge, get on with things and grow up. Stop acting like children and trying to find someone to blame each and every game, even if, god help us, its a loss. It shocks and suprises me that people rag on their team more than necersarry and so consistently. History and tradition go right out the window and have nothing to do with anything this season, as they are to do with the past.

    (i an well aware that my name is ROFL1967, and that hypocrisy runs through my veins like blood, but i just feel it necersarry to have my point of view)

  24. Guys! It was a bad game! THAT’S ALL!!!

    C’mon no they didn’t show up, Yes they were outhusstled, Yes it seems like the leafs wanted it more. But it was ONE BAD GAME!

    Aebisher will shine again! Kovalev will put on some fancy moves. Bonk and Johnson will be a force! Just relax and be TRUE HOCKEY FANS!

    P.S prediction for monday’s game MTL 5 OTT 1

    you’ll see!

    GO HABS GO!!!!

  25. #25 Rubberman says:
    November 12, 2006 at 11:52 am

    Hey, it’s a game! I agree we need more grit but you can’t trade, bench the whole team. And, to the wieners/whinners who complain when the HAbs lose, who think they’re gonna murder TO before the game starts –Get your head out of the sand and take a good look at the HABs. They’re okay but they won’t win the Cup. They will make the playoff but not past the 2nd round. Live with it, enjoy that they stand a fighting chance. So, you Don Cherry wannabes: don’t be bigots and cheer the team on!!!

  26. I agree with Rubbberman

    It`s just ONE game, and they needed to lose because it`s a wake-up call to play better…the funny thing about this blog is after the Habs lose a game all the “so called fans are saying trade off Markov, Samsonov and Kovalev”
    You guys are not fans, a true fan sticks with there team through thick and thin
    so just chill out with the trade talk.

    Hey Jay I love that prediction against Ottawa 5-1
    what do you think about Tampa Bay and Montreal???

  27. You stick with this team.
    I’m having a hard time cheering for these imposters that wear my jersey.
    By the way it’s not 1 bad game it’s been over 11 years.
    Did we not watch the last game in Montreal?
    Same shit as last night, they got there ass’ kicked, AGAIN!

    Sorry guys but Markov, Kovalev, Samsonov, Perezhogin etc
    don’t understand “rivalry” as much as Tucker, McCabe, Peca, Wellwood, Stajan.
    Big, big diffrence.
    These kids know and understand what it means to beat the Habs.
    They know what it means to the fans. I’m not saying the team should be all Canadian,
    but I do believe 90% of the players should be North American

    smiler2729 maybe one day this bumb Gainey will wake up.
    Right now I’m losing faith.

  28. Hey Habs Blog, Just because I’m one of the only people who see the problems on this team and don’t look at them with complete and otter adoration dosen’t meen that I’m negative all the time.

    Some people don’t want to see or admit the problems that this team has. Although lots of you don’t want to admit it, stevejur hit one of the main problems right on the head. To many Europeans. No team with lots of them has ever one the cup. Does it sound bery Don Cherry and ignorant, yes, but it’s the truth.

    A lot of their losses they played well in and actually diserved to won but to come out and play like they did against against their oldest rival and but in the worst effort I’ve ever seen, TWICE, shows that the players on that team don’t understand the rivalery between them and that’s because the Europeans don’t understand it.

    I don’t care if anyone thinks he’s a biggot because this team needs someone like, or the actual Shane Doan. They also need someone like Kyle McLaren. I’m sick and tired of watching Streit and Ninnamaa commit 10 turnovers a game.

    And if anyone continues to protect Kovalev(did anyone watch him last night), even though the guy NEVER TRIES UNLESS THE PUCK IS ON HIS STICK IN THE OPPENET’S END, and he never skates at full speed, than your obviously blind.

    And stevejur, completely agree with you, but it was the GM before Gainey(Savard) who drafted all those Europeans. Gainey conducted the drafts fom 2004 on, and if you look closely, Gainey’s drafted more North Americans(especially Canadians) than Europeans.

  29. #29 PACTUM SERVA says:
    November 12, 2006 at 1:03 pm

    Ok why is everyone so hung up on doan(way way overatted)he also made comments about french canadians in the past.

  30. #30 Habs#1 says:
    November 12, 2006 at 1:21 pm



  31. #31 Habs#1 says:
    November 12, 2006 at 1:30 pm

    Oh, and one correction on post #22 by stevejur, Alex Steen is Swedish, not Canadian.

  32. Do you suppose that no one knows why the habs stunk last night? Everyone on this blog knows when they screw up and why things go wrong at their work so do you think that the coaches and players have an understanding of what they need and what is missing in the chemistry and talent of this years team? It is possible that they have all the pieces to the puzzle but it could be a bit like buying a Mercedes Benz part by part off the internet and aseembling it in your garage do you have a Benz or a collection of nuts and bolts? Each player was signed because they showed some promise but together does is the sum greater than the parts?
    They are still breaking in this group let’s give then another month.


  33. #33 CH fan1 says:
    November 12, 2006 at 1:41 pm

    the bottom line is : we’re(habs fans) sick and tired of losing ALWAYS to the leafs!If we gave 100% effort, and we lost 3-2, then I could live with that. But not showing up, in all the games vs the leafs, I just can’t deal with that!why is it so difficult for this team to show up? No motivation, complacency, lack of apathy? I don’t get it! And the penalties! WE ARE 6TH IN THE LEAGUE IN TAKING THE MOST PENALTIES!! Where is the discipline? in every game, we take DOUBLE the penalties as our opponent! BAD COACHING!Last year, we didn’t take so many penalties, so it must be the coaching!People on this blog call the leafs, (the laffs), but guess what? From now on, I’m going to call the habs, THE HABNOTS! They are just an imitation of what that CH on their chest stands for: tradition, pride, greatness! Yes, there are too many europeans on this team. Does it make sense that: Higgins and Ryder,(non european)are our 2 best players? Look at our defence; Ninnimaa and Komisarek give the puck away constantly in their OWN ZONE! I can’t believe it!There is no leadership on this team. People talk about Koivu. Where was he last night? How many goals has he scored? Has he led us to the stanley cup? NO! I would love to get rid of the imitators, like Kovalev,(half the time doesn’t show up) and Samsanov. Try drafting french canadians, because it just isn’t working with these guys. And no, IT ISN’T JUST 1 LOSS!!!!!!

  34. #34 Habs#1 says:
    November 12, 2006 at 2:02 pm

    Bingo CH fan 1. If the Habs put in a 100% effort and lost we’d be okay with that, but after that 20% effort they put in last night I think we all wanted to puke.

    It just shows that the Europeans don’t know, care about, or have any respect for this rivalry.

  35. CH fan 1 and Habs#1 you guys got it!
    If the damn players had as much passion as you guys we wouldn’t be having this conversation
    You guys couldn’t be more right.

    All we ask for is some heart and passion for that CH.
    I respected Abby for punching the wall last night. He was pissed off when he got the hook.
    He knew he had a bad game but he was pissed off, he cared.
    I rather watch Chipchura, Milroy and the rest of the kids in Hamilton.
    They beat up on those stinky Marlies last night.

  36. #36 PACTUM SERVA says:
    November 12, 2006 at 3:24 pm

    35TH post(try drafting french canadians?)Why do they have to be french?So what is so special about french players compared to someone who is from out west.So what i gather from the 35th post is that we need to get rid of some of our europeans and start drafting FRENCH canadians and our problems will be solved? Jesus fucking christ are you for real?

  37. Correction: North American players and yes Canadian players from across the country.
    Who said they had to be french? I don’t care as long as the teams 90% from North America.
    Sorry but clearly that’s been the main problem over the past 11 years.
    It needs to be fixed. Enough said, next topic!

  38. #38 PACTUM SERVA says:
    November 12, 2006 at 5:26 pm

    Stevejur read the 35th post near the end.

  39. Hey guys, I understand it sucks to lose against the maple laughs but in all truth… it’s one game. You guys are ragging on the team like they have lost the last 8 games. Ok I share some of the sentiment that some nationalities don’t show up to play everygame and that the best canadian players always have heart…. well I can also show you canadian players that don’t. Anyone notice the nationalities of the players who showed up for the laughts last night… yeah they weren’t all Canadian. Some of the guys on this blog are who give Canadians fans a bad name. I wish there was a moderation system for the blog. Some of the most active posters are also the most negative posters. I swear you guys won’t be happy until they clone the teams from the 1950’s/60’s/70’s and put them back on the ice… one problem with that… there’s more teams now and less talent to go around. So to all the nattering naybobs of negativism (thank you Spiro Agnew) , we have a winning record, so until you spend a couple of years playing in the NHL or Coaching (not from the armchair), go stuff a sock in it.

  40. I changed the name on the last post to remind all of you what not to sound like.

  41. #42 CH fan1 says:
    November 12, 2006 at 6:57 pm

    you mean like you? God forbid!I guess the truth hurts. Maybe you don’t mind losing, or maybe you just aren’t a true blue habs fan, so go join leafs fans, because you sound like one of them!Anyone who doesn’t mind getting embarrassed, has no pride!

  42. #43 PACTUM SERVA says:
    November 12, 2006 at 7:26 pm

    sorry the post have been changing numbers because i think habs blog has deleted some but the post i am talking about is the one by CH FAN 1 now the 33rd post.So tell us all CH FAN 1 whats makes french players better than the rest of the country?

  43. #44 PACTUM SERVA says:
    November 12, 2006 at 7:28 pm

    Its in black and white.(try drafting french canadians)

  44. #45 PACTUM SERVA says:
    November 12, 2006 at 7:34 pm

    On another note kostitsyn was called up from hamilton today

  45. #46 Habs4life says:
    November 12, 2006 at 8:40 pm

    Well for everyone whos been baishing the habs for last nights performance is understandable, but it’s not because we hav not heart, or because we dont have enough canadians. Look at the 2 last games last year vs the leafs, we won 5-1 and 6-2 and we hab more euros last year. I think we all know we can beat the leafs any night, it just hasn’t been the last two times we have faced them. Also for the peeps who are questioning koviu’s leadership are fuckin stupid, hes the only one on are team that has leadership, sure he hasn’t led us to a cup yet but either has sundin and know one is bashing him. The habs are still 8-4 which is isn’t bad at all, and we’ll pass the leafs in the standings soon, just have to wait for them to cool down.

    P.S. french goalies own the habs!

  46. #47 Habs4life says:
    November 12, 2006 at 8:40 pm

    Well for everyone whos been baishing the habs for last nights performance is understandable, but it’s not because we hav not heart, or because we dont have enough canadians. Look at the 2 last games last year vs the leafs, we won 5-1 and 6-2 and we hab more euros last year. I think we all know we can beat the leafs any night, it just hasn’t been the last two times we have faced them. Also for the peeps who are questioning koviu’s leadership are fuckin stupid, hes the only one on are team that has leadership, sure he hasn’t led us to a cup yet but either has sundin and know one is bashing him. The habs are still 8-4 which is isn’t bad at all, and we’ll pass the leafs in the standings soon, just have to wait for them to cool down.

  47. #48 CH fan1 says:
    November 12, 2006 at 8:47 pm

    So you want to know what’s best about french canadian players? Ask Guy Lafleur, Jean Beliveau,Yvan Cournoyer,Jacques Lemaire,Serge Savard, Guy Lapointe,Marcel Dionne; and of recent: Patrice Bergeron, Vincent Lecavalier,Martin St. Louis,Martin Brodeur,Patrick Roy,Simon Gagne,Mario Lemieux,and so on…. Would you rather have Samsonov or Gagne? I think I’ve made my point. It’s about players who play for their team and their country, and play with their heart and soul, healthy or injured, and give 100% no matter what the situation. But don’ ask Kovalev, because he might not SHOW UP to answer that question!

  48. #49 CH fan1 says:
    November 12, 2006 at 9:13 pm

    By the way, the word ” Habs”, is short for Habitants, as in” LES HABITANTS”.It became the nickname of the Montreal Canadiens, a team that used to be laced with french canadian players. A team who won 23 stanley cups. That’s what’s so special about french canadians. “The Rocket”, so famous that a movie in his honor was released last spring. But don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with Canadians; but if you play for Montreal, it would be nice to have some french canadians, because they represent the history and glory of that franchise. kids growing up in Quebec, dream of putting on that red, white and blue jersey. the pride of the CH. Do you understand? If we routed for Atlanta, it wouldn’t make any sense, nor would I expect an american to understand the tradition displayed here.But the emblem”CH”, is a symbol of excellence , representing the glory days of the habs. it’s SPECIAL!

  49. #50 PACTUM SERVA says:
    November 12, 2006 at 9:15 pm

    Wayne gretzky,Sidney crosby,Danny heatly,Jason spezza,Rick nash,Jarome iginla,Joe sakic,just to name a few ya i would hate to se any of those guys on the habs so lets get rid of our european players and stick with french canadians.GET REAL

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