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Back to work.

  • The Habs lace em up tonight in Tronna in what should be a great return to action after the All-Star break.

    The Canadiens were desperate heading into the two final games before the break after having their worst slump of the year. They pulled off two huge wins against strong teams in Atlanta and Buffalo and most of that slump is forgotten.

    Which team will show up tonight? The same team that beats Division leaders or the team that struggled so badly in January?

    The Christmas break preceded the Canadiens slump, hopefully the All-Star break won’t breed similar results.

    The Leafs always raise their game when playing the Canadiens and tonight should be another interesting matchup.

  1. Guys,

    I dont know how much you respect Red Fishers opinion, but I always have. Heres a copy of an email I got from him this am…..oh…soryy about the queen liz thing…lol…couldnt resist.

    From : Fisher, Red (Montreal Gazette)
    Sent : January 28, 2007 11:14:14 PM
    To : “Marc True”
    Subject : RE: has Carbonneau lost this team?

    | | | Inbox

    Carbo hasn’t lost this team. He’s simply not getting te production he needs from people like Kovalev and Samsonov. Before the season began, I thought this team would finish No. 8 in the East, and right now they’re No. 5. So hang in there.

    As for Burns, he won’t be looking for work any time soon.

    From: Marc True
    Sent: Sunday, January 28, 2007 6:27 PM
    To: Fisher, Red (Montreal Gazette)
    Subject: has Carbonneau lost this team?


    I have enjoyed you work for over 30 years and respect your opinion. I have
    not missed a habs game in at least 20 years and have never in that stretch
    seen a team that just didnt care if they lost to the leafs on a saturday
    night until this year. I know and ( certainly ) you know that this team has
    decent talent and could ride that wave, maybe into the second round of the
    playoffs if they just had a little heart and desire.
    It seems to me that the players on this team do not fear any figure of
    authority ( repect) and possibly have no pride on many given nights wearing
    our storied jersey.
    December 23rd, in Boston….that was our d day. Something happened Red.
    There is more to the eye than the obvious here and I cant put my finger on
    it, BUT I have at many different levels of hockey seen exactly this when a
    coach has lost his team.
    If Guy has lost them, they’re already gone Red and NOT coming back anytime
    soon and IF he has lost them, there arent enough Forsbergs in the world to
    bring them back.

    um…..I hear Pat Burns might soon be looking for work?….that guy could
    make a freight train take a dirt road.


    in Fredericton

    Marc True

  2. #2 coutNY_HabsFan says:
    January 29, 2007 at 11:10 am

    Wow, forget Carbo losing the team, I think we’ve almost lost the blog. I took a break this weekend because my frustrations were getting the better part of me. The team looked flat Saturday and in a time where the habs needed a win with Buffalo losing and Senators winning, they were to say the least, disappointing. It is a matter of pride, so when we lose our frustrations mount and the finger pointing begins.

    I think there is a cancer and it starts with us. We (as general fans) constantly questioning the organization, players, and each other eventually filters to the media and back to the organization. It seems we are constantly trying to drive wedges between people, with a fixation on the negatives, feeding this evil cancer to spread. When things were going good, like Carbo before the Christmas break was a coach of the year candidate, now there are some that have already written him off as a colossal failure. It seems there was a point that we’ve turned into junkies and the only “fix” is a quick win to satisfy these cravings. Not bad if we’re winning, so then we can keep our high, but don’t dare lose because no one wants to be around when a angry crack-head is looking for there next fix.

    I hate to lose as much as the next guy and some losses sting more than others. At times I have harbored fears of a Habs downward spiral (usually immediately after a loss) but I do not state these fears as fact. I do NOT call out that players are terrible and that it is fact, because he had a turnover that lead to a goal or missed a wide-open shot. We should focus more on what has worked for us to make us more successful.

    The season is not over, there is talent on this team, and we have beaten some of the top teams in the NHL. This is a team sport and when Montreal has come together as a team they have been unstoppable.

    Go Habs Go!

  3. the blog is fine coutNY… a matter of fact posting is actually up and thats what the blog is all about, whether or not we agree with everything that is said or what trend becomes apparant in our eyes.
    I know a lot of my posts have been off the wall recently also, but I guess its my only way to try & get through this gauntlet with a smile and a laugh.Hopefully they made someone else smile too. Hockey is just a freaking game, and although I keep it #1 in my television viewing priorities, it comes dead last after family, work, golf, a beer,my great looking wife,my cars,snow removal and making sure there’s enough batteries in the house ( dont ask ).
    Everyone here loves the habs, and each of them shows it in the only way they know how.Unfortunately for some it comes in the cloak of anger.For me…its time to laugh it off.


  4. #4 coutNY_HabsFan says:
    January 29, 2007 at 1:03 pm

    Izzy, True about the posting being up… although, it seems at times to be tied up with postings that would make a day time soap opera proud. Entertaining for a while but loses its luster. I know there are a bunch “feel good hab’s fans” are waiting in the wings when the habs win a few changing the talk to Cup runs and playoff expectations and I know there are negative-Nah-sayer’s lurking in the wings waiting say “I told you so” when they lose… and on any given day things will change!

    We were bound to lose one, and this particular loss was not a good hard fought fight, but I do not think the team deserves to be constantly classified losers… maybe if we had a record as bad as Flyers or Chicago, but 5th in the East??? We are better position than last year, meaning we have improved… No I am not satisfied with the just improving, but last year we gave the reigning Cup holders some of there worst loses and best hard fought games in the playoffs. And Yes this means nothing now, but either will this loss come playoff time when the Leafs are playing gulf somewhere!

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