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Blades of Steel

  • The Canadiens are seeking their first win in their third meeting with the league leading Buffalo Sabres.

    The Canadiens came very close to defeating the Sabres in the first game of the season before Buffalo exploded out of the gate and went on record setting winning streak.

    The second meeting the Canadiens were thoroughly outplayed and could not keep pace with the Sabres.

    The Habs are rolling right now. 4 wins in the last 5. Janne Niinimaa is out of the lineup and Cristobal Huet is playing the way we’ve grown accustomed to last year with consistent great performances.


    The debate of the Number 1 goaltender might soon get put to rest if Huet can silence the Buffalo snipers tonight. It would be his fifth consecutive win.

    The Canadiens as a team have not once been able to string together three wins in a row. It will be a big step for the team if they can do it against the Sabres. In Buffalo.

    Regardless of the outcome, the Sabres are the NHL’s most exciting team to watch. When the Canadiens play the way they can, they are pretty fun to watch too. Game on.

  1. The Canadiens can compete but only if they stay clear of the penalty box. Being involved with finishing checks and using their speed to make things happen will also be an important factor. It’s sort of understood that Huet has to play well and keep them in the game. Go Habs Go!

  2. The key to this game WILL be how many times the Habs go to the box. If they take as many penalties as they usually do they will lose, if they manage to stay out they will have a very good chance of winning.

  3. Agreed The box is becomgin a problem for us. Especially in the 1st. Thsi is.the wrong team to fall down 2-0 to. IT can quickly become 6-1/

  4. The Sabres will give us a real good test on how the Habs are going to do in the Jan-Mar/07 period. This game is a confidence builder, if we win then bring ’em on. Even if we lose and not too badly it will the give the coaching staff a diagnosis on what needs to be ‘tuned’ for the next quarter. This game also provides a trade list for Gainey to start bargaining with. These kind of games are always exciting because Hab players are going to get a good look into the future and see how far away the Cup really is.


  5. Kovalev seemed quite interested last game so maybe that will carry over tonight. Last year the only times we beat Buffalo was when Kovy came to play. All three wins were by a 3-2 mark. Kovalev had 5 goals in those three games.

  6. #6 chitownhabsfan says:
    November 24, 2006 at 7:28 pm

    Les Habs will have to play up to the level that they are capable of for the ENTIRE GAME & stay out of the penalty box/sin bin. If the team meets these two requirements, they stand a chance of winning.

  7. 1 sec. left HABS WIN. SOURAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HABS!HABS!HABS!HABS!



  8. Excellent effort…still way too many penalties but great back stopping from Huet…got to continue with Huet in net!!! Go Habs Go!

  9. #9 Jack Tornton says:
    November 24, 2006 at 11:49 pm

    That was any impressive gameeeeeeeeeeeee. Man when i saw this souray goal i was screaming my ass off. LOL, luckily i was alone in the house, hope i didnt wake up my neighbours lol. Can somene tell me how come there were so many games playing on tonight??

  10. #10 fanatic1 says:
    November 24, 2006 at 11:52 pm

    Wasn’t this the 2nd time this year the habs won a game with 1 second to go?Remember Markov’s goal with 1 second to go? Thank god for Huet. He saved our bacon. Bit still too many penalties. Also, I’d like to strangle SAMSANOV!!!!2 horrible passes that nearly cost us the game! Also, he had an empty net; all he had to do was lift the puck over their goaltender, but of course not! He makes the most BONEHEAD PLAYS I’VE EVER SEEN!!Can’t we get rid of him, please?Also, HE NEVER SHOOTS THE PUCK!!!!!! WHY NOT? isn’t that the reason we got him?But(despite Samsanov), we won the game, first time this year, 3 wins in a row. Wish our D could play that way every game. I hope we don’t have a letdown for tomorrow’s game against the flyers.Tonight was kind of like our stanley cup, so cherish it!Does it seem like, when we play well defensively, we have no offence, and conversely, when we score alot of goals, we have no D. If we could combine Offence and Defence, we would be awesome!

  11. Hey guys anytime we beat the Sabers with all the hype from Ontario is fine with me.WOW!!! It was a good game and we “OUTPLAYED” this team..period and shut down their offense.They really only have one line and divers to collect power plays.Loved the way Komisarek played he is getting better by the game.

  12. #12 Rubberman says:
    November 25, 2006 at 1:28 am

    Lots of games tonight: Happy US Thanksgiving! WOuldn’t it be great to have Thanksgiving now. I could use two extra days off. GO Habs go!!!!!!!!!!

  13. #13 Gumper says:
    November 25, 2006 at 1:55 am

    What a match. Absolutely great game to watch. Two contenders not giving an inch here. If anyone doubts MTL doesn’t have the grit or heart now, this should prove it. I sense more consistency coming down the pike. Hope i’m right. And that goal,.. Kovy just flicked the puck on-end and it landed on Shel’s stick blade perfectly. Miller didn’t expect the knuckle puck. Kudos to the Sabers too… they are awesome to watch. 2X Kudos to the Habs for the comeback effort.
    BTW, Abby is the logical goalie for tomorrow night. Why play Huey back to back for nothing, particularly when we had such a strong game tonight. The Flyers, sorry to say, are still bleeding from the neck so it shouldn’t be that tough a deal…

  14. #14 HabsInBlood says:
    November 25, 2006 at 1:56 am

    I wouldn’t necessarily say this was the Habs best 60 minutes (64:59 to be exact :-)), but it was definitely one of their best wins so far this year. I would say Huet had another solid game – he could have saved Spacek’s goal if not for a brief screen by Komi. Nice to see the Koivu line do some damage even strength as opposed to PP. Another bad 2nd period, but we came back strong in the 3rd and could have easily won it in regulation. Going into Wed night against Minnesota, I was thinking 2 out of 3 through Saturday would be a good result … well, 2 and counting … let’s see if we can keep ‘er going tomorrow.

  15. GO HABS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    There you go habs 1, now you are showing some love for shelly. HOORAY for SOURAY.

    WE played a great road game. In their house although it seemed like our house at the end, the penaltes went against us and we still pulled it off. FANTASTIC!

    Hey Jack T, I bet I screamed louder then you, I kinda lost my voice. Did any one else notice the RDS clock had run out but they quickly reset their clock to 1 second after. I was ecstatic.

  16. Hey Snake,

    I noticed exactly what your talking about the clock went to zero then back to 1 ….WHAT A AN AMAZING O.T ! I yelled so loud I woke up my GF and Dog 2 floors above me!!!! I soooo didn’t want a shootout!!!

    Abby gets the call tonight!!

    Way to go boyz! See you all at the bell center tonight where the Jack Daniels seats are waiting for me!!

    GO HABS GO!!

  17. Notice, in the second the Sabres outshot the Habs 12-3. Why? Because they were in the box six times in that period and Buffalo took no penalties that period.

  18. A couple thing I forgot to mention a couple of seconds ago (it’s the next morning and I’m still Jacked). Keeping the Buffalo Sabres to just one goal is one of the most impressive things I’ve seen this year. They were averaging over four goals a game and they were the first team over one hundred goals. That just go’s to show how good Cristobal(Who’s laughing now everyone who said ‘the book is out on Huet’. I’m talking to you Pierre McGuire, Glenn Healy the biggest Leafs booster ever, Mark Osbourne, Everyone at Sportsnet), and the defence without Janne Ninnamaa is playing.

    And if anyone critisizes Saku Koivu again should have their head checked. He brings it every night and leads the team in scoring. If they need a big goal or play who comes up with it? Either Koivu or Souray. A goal and an assist last night. 3 of his 5 goals have come aginst Buffalo, still the best team in the league right now, and how many points did Guillaume have before he played with Saku? 0. Did the first line fall apart without Higgins?No.Why? Saku Koivu!

  19. #19 4mGhost says:
    November 25, 2006 at 11:51 am

    Blades of Steel…as in the old Nintendo game? Outstanding Habsblog, simply outstanding.

  20. #20 HabsInBlood says:
    November 25, 2006 at 12:11 pm

    I’m just as big a supporter of Huet as the next guy, but you must admit he didn’t necessarily have to be outstanding last night. He made a couple key saves, but you have to give credit to the Habs team ‘D’ for limiting the number of quality chances and rebounds. Overall, from the from net out, a great effort. I thought the 4th line looked more involved that usual last night, and that was good to see – all 3 (Begin, Murray + Dandenault) throwing their bodies around.

    We took some bad penalties but the refs missed a few – like when souray was tripped by Gaustad on a rush, and Murray was checked from behind by Mair in the 3rd. Considering all the calls against the Habs, I was surprised Buffalo didn’t get called for those. Unfortunately, Center Ice had the MSG feed last night, so I had to listen to the totally biased commentator from Buffalo – geez.

    Tonight will be a good test. A game that we should typically win. Philly did play yesterday as well, but in the afternoon. Buffalo wasn’t that physical on us last night, so we should be ok.

  21. #21 fanatic1 says:
    November 25, 2006 at 1:40 pm

    I just hope we don’t have a letdown tonight, after that emotional win last night. you all know what I am talking about. And the penalty parade must stop!I wonder if the refs have targeted us for more penalties (because we take so many)than the rest of the league?When the refs get it into their heads that a team is among the top few in taking penalties, they tend to get a little zealous in their calls. Does anyone know the status,(as far as healing process)of Higgins? back in 2 weeks maybe?

  22. Yeah I kinda laughed that the refs put the whistle away immediately when Buffalo started to make infractions. OH well we still won but it is not fun to constantly see your team on the PK. I want PP’s. AS for Rivet’s penalty on Briere. I guess technnically it was a cross check but he barely touched him it was pathetic. Briere fell like the beauty queen he is. Flopping against the habs is not a good way to be respected by your hometown.


  23. Ninny has to go! He is pathetic! Same with Streit! Honestly, what a waste of money on those two! And then Carbo sends Kosty down to the minors to keep the likes of Ninny and Streit! Honestly!!!!!

    Maybe a trade package of Streit, Ninny and Abby for a good solid defenseman….or heck lets get Saku his bro to play with…even Ninny for Saku’s bro would be alright….

    At least the Habs are trying hard, only to see Ninny and Streit screw things up….why do we have a stable pony for Saku, lets just get his bro, get rid of Ninny…

  24. #24 fanatic1 says:
    November 25, 2006 at 10:28 pm

    I hope you people read comment #21 about a habs letdown!We aren’t capable of EVER PLAYING 60 MINUTES OF HOCKEY!NEVER…NEVER…NEVER..NEVER..NEVER..!!!!!!!We also aren’t capable OF STAYING OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX! NEVER NEVER…NEVER..NEVER….!!!!!! Last night was our stanley cup! Even the commentators were saying:”the habs aren’t moving their feet. they are just standing around!THAT’S ALSO THE REASON WE TAKE SO MANY PENALTIES!! Because they figure it’s just easier to trip or hook the opposition, than to skate!Even tho we beat Buffalo, their is a huge difference between them and us. They are CONSISTENT! and we aren’t! So just how bad are Philadelphia?Peetty bad! But we always make lousy teams look like world beaters, when they play us! So the next time we beat a really great team, expect the habs to lose the next night! WE JUST CAN’T STAND PROSPERITY!Imagine losing at home, TO ONE OF THE WORST TEAMS IN THE LEAGUE!PATHETIC!!!!

  25. Montreal needs to practice clearing the puck out of their zone. Souray needs to stop giving the puck away. He gave up….no wonder he threw the punches. At least Souray’s punch made up for his assist on The Flyers last goal….imagine how many points Souray would have if all of his assists int he goals against the Habs were counted, heck Souray would be leading the league for most assists……time to get rid of Abby, Ninny, Streit though…..

  26. #26 fanatic1 says:
    November 25, 2006 at 10:57 pm

    When Aebischer plays, I hold my breathe. Ninnimaa must go, along with Streit! They are killing us! If we had more talent we wouldn’t have to play these guys. When Buffalo gets down by 3 goals, they come back, but not us, because we don’t have enough talent. Do you really think Plekanac is going to score some goals? c’mon, stop dreaming!

  27. #27 fanatic1 says:
    November 25, 2006 at 11:01 pm

    I used to love this game, but all the penalties have really killed this game. What have they done to this wonderful game? they have absolutely RUINED THE GAME OF HOCKEY!!!!!!

  28. Back to square one. The same problem as last year.
    You beat the best team in the league, than lose to the worst.
    WTF somethings gotta give!

    Clearly we are far from being a contender. Losing to Philly? Philly? Last place Philly?

  29. #29 Groundworking says:
    November 26, 2006 at 11:12 am

    I don’t know about getting too worked up about losing to Philly. The Canadiens had way more scoring chances and just really didn’t get any bounces. The simple story of tonight’s game is that their goalie was better than ours, which is slowly becoming a pattern when Aebischer plays nets. I probably would have pulled him after he allowed 3 goals on 15 shots in the second, if it weren’t for the fact that it would represent the third consecutive start that he failed to finish. The No.1/backup dilemma is over, and now the team can move on.

  30. This is a recording: the Habs come out flying in the first, make philly look like turnstyles, go into the second with a lead, think it’s going to be a cake walk, stop skating, they lose and think ‘what the hell happened?’ But you just got a feeling they weren’t gonna win when even though they were leading they didn’t get any of the bounces.If they had it would have been 3-4 nothing at the wnd of the first.

    Although the refs let Philly get away with murder in the second. And Huet just keep lookin better and better. And could Kovalev really have wokin up? And the last goal wasn’t just Souray’s falt. Ryder shot it right at Gagne then had it taken away from him. I’ve started to like him less and less over the last two years. He can’t stick handle, his desicion making is brutal. and he’s terrible in his own end

    I’m going to explain my point about Souray one last time, it’s not that I don’t like him or think he’s a bad defenceman, it’s that I don’t think he’ll be back after this season. If any of you watch ‘Hockey Central Saturday’ on Sportsnet on Saturday’s take yesterday for example. They were saying that if Souray continues his pace, on the open market he could fetch over six million or a exact six mil Brian McCabe type deal. The Habs under the current salary cap number(with the low attendence around the league it might get smaller) the Habs won’t be able to afford him with the Sammy/Kovy contracts around their neck, and they also re-itterated what I believe, that he wants to go to the west coast, with L.A. his #1 destination because his daughter lives there. I don’t want to start any arguments it’s just this is my point.

    And get Ninnama the hell off the ice.

  31. O yeah, on a bright note, at the 1/4 mark of the season, when you take games played into the equation, the Habs have been the most succesful Canadian team!

  32. #32 HabsInBlood says:
    November 26, 2006 at 1:07 pm

    (Post #29 Groundworking): I couldn’t have summarized the game better myself.

    The 2nd period was obviously the worst on the scoresheet, but it wasn’t terrible. Philly played well and got a few powerplays. However, the degree to which the Habs outplayed Philly in the first was in orders of magnitude compared to Philly over the Habs in the 2nd (not to mention that we owned the 3rd as well). The problem was Abs sucked. On the first goal, Abs looked like he was trying to do it “missionary style” with his crease before Kappanen even shot. If he had held his positioning, he could have saved it. As for the 2nd goal – Aebischer basically tripped over the goalpost allowing Knuble to tuck the puck under him. Usually I’m pissed to some degree when the Habs are scored against, but on that goal all I could do was laugh. Lastly, the 3rd goal – geez – I play baseball and hockey, and while I admit to having trouble hitting a knuckleball, at least I can catch one – which Abs was apparently not able to do.

    Until and if Huet struggles, and or the next cluster of games close together, Huet is our man between the pipes – thank god.

  33. #33 fanatic1 says:
    November 26, 2006 at 1:44 pm

    The reason why Philly looked so good in the 2nd period, is because we stopped skating! you can make any team look good, if you don’t move your feet.So what’s it going to take for this team, to play an entire 60 minutes? Maybe they think the game is only 40 minutes long. In the 1st period we had energy, and skated rings around Philly. I remember saying, we should have been up 3 or 4-0. If we were more talented, that would have been the case. But when you go into the 2nd period with a 1 goal lead,(no matter who you are playing),you need more goals. You can’t just sit back, and let the other team come to you. it’s suicide.Also, people, understand that Plekanac and Begin aren’t going to score alot of goals. Putting a no talented player like Plekanec on the 2nd line, is a huge mistake. If we traded Aebischer, and Streit, perhaps we could get a centerman. We need more offence DESPERATELY! How many goals have we been scoring each game? 2! You aren’t going to win alot scoring so few goals. and don’t count empty netters.last night was a perfect example of lack of offence. We should have scored more goals in the 1st period. A team like Buffalo or Anaheim, or Carolina, or even Atlanta, would be up by 2 or 3 goals. WE NEED MORE GOAL SCORERS!WE DON”T HAVE ENOUGH TALENT! this is a recurring problem every year. How many years have we been saying, “WE DON”T SCORE ENOUGH!” Nothing is ever done to improve that area. Samsanov is not the answer, and how many goals has Ryder scored lately? If he can’t score because Higgins is missing, then there’s a problem with his game. It’s not about not getting the bounces; you make your own luck. and also the lack of DISCIPLINE!! That’s the coaches fault. They must teach the players to keep their sticks on the ice, and instead to move their feet!We were lucky in Buffalo,but luck will only take you so far. I really admire Buffalo. I wish we had a team like them! We’re not contenders, only PRETENDERS!

  34. Good grief…to wish for what the Sabres are…my stomachs about to give. I guess you would like them to be more effective and play with more ummppph!

    This result just shows the continuing two faced team we have. There was a time when Perreault, Bulis, Zednik were scoring goals…they have since moved on and we have others that should be taking those same opportunities and accomplishing goals…(Samsonov, Pleks, Pere, Johnson, Kovalev but they aren’t). So what do you do to motivate them. That’s what the coaches need to spark up. The fact that the Habs take stupid penalties well that can’t be a coach responsibility. All he can do is provide a reprimand as a consequence (usually a benching). Giveaways are also uncontrolled by the coaching staff. The intensity and effort is the last of the big factors to decide winning or losing….has to come from the players…the ‘Heart factor’. The backbone is the goaltending…as you can see, Huet is the key. Abescher just doesn’t have it and possibly trading him might bring in one of those underachievers who will turn it around playing in a Habs uniform. That’s where I think Gainey has to focus. Combining in Niniimaa, Travers, Kovalev and or Samsonov may be required. Go Habs Go!

  35. Last night was not fun to watch , well at least the 2nd. BUT you cant get too down on the guys for one loss. First of all we actually played a decent game. If we play like that every game we will win alot more then we lose, I guarantee. Philly got great goaltending, something we have gotten alot of this year. Its like the NJ loss a couple of weeks ago. Just a minor speed bump. Thats all.


    No more negative comments about last night.

  36. #36 joshtm says:
    November 26, 2006 at 7:04 pm

    I disagree with giveaways, remember Peter Mahovalich used to give away the puck every chance he could, just like Souray? Somehow Bowman managed to coach him out of that…so coaching has a lot to do with giveaways.

    Players playing a trap em style hockey the habs are stuck in, geeze thanks to the old Habs handbook…results in penalties, time to reconsider adopting this style of hockey…going after the puck to score like the Phillies do, even though they are in last place, that is offensive heart, which a coach has a lot to do with. Sending the likes of Kosty down while keeping deadwood like Ninny and Streit, and leaving Markov without a decent backup a coach has a lot to do with that too…

  37. COMPLAIN….COMPLAIN….COMPLAIN…hey “fanatic1″ why don`t you put a uniform on and see what you can do for 60 mintues and if you don`t perform I`m going to write about you and say….”If we traded fanatic1” we could get a centerman. We need more offence DESPERATELY! dude just chill out we have a good team that is only getting better.

  38. #38 fanatic1 says:
    November 26, 2006 at 8:55 pm

    Hey Lucky: Dream on! And if I was getting paid 4 million a year, you’re damn right I’d give 100% effort, and show up EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! These guys get paid alot of money to perform, not to slack off, especially when the fans are paying alot of hard earned $$$$ for tickets to watch these lazy bums decide when they feel like showing up!When we win the cup, or AT LEAST MAKE IT TO THE STANLEY CUP FINALS,THEN I’LL SAY GREAT JOB,WELL DONE!

  39. fanatic1 it is a lazy brain that calls the HABS anything less then great.No need to get frustrated guy. In the end Montreal will always prevail…I always a winner cheering for the Canadiens!!

  40. hey fanatic1 I think I will call you frustrated1
    I would like to see you play back to back games and see if you can give 100%…

    “dream on” about what that we have a good team? are you serious we are
    W-13 L-6 with 29pts 3rd place in our division and meanwwhile every tsn broadcaster said that we would in 14 place in the eastern conference…don`t know if you noticed but we are 5….weird ehh

    so why don`t you do everyone a favor and stop the negative talk.

  41. #41 fanatic1 says:
    November 26, 2006 at 10:00 pm

    well, I am entitled to my opinion. It’s just constructive criticism, and hopefully the team will play on all cylinders. You don’t have to agree with me.But wouldn’t this blog be dull if we all agreed if each other? besides I’m not the only who sees problems with this team.look at habs#1. wouldn’t life be grand if we lived in a perfect world?

  42. I’m wondering what you guys think of these rumors involving the Habs:

    ‘Kevin Paul Dupont reports the Chicago Blackhawks aren’t actively shopping defenceman Brent Seabrook but they do need to find someone to replace the injured Michal Handzus on Martin Havlat’s line. However, Dupont notes the Blackhawks have enough promising young d-men in Duncan Keith and Cam Barker that it should consider shopping Seabrook. He suggests the Montreal Canadiens might be interested, particularly with Sheldon Souray and Andrei Markov eligible for UFA status, and this could be a deal that would finally reunite winger Sergei Samsonov with ‘Hawks assistant GM Rick Dudley, as they’re good friends from their days with the IHL’s Detroit Vipers.’

    ‘The Wild could also shop RW Pascal Dupuis. Garrioch reports “Phoenix, Boston, Pittsburgh, Montreal and Chicago have all called GM Doug Risebrough to check on his availability.”

    ‘The Montreal Canadiens are entertaining offers for goalie David Aebischer. The LA Kings and Phoenix Coyotes are believed interested, although Garrioch suggests the latter might want to take a look at Ottawa’s Martin Gerber. The Coyotes might also have interest in Toronto’s Mikael Tellqvist.’

    Tell me what you think. If the Habs could deal Samsonov for Keith, Seabrook or Barker it would be a steal. Especially the latter 2. Both are top 5 overall picks and have franchise defenceman potential. Both of them are just a tiny step behind Dion Phaneuf while Keith is a really good #3 guy. Dupuis I’m not sure about unless they deal Samsonov, then that would make a little sense. As dor Aebischer, he’s really dropped off lately 0-3 in his last 3 and the King’s especially have young promising players to offer. When it comes to the Kings, Gainey would probably be asking for Camilleri,Kopitar,Frolov, Patrick O’Sullivan and Jack Johnson for starters, but since there’s no way in hell Lombardi would deal any of them it would be a Derek Armstong or a Dustin Brown. From Phenoix, you’d look at Oleg Saprykin, Derek Morris, Dennis Sidenberg or Nick Boynton. Maybe even ‘Jovo cop’ if the hockey gods really love Montreal this year and he waves his no trade clause.

    What do you guys think, let me know. Snake I’m sure you’ve got an opinion on this let me know man.

  43. #43 fanatic1 says:
    November 26, 2006 at 10:15 pm

    But, why trade 1 defenceman for another? makes more sense if we can get a forward in return, because we don’t have depth up front, but we have about 8 defenceman.If we trade Aebischer, we could bring up Danis as replacement, right?what about trading a D man for a #1 pick? Do you think that would fly? Is cujo available?

  44. Not gonna happen. Unfortunately.

  45. hey you are totally right everyone has an opinion and I`m all for it but make your points stick, dude they are not that bad this is a good team…and we will make the playoffs trust me on this one as for the stanley cup you never know what is going to happen.

    yeah about Habs#1 everyday he changes him mind, one day it`s

    “This is freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HABS!HABS!HABS!HABS!


    and TODAY it`s….”I’m going to explain my point about Souray one last time”

    like anyone really cares about his explanation on Souray that has 9 goals and 9 assits in 22 games and wants to go live with his daughter in L.A. and wants a 6 million dollar deal because McCabe got that in Toronto…..all of a sudden he know Souray personal life and how money he wants….yeah whatever

    but thank god he will not be explainind the Souray situation to us anymore because it was his LAST TIME.

  46. Well I wasnt going to write anything but now I have too.

    AS for the trades I really like the deal involving Fanatic1 for a center. Hey lucky, make some calls see what you can get done. As for acquiring Dupuis, I would not be too excited about. He played well against us but that is not the regular DUpuis. ALthough I am not a big fan of adding more De right now, how could we turn down Seabrook for Sammy. AS long as it was 1 for 1 and not a 1st rounder as well. AS for trading Abby, I myself am a little hesitant. ALthough Huet is the man I love the fact that we can go into every game expecting to win. WIth Danis Im not too sure. I always thouht Jovo COp was a clone of Souray. Those two together would be devastating to other teams.

  47. Talking about clones Afinogenov and Perezhogin are very similar.

  48. Wow, lucky is really riled up tonight. What’s your opinion buddy? That the world is as right as rain, that Souray will sign a 5 year deal for 500,000 a season cause he loves the city and he only needs to see his daughter in the offseason. He’s a human being. If he can live in the same city as his daughter for more money he’s going to jump at it.

    Like I said I hope I’m wrong. But all indications point to him leaving. But hey lucky if you’ve actually got some reasons to why I’m wrong than please speak up, but if your only argument is denial and that EVERYONE wants to play in MTL(if that’s true than how come Gainey stuck out on Elias, Arnott, Halpern and Shanahan), than shut up.

    Actually come up with an argument instead of just rip down the other person.

    And fanatic has a point. This team is not perfect, no team is. And to pretend there’s no flaws with this team is like saying that the Columbus Blue Jackets are going to win the cup this season.

  49. Oh, and I’ve NEVER changed my opinion on Souray. I think he’s Montreal’s SECOND best defenceman(Markov is better all around). I really hope he stays but I just don’t think he will. I’ve stated that every time.

    So don’t go around putting words and opinions in my mouth.

  50. I’d like to apologize to everyone here. Lucky, your comments about me really riled me up for a second and I lost my cool. It’s just everyone thinks I change my opinion about Souray yet I never have.

    I learned my lesson with Snake. I don’t like having a war of words with someone over the internet, I’m generally a firm believer that if you have a real problem with someone then you do it face to face. And I really don’t want to fight over something that when you think about it, is really trivial in the grand sceam of things(sorry Habs).

    So let’s not get personal or snippy. I you have a problem with something someone says, don’t get personal and insult the other person, just make your point and don’t get personal.

    So Lucky, If I offended you I’m sorry. And since rumors seem to piss people off here I’m going to forget about them ecxept for three spots:trade deadline, draft and free agency.

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