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Blades of Steel

  • The Canadiens are seeking their first win in their third meeting with the league leading Buffalo Sabres.

    The Canadiens came very close to defeating the Sabres in the first game of the season before Buffalo exploded out of the gate and went on record setting winning streak.

    The second meeting the Canadiens were thoroughly outplayed and could not keep pace with the Sabres.

    The Habs are rolling right now. 4 wins in the last 5. Janne Niinimaa is out of the lineup and Cristobal Huet is playing the way we’ve grown accustomed to last year with consistent great performances.


    The debate of the Number 1 goaltender might soon get put to rest if Huet can silence the Buffalo snipers tonight. It would be his fifth consecutive win.

    The Canadiens as a team have not once been able to string together three wins in a row. It will be a big step for the team if they can do it against the Sabres. In Buffalo.

    Regardless of the outcome, the Sabres are the NHL’s most exciting team to watch. When the Canadiens play the way they can, they are pretty fun to watch too. Game on.

  1. Habs*1 there forgot, one of the things the habs look for are broken down players who get injured easily, especially broken down rookies who break down easy….and that listing unfortunately don’t fit the tax break unfortunately, I guess people just don’t get it. The Habs are a tax break for rich Americans who count on the team to lose, so they shop for expensive but almost promising players and throw in some angry Quebec born players who get penalties for the silliest things, and you have all the ingredients for the Habs….talk about being jaded or what eh?

    What else explains why the habs shop around and get the most expensive broken down players? I guess if the management of the Habs decided they wanted to make money they could shop around for decent help…

  2. @ joshtm


    Go habs Go!

  3. Hey Hab#1 it`s cool and I apologies as well.
    My problem is that after every lose the Habs have it`s all the dumb trade rumors come out and trade this guy off or that guy off…I know it`s the nature of the beast.

    I met Souray during the summer and he is a really good guy and we didn`t talk about hockey once, I had my nephews with me and he was so nice to them so I kind have a soft spot for this guy…he has a big heart.

    so once again Hab#1 i`m sorry.

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