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Bob Gainey’s Contract Extended

  • We are very happy that Bob Gainey has extended his association with the Montreal Canadiens leading to the franchise’s Centennial Year in 2009-10,” said team president Pierre Boivin. “Bob has put together a very strong hockey management team, and his leadership is a source of inspiration for our fans and all members of the Canadiens’ organization

    What can you say? I think every fan will be happy with this news. Gainey’s changed the team around completely since taking over and even stepped behind the bench himself.

    In a few years time this may be looked back upon as a move that changed the course of the Canadiens and returned them to the top of the NHL.

  1. Thanks for the into and the spell checks guy, it’s appreciated. I didn’t know that Emelin had done such a thing. Now I’m really anxious to see him play.

  2. Does anyone know what the deadline is for signing UFA’s? how about the trade deadline?Does anyone think the Canadiens will make another move before the deadline? With Bouillion about to have surgery ,I think we could use an extra D man. WE’re a little thin at that position, not to mention the center ice position. I hope Gainey isn’t finished wheeling and dealing.

  3. None, March, and maybe. Injuries is when you learn about your depth. Bouillon and Streit, who are both having injury troubles are the sixth and seventh D on the team. No cause for panic.

  4. I agree with the above comments (post 53)

    Stop confusing needs with wants, and stop looking for Toronto Maple Leaf solutions (ie. UFA) to problems; these don’t work in building a Cup contender. You cannot buy a cup. The Habs do really need to acquire more players at present. They need to make room for the many young capable defencemen that they have in their system already (ie. Emelin, Jancevski, Cote, etc.) You also have to have roster spots available to motivate prospects to perform otherwise, you may breed discouragement among these players.

  5. LOL…and I agree with post 54. The first five words could be blog motto – “Stop confusing needs with wants”. I’d steal it for mine if i didn’t already have one!

    One thing I can add to your thoughs of making room for players who are pushing up in the depth chart is that it is a great way to keep cap room and a team salary structure intact. I have complete faith in Gainey’s way of aiming for the Cup. We will get there.

  6. Bob Gainey is a true Master and Commander…A Class act for a Classy team in a very Classy town.

  7. Here is a little food for thought for those of you who like to play GM of the Habs. Discussing with a friend of mine who put himself in Flyers GM Clarke’s shoes regarding the not yet signed RFA Simon Gagne, we pondered possible scenarios. He asked if the Habs would be interested in Gagne, and I said they absolutely would, providing he came at the right price. I asked him who the Flyers would want in return and he said Clarke would take Markov even up. I thought “Hmmmm!”, that’s something to think about!

    I am definitly NOT TRYING TO START A RUMOUR here. LOL. I was curious to know what you guys would do with such a proposal. Clarke would definitely not accept the players Gainey would prefer to shop. He’d look to fill his void for good puck rushing D’s who can quarterback a power play well.

    Would you pull the trigger on this deal, try to change it, or hang up the phone? I know what I’d do, but I’ll save that thought for now. Tell me what you think!

  8. #8 HABFORLIFE says:
    August 5, 2006 at 10:21 pm

    I would trade Markov for Gagne for sure. Gagne would bring up our scoring with no problem !

  9. Who would QB the PP?

  10. #10 Habs says:
    August 6, 2006 at 9:53 pm


  11. Interesting idea. I don’t think he’s ever done it though.

    Gagne wouldn’t have Forberg to make him a 47 goal scorer in Montreal. With the pressure that would be on him as a Quebecer, I’ll stick with Markov. He’s harder to replace.

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