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Canadiens 2006 Draft Choices

  • The Canadiens focused on building up their blue line, as top pick David Fischer was one of four defenseman selected by Montreal at the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.

    So the Canadiens are trying to address the lack of blueline depth in their development and selected 4 defenseman at this year’s draft. They identified a problem area and are taking the steps to help solve it.

    It’s hard to say much about the Canadiens first pick David Fischer as he is fresh out of high school and will be several years before he can even start trying to crack the lineup.

    In a rather lacklustre draft year it will be interesting to see who will emerge as solid NHLers in the future.

    More interesting were the trades sending Roberto Luongo across the continent to Vancouver and former Rookie of the Year turned castaway Andrew Raycroft traded within his Division to Toronto.

    The Canadiens will have a busy week trying to lock up some players before July 1st when the free agent market opens and the off season signings take off.

  1. #1 Canadian@heart says:
    June 29, 2006 at 12:23 pm

    I really feel the Canadians organization did as well as can be expected in this years draft, given their first overall pick was #16. The depth of talent truly only covered the first several overall #1 picks. Also they managed to get their original first choice pick, even though they traded #16 pick for #20 and #53. Hats off too Mr. Ganiey and his scouts,these young defence will only add too Montreals depth for the future.Hopefully come Saturday July 1 st, Ganiey can sign some much needed talent for their immediate needs. Theres lots to pick from, and Montreal has some cap money to work with. Spend wisely Bob, we are all counting on ya to bring the cup HOME were it belongs. GO Habs Go!!!

    C.J.Bradbury ” Cheers from the Rock “

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