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Canadiens lose Goalie Battle

  • What can you say about that game? That’s the difference between a hot goalie and a struggling goalie.

    The game was almost over before it started, trailing 3-0 halfway into the 1st period on terrible goals allowed by Jose Theodore. Yann Danis got the call to start the second, and some how in the 3rd the Canadiens managed to rally back to within a goal. Had the goaltending been there earlier, the Canadiens would have been in a postion to win rather than still down.

    The Habs pelted pucks at Lundqvist all game but he held his ground long enough for the Rangers to take advantadge of the sloppy habs and go up 5-2.

    Hope it was an off game for Theo, but he has yet to put in consecutive good efforts and I wouldn’t be surprised if Yann Danis starts the next 2 games if he comes up with a good start on Monday.

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