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Canadiens Miraculous Comeback

  • The Canadiens and the Panthers squared off at the Bell Centre tonight. For much of the game the Canadiens dominated, coming out strong with a 2-0 lead 5 minutes in. Then lazy play combined with dumb penalties let the Panthers back into the game in the 3rd. When the Habs went down 4-3 on a Stephen Weiss powerplay goal late in the 3rd, it looked all but done.

    Steve Begin to the rescue. Is this becoming a regular thing?
    Begin scored the tying 4th goal with 9 seconds remaining in the 3rd period giving the Canadiens a chance at overtime that they probably didn’t deserve. Another powerplay chance which saw Michael Ryder bury a shot into the gaping cage. You had to feel a little bad for Luongo as he lay in the net for several seconds after the goal. It’s not the first time he’s been burned in overtime in Montreal and he’s just hung out to dry so often by a weak Florida defence.

    Theo’s play was again, not strong. Not #1 NHL goalie calibre. I hate to say it, but I can’t ignore it. There hasn’t been a game without a weak Theo goal. We’re in fantastic shape considering we haven’t had overall strong goaltending.

    Unbelievable finish, from blowing the game in the 3rd to getting to overtime to finishing it off. Another ugly 2pts.
    We’ll take em’.

  1. Well, it’s not nice to give a point to a team we may battle in, or even to make, the playoffs.

    Luongo hadn’t lost in Montreal for a couple years, I believe RDS said, so it’s good to see that streak end.

    Souray should not be permitted on the PP until he learns how to hit the damn net, or at least pass the &#@#T^)$)# puck! :o)

    Good for Ryder making up for a stupid penalty. I don’t know what got into Kovalev and him during a close game.

    I’m actually happy, and just hope Theo picks up his game when the team’s luck runs out.

    I watched a few minutes of an OLN game on TSN and preferred how it looked on a cheap tv. I wish Bell would improve the quality of the RDS channel, both audio and visual. I know, I should just be happy to have cable back in my life, and that RDS shows all the Canadiens’ games.

    Thanks for blogging the team.

  2. #2 Haboholic says:
    November 2, 2005 at 12:12 pm

    I disagree about theo having a bad game… i think he had a fine game, most of the goals that were scored on him he had no chance or very little chance. i cant remember the first, but one was a rebound, the 3rd one was a very nice shot, sure theo was caught going down, but thats a very tough position to be in on the powerplay when u not only have to worry about the guy with the puck, but the other players around u. it was either the five hold of the top corner to cover… he opted for the fice hole since its a harder shot, but that was a damn nice shot. and on the 4th goal, no chance, 5on3, one timer open net. as much as u guys like to think theo isnt a god, theres only so much u can do, and if u ever played goalie in ur life ud see its not the easiest thing in the world.

  3. I think the 2 pucks that went in very slowly under his arm blocker side could have been stopped. 1 maybe, but the same goal again right after….

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