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Canadiens Roster

  • With the Mats Sundin drama over and the rather unexpected signing of Robert Lang, how will the new Canadiens look when they hit the ice October 10th?

    Who makes the roster? Who plays with who? Does the addition of Lang cancel out any slim chance of a rookie making the team?

    A surplus of talent is a good problem to have, where do the pieces all fit?

  1. Heard somewhere that Carbo confirmed he will not break up the top line of ak46, pleks, ak27. I’ll post a link when/if I find one.

  2. Alias and Habknow, I bow to your thoughts on Koivu vs. Lang. You both may be right but from my experience and watching Koivu over the last two seasons, I think he is slipping not improving since his illness. And as far as his points per game go he has played on the first line almost his entire career as well as the power play so his points per game comparison to Langs is not a fair comparison. All I know is when I want to put my best offense out against the other teams best offense, I would have Lang on the ice instead of Koivu for two reasons. One, Lang is better defensively and two his size allows him to check the #1 centerman on the other teams who generally are much bigger than Koivu. Koivu has proven he cannot handle those situation, his faceoff percentage is terrible against these bigger centers.

    As someone said the other day, it is all speculation and fun right now but as I said I am sure that carbo will try all kinds of different combinations. He may keep Kovy, Plec and Kost together at the start of the season but I bet any money when they go into a slump he moves Kovy over to Lang’s line to see if they still have the chemistry they had in Pittsburg. Mark my words it will happen.

  3. Alias, I agree with you in regard to Denis, he starts in Hamilton, and Halak I think you would break his spirit if you sent him down at the start of the season. I would not be surprised that if Price has a bad string he may get sent down so you could see a goalie movement in and out of Hamilton all season. Depending who is hot and who is not. Also I am not sure but if Denis is brought up to the big club then if he was sent down I think he would have to clear waivers? Anyone know for sure?

    I also agree with Halak will probably be traded within two years if Price become as good as we all think he will. But I also think that Denis is here for only short term too.

  4. I think that if I could trade for Schneider at half his salary then I would go for it. We have a couple of defenseman that will not be around once the young guns start to push them for a position, so a trade could be worked out that would give us some capping space as well as an experience defenceman who has shown recently that he can play defense as well as offense.

  5. Stole this from another website….

    Any player who has played three seasons since signing his first NHL contract or has played 180 NHL games must clear waivers before he is assigned to a minor league affiliate.

    Another one:
    All players on entry-level deals are on two-way contracts and are EXEMPT from waivers, they can be called up and down as much as the team wants

    So we can send Halak up/down all we want this year.

  6. Latendresse, has been working on his skating in the off season so hopefully that will improve, you also have to remember he is only 21 and he is not going to be noticed every night. He also has improved his offense and defense every year so he is improving and I would not trade him for a few years until he has matured. Then we will see what kind of hockey player he is going to be. Having said that I think he could use a message or a wakeup call, so I would send him down after 5 games if he has not shown he is going to give it all the time. He can only play 8 more games before he has to clear waivers if sent down, so he has to go early otherwise he is here all season. As for your comparison to Leclair, we could only hope he becomes as good a power forward as Leclair. To me it was one of our worse mistakes loosing Leclair to Philly. Some players are regular season players and others are playoff players, Leclair was our biggest playoff performer when we had him. Then as he matured he kill us every time we played against him.

  7. Habknot, just wondering if you want to reduce Koivu’s icetime,then how can we play him on a line with guys who should have more icetime such as Tanguay and Higgins. I agree with you that he needs reduced icetime but the only way you are going to accomplish that is to have him centre the third line? I do not think you can take him off the second PP unit his offensive passing is really needed and he can act as the fourth forward on the PP as well. So I do not know how we reduce his icetime if he centers the first or second line? What were your thought on this idea?

  8. Alias I realize we can send Halak and Price up and down I was talking about Denis. Does he not have to clear waivers if we bring him up and then send him down?

  9. This is getting fun! Alias you are bang on about Denis/Halak. Denis was signed for Hamilton and just in case. i.e. just in case Detroit offers us Zetteburg for Halak :-)

    I’ll repeat my lines
    AKot Plek AK27
    Tang Saku SKot
    Lats Lang Higgs [if Lats is up to it]
    Begin Lapierre Laraque [this is one spot a rookie can crash in, Begin ‘s spot]

    Senet: I reduce Koivu’s icetime by playing that 4th line alot [especially on the road], say 10-12 minutes. The big line [that’s still Plek’s until someone figures how to stop them] 15-20 mins. Split the rest between lines 2 and 3, with Lang’s line getting more ‘away’ icetime and more work against the other teams’ power forwards. On the power play, bring Lang up to line 2 and Koivu on point for 2nd unit]

    And remeber, Carbo will have a press box full of VETERANS, waiting for a chance and understanding their roles when they get in.

    However it looks; it looks good!

  10. I already know Halak is better than Denis but Halak should be in the AHL for expierience. Then again we should showcase Halak to trade him at the deadline. and yeh I also heard Carbo doesn’t want to break up tha line, and I know why lol. Carbo’s idea of the 2nd line was Higgy-Koivu-Tanguay. And I believe that line will have the most heart, If not then the third line. All respect to the 1st line, but they are all young euro’s except(kovalev)and then the 2nd line Higgy is like 26,Tanguay 28,koivu 33. koivu plays like a canadian, so everyone on the line is pretty much north Americans. but The kostitsyns will put up more points in the regular season, but in the playoffs, Koivu’s line will be the best.

  11. Senet1
    September 19th, 2008 at 12:17 am
    Alias I realize we can send Halak and Price up and down I was talking about Denis. Does he not have to clear waivers if we bring him up and then send him down?

    He was signed to a 2-way deal so yes, he can come up/down as we please. Also, even if he didn’t sign a 2-way contract he can come up/down if there is an injury to Price or Halak like what happened last year in Pittsburgh with Conklin. He was in the minors but came up when Fleury was hurt without having to clear waivers. Once Fleury was back he went back down and if they brought him up/down again he would have had to go through waivers.

  12. #12 habknot says:
    September 19, 2008 at 6:16 pm

    I still think Sergei will fight his way to the ‘second’ line and drop Higgins ‘down’. Higgins style is more straight forward and physical. Like I said Lang’s line will probably get more time on the road and against big teams or big lines. That leaves Koivu Tanguay and SKot room and energy to just go for goals. Maybe I’m just optimistic [MAYBE?] but I think Koivu can have a monster year with those two guys on the wing. Remember, the opposing coach is going to try to shut down the Plek line first. Koivu is creative and brave, this line should be able to dance around most teams! [sorry, I have to take a zen time-out now :-) ]

  13. don`t get me wrong I love Sergi, but if he goes on too Koivu line along with Tanguay….who will put the puck in the net? all 3 of them are playmakers, I don`t see Sergi hitting that line. Higgins will be guy they set up

  14. S.Kostitsyn Is awaesome, but there’s just too much depth on this team, they don’t stac so yes Sergei is better than Higgy but Lang sergei and Lats would make a good checking line.

  15. I magine if we stacked! Tanguay-Koivu-Kovalev!
    Powerplay= LW Lang C Koivu RW Tanguay
    D Markov Kovalev

  16. #16 habknot says:
    September 20, 2008 at 11:50 am

    I agree, Lucky, they will make a hundred passes before the puck goes is; but, all three can put it in. I actually see Koivu sneaking to the front of the net and Tanguay squeezing the puck to him. Or Sergei catching Tanguay in the high slot. Sergei with a good feed on a breakaway. Higgins is going to have to work harder, setting Lats in front, Lang in the high slot, or getting a feed from Lang in front. Of course, this is all up to Carbo and he’s been known to ignore my advice before 😉

  17. #17 alex marks says:
    September 20, 2008 at 3:39 pm


  18. Last nov is different from this nov Last nov we were not expecting to be a Cup contender, this year we are, and have some exciting, home province additions to the team. I’d imagine tickets would be tougher to get this time around

  19. #19 habs 4 me says:
    September 20, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    I’m getting really excited about the habs this year. And next year all those young prospects like Valentenko, Yemelin, Pacioretty, Webber, will make the team. I say that because I really can’t see Koivu coming back, especially not at 5.75 mil, and if he only scores 15 goals, like last season. I honestly think he should step aside so the young guys can have their chances. As far as Kovalev goes, it all depends on the type of season he has. If it’s like last year, resign him, otherwise look for a younger harder working forward. So that’s my 2 cents on my habs. Go Habs! win that cup this year and make us proud.
    It’s good to be a habs fan.

  20. check out the videos on
    6 Cities In 6 Days: Montreal

    Darren Dreger thinks the Habs line ’em up like this:

    1 – AK46-Pleks-AK27
    2 – Tanguay-Koivu-Higgins – said Koivu should help Tanguay regain his confidence.
    3 – Lats-Lang-S. Kost
    4 – Laraque – he didn’t mention Laraque’s potential linemates, but also said Montreal doesn’t have any glaring holes in their line-up at all and Chipchura is the most likely one of the young guns to make the team and stick. We’re looking good!


    Latendresse’s linemates weren’t the only reason he caught people’s attention; the excellent physical form of the third-year winger had many talking. After working hard this summer at improving his skating and dropping some pounds, Latendresse is happy with the progress he’s made and even drew praise from Habs strength and conditioning coordinator Scott Livingston after the physicals on Friday.

    “I want to take control of my career and that’s why I worked so hard this summer,” said the 21-year-old, who couldn’t be happier to have older brother Olivier with him at training camp. “Before, it would take me awhile to recover after a session like this. Now, I come off the ice and I still have lots of energy.”

  22. where can i listen to the game that’s on right now? or can give me a link to listen it on CJAD?!?!Please I really want to know what is going on and it’s the one vs. the Bruins in Halifax on Mon,Sept,22

  23. #23 habs 4 me says:
    September 22, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    considering the fact that the habs were pounded 8-3, better that you weren’t able to listen to the game.

  24. man, tha game is sooo retarded!

  25. Well I did not see the game but it sounds like we sent half a team and a bunch of rookies. Can’t take these first five or so preseason games too serious. Some of the minor leaguers will probably be going to Hamilton soon.

  26. I do not think having a one way or two way contract makes any difference as far as waivers is concerned only the salary that you pay the player depending one where he plays.

    The waiver eligibility of players has become a much-discussed (and ill-informed) topic recently. The following will attempt to answer some of the common questions regarding who doesn’t have to clear waivers and who does. Before I get into the details of the waiver process and how to determine when a player is or isn’t eligible, let’s kill off a few long-held assumptions. Here is a couple of things I found, which appear to be correct because I found the same information last summer.

    — “The waiver status of a player is determined by whether he has a 1-way or 2-way contract.”
    Answer: False. Whether a player has a 1-way or 2-way contract has absolutely no effect on his waiver status – it has to do with the number of years since the player signed his first NHL contract and the number of NHL games he’s played since signing. In fact, there are ten (10) players who have 1-way contracts for 2007-08 and are exempt from waivers.

    Guillaume Latendresse signed an entry-level contract in 2006 at age 19. He would have been exempt from waivers for 4 years; however, he played in 80 NHL games in 2006-07, meaning the exemption was shortened to 3 years. He is now exempt until either the end of the 2008-09 season or he plays in a total of 160 NHL games [whichever comes first].

    Goalies are treated a little differenec but I could not find anything in the CBA that talks about up and down due to injury. One can se sent down for a 14 day conditioning if the player agrees to it.

    Anyway I am not saying you are wrong I just could not find anything at allows the goalies to go up and down without clearing waivers once they qualify. Goalies I believe are six years or 180 game played from age 18. Otherwise the are the same as other players. I believe LA wanted to bring up their best minor league goalie last year but could not because he had to clear re-entry waivers, so they left him in the minor the rest of the year.

  27. If you’re talking about Bernier on LA then no, he was placed in the minors so he wouldn’t get shelled every day and lose his confidence. They’ll bring Bernier up a bit this year, but he will most likely stay in Manchester for the majority of the year. In the Pittsburgh case Conklin came up and played better than the original back-up Sabourin. If they sent Sabourin down he would have had to clear waivers, if they sent Conks down immediately he would not have to clear, if they waited and sent Conks down after Fleury had played he would have had to clear. Here’s an article from January….

    The Penguins summoned goalie Ty Conklin from their farm team in Wilkes-Barre on emergency recall when Marc-Andre Fleury got a high ankle sprain a month ago.

    He was brought up with the idea that he would serve as Dany Sabourin’s backup, and would return to the Baby Penguins — per emergency-recall regulations — the moment Fleury went back on active duty.

    Simple, standard stuff.

    Conklin, though, has complicated things considerably by playing so well — he had won six starts in a row before facing Florida yesterday — and if that doesn’t change, management will face some difficult decisions when Fleury is ready to resume playing. The options include:

    1) Keeping three goalies, an arrangement that almost never works out to everyone’s satisfaction, for the balance of the season. That would tie up one more roster spot than usually is set aside for goalies, at least until after the 23-man limit is discarded when the Feb. 26 trade deadline passes.

    2) Keeping Conklin on the NHL roster for the rest of the season but sending Sabourin to Wilkes-Barre, which would entail Sabourin going through waivers.

    3) Returning Conklin to the Baby Penguins before, or at the same time, Fleury is activated, which would not require Conklin to be put on waivers.

    4) Assigning Conklin to Wilkes-Barre sometime after Fleury returns, in which case Conklin would have to go on waivers.

    The Penguins are allowed to keep Conklin on the NHL roster when Fleury returns even though he didn’t clear waivers on the way up (that’s the point of an emergency recall) because he is exempt from the re-entry waivers that apply to most veteran players promoted from the American Hockey League. (Conklin did have to clear waivers when the Penguins demoted him before the season started.)

    Conklin qualified for that exemption because he has a two-way contract in which his minor-league salary of $100,000 is at the threshold of eligibility for the exemption. That same provision covers defenseman Alain Nasreddine, who currently is in Wilkes-Barre.

  28. #28 habs4life says:
    September 23, 2008 at 10:27 am

    I have been to Roberval summer 2003 and spent one night in a comfortable Motel there. Beautiful Lac Saint-Jean!

    Go Habs go in Roberval!

  29. Twenty-five Canadiens games on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada this season.

    More than any other Canadian team.

    This is not a typo. Read on below:

    CBC’s news release:


    Habs to be featured 25 times during season – more than any other Canadian NHL team

    CBC’S HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA continues to provide Canadians with
    unparalleled coverage of their beloved game, today announcing the
    addition of 18 games to the broadcast schedule – bringing the grand
    total to 87 games for the 2008-09 regular season broadcast package.

    The newest games on the broadcast schedule include ten Montreal
    Canadiens match-ups and eight Ottawa Senators games, complimenting an
    already comprehensive lineup that includes 25 all-Canadian matchups,
    five tripleheaders, 10 afternoon games, the traditional Saturday night
    doubleheaders, the 2008 Hall of Fame Game, Original Six Saturday, the
    2009 NHL Winter Classic, the ninth annual CBC’S HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA,
    and the 57th NHL All-Star Game in Montreal.

    “The addition of these games to an already strong broadcast schedule
    allows us to cater to a wider spectrum of hockey fans,” said Scott
    Moore, executive director, CBC Sports. “Montreal and Ottawa are vibrant
    hockey markets and this reinforces our commitment to bringing viewers
    the most comprehensive coverage of Canadian NHL teams available.”

    The Montreal Canadiens will be featured a total of 25 times throughout
    the season on CBC’S HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA, kicking off on Saturday,
    Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. ET as the Habs square off against the Maple Leafs in

    Montreal’s 25-game broadcast package on CBC will help
    Canadiens fans celebrate the franchise’s 100th anniversary season,
    which begins on Thursday, Dec. 4 at 7 p.m. ET as Montreal hosts the New
    York Rangers, marking the beginning of their anniversary celebrations.

    December continues to be a big month for the Canadiens, appearing five
    more times on CBC’S HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA including versus Tampa Bay
    on Thursday, Dec. 11 at 7 p.m. ET and versus Philadelphia on Thursday,
    Dec. 18 at 7 p.m. ET.

  30. habs 4 me
    September 22nd, 2008 at 9:31 pm
    considering the fact that the habs were pounded 8-3, better that you weren’t able to listen to the game.

    Oh man, after I saw the score I was glad I didn’t get to listen to it…

  31. Okay I see your point on how you would reduce the icetime but if Tanguay plays on his line are you not reducing Tanguay’s icetime as well and even Higgins too. I guess that is why if we leave Kovalev on Plec’s line with AKost. Then I would like to see Lang with Tanguay and Higgins. I think you would see Higgins blossum playing with those two guys and he could score 35-40 goals. Tanguay could also rebound playing with these two guys. That would leave Latendresse, Koivu and S. Kost for our third line they could get 10 minutes a game where as your top two lines could get 15 minutes plus PP time and Koivu could also see an additional minutes a game on the PP.
    I guess to me we want to make sure that in total minutes our top 7 offensive players get close to 15-20 minutes a game of icetime. The rest is eaten up by the third and fourth line and the PK units.

  32. Alias, no I was actually talking about LaBarbera, he was rated better than all the other LA goalies in the minors but LA could not bring him up last year without exposing him to the reentry waiver process so he ending up staying in the minors all year.

    Anyway I bow to your knowledge of the waiver system, I thought I understood it but everything I look something up regarding goalies it seems to be someone elses opinion so I went to the CBA but could not find the situation I was looking for in the contract.

    I guess getting back to my original question, if Dennis starts in Montreal he would have to clear waivers to be sent down, would he not. However, if he starts in Hamilton they can bring him up but only in case of injury. If he is not sent back down after the injury then he has to clear waivers once he is sent down I THINK? So we do not have many options once he is called up unless it is for injury. I am still going to keep trying to figure this waiver stuff out because I do not understand all the exceptions to the rule.

  33. Alias, I think I might have found something that will help me at least understand Marc Denis situation regarding waivers.
    Re-entry waivers – new to this CBA is the provision that certain players recalled to the NHL must clear waivers to join the team holding his NHL rights; any other team may claim said player for 50% of his cap hit and salary, with the team attempting to recall taking the other 50% of each. In general, players are not subject to re-entry [recall] waivers unless:

    The player is on a -way contract and is subject to waivers when assigned to the minors; or
    The player is on a 2-way contract whose minor league salary is in excess of
    2007-08: $100,000
    2008-09: $100,000
    2009-10: $105,000
    2010-11: $105,000
    2011-12: $105,000

    #2 above does not apply to a player who

    If a goalie, the goalie has played in 180 or more professional games [NHL, AHL, or ECHL; regular season and playoffs] or, if a skater, 320 or more professional games; AND
    Has not spent more than 80 games on an NHL roster in the prior 2 seasons or 40 or more games on an NHL roster in the immediately prior season.

    I think the above applies to Denis because I do not think he was on an NHL roster in 2007-2008 season for 40+ games. Last season he played 10 games for the Lightning but I am not sure how many games he was on their roster, he did play 32 games for Norfolk Admirals AHL. Not sure where to find out the other information.

  34. #35 groundworking says:
    September 23, 2008 at 8:08 pm

    is broadcasting tonight’s exhibition game vs. Buffalo

  35. Ah Senet….ya beat me to it….I just found the exact same thing.

    Denis total games – 348
    Last season – 10 games
    Last 2 seasons – 54

    So it appears he is exempt from waivers.

  36. #37 habknot says:
    September 24, 2008 at 7:54 pm

    Hey Senet1; you said
    ‘I guess to me we want to make sure that in total minutes our top 7 offensive players get close to 15-20 minutes a game of icetime. The rest is eaten up by the third and fourth line and the PK units.’

    I think we can do better; have three lines that can score-with the third a strong defensive unit as well… and a fourth line to fear, at both ends of the ice [even if they don’t score alot- it will be a line that can cycle all shift and draw penalties] Tanguay is a bit soft, but agressive near the net [can split Ds, uses them well as screens, great at feeding through feet]. My idea of putting him with Koivu and S.Kot [who is NOT soft, just not big] and then trying to protect them with good match-ups might not work against some teams, and may not be Carbo’s idea. You’re right; it would look odd seeing a defensive line get more ice-time, I just think it would be effective. The first line loves ice-time. This way the ‘2nd’ line should have energy at the end of the year.

  37. That could work as well I guess the good thing about this is that carbo has a lot of options and different combinations that he can try especially if one line goes sour, he can move Lang, Kovalev and Tanguay around to where he thinks that will do the best in any given situation. One thing I think you said that I agree with is that there may be a line #2 and a line #2A depending on whether we are playing a physical team like Philly or a skating team like Edmonton or the Rangers. Should be a fun season.

  38. Well hopefully we can use him sparingly but I expect that he will be in Hamilton most of the year unless out two young goalies flop or get injured.

  39. ok guys, this is going to be an injury plagued season. I don’t see Montreal leading tne North Est, I predict 5th in East.

  40. #90 STUO11
    September 25th, 2008 at 7:10 am
    ok guys, this is going to be an injury plagued season. I don’t see Montreal leading tne North Est, I predict 5th in East.

    ??? How do you predict injuries? Who in the Northeast will beat them? What 4 teams will end up with more points? Hell, even if we do have some injuries we have a very deep team. A defensemen got hurt? Bring up Subban, Weber, Vakentenko….they are all ready….a forward? Bring up Chipchura, Pacioretty, Maxwell, they proved in training camp they deserve a shot.

  41. #42 habs 4 me says:
    September 25, 2008 at 10:38 am

    after watching most of the leafs game last night, trust me when I say, nobody, but NOBODY will finish below the leafs! they’re horrible! And the habs minor injuries now, are mostly groin injuries because they’re not get in game shape yet. By the time the season starts, their bodies will be ready, and yes, we do have alot of depth, on D, and forwards such as Pacioretty, Maxwell, Chipchurra.
    So even if we sustain injuries, we’ll be ok.

  42. #43 PACTUM SERVA says:
    September 25, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    ….and why would you think that? Why because we have a few minor groin pulls and one of are defenceman got got with his head down? Yep you nailed it we are DOOMED.

  43. #44 PACTUM SERVA says:
    September 25, 2008 at 1:32 pm

    Sorry my last post was for stuo11.

  44. well the season hasn’t even started yet and hamrlik,Koivu and Kovalev are gone for a lil while, just imagine how many injuries will happen during the season!

  45. A defenseman that wouldn’t have made the team anyways, not saying who cares, but that injury in no way affects Montreal’s chances of winning day in and day out.

  46. Habs sign goaltender Robert Mayer

    this one confuses me….his stats are pretty terrible and do we need another goalie?

  47. #48 PACTUM SERVA says:
    September 25, 2008 at 6:07 pm

    So stuo11 i dont know if you have noticed but it is not uncommon for players in training camps to have groin pulls. Its not just with the habs but just take a look around the league to see how many players are suffering from it. Smarten up stuo11 lol your one of the few posters here on habs blog that i do enjoy reading but to say the habs will have a season cursed with injuries is a little off the wall, now i am not saying i couldnt happen but….come on. I bet you must of been drinking today so i will let it go this time lol plus your a fellow P.s great job on your last video

  48. crosby also missed his last game…i suppose their season is done too right? Minor injuries are common during the pre-season, thats why there is a pre-season. None of these injuries are serious, at least we don’t have players goofing around on golf carts tearing their knees apart!

  49. #50 habs 4 me says:
    September 26, 2008 at 12:18 pm

    I heard something I had to chuckle about. Apparently, Crosby, now 20 years old, is still living with Mario Lemiux. Isn’t Crosby making about 10 mil/season?
    So, is Crosby a) cheap
    c) afraid to live without parental support.
    the answer is B.
    Gee, at age 18, I couldn’t wait to leave my parents, and be on my own. And you know, he act’s so immature anyways.

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