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Canadiens run out of gas

  • The Canadiens playing their 5th road game in 8 nights fell 3-0 to the Senators in a dismal performance. The Canadiens tied a franchise low record of 12 shots in a game.

    After coming back to beat the Flyers the previous night the Habs were simply out of gas and it was very evident. Cristobal Huet was peppered with 40 shots and did very well to keep the scoring to a minimum. Sheldon Souray may have came back too early as he appeared to be in discomfort and was quite ineffective. The Habs really had no chance against the powerhouse Sens and the loss brings their road trip record to 1-4 with 1 game remaining in Toronto. Far from the .500 winning percentage they were striving for.

    The good news is the Thrashers, Devils and the Leafs all lost last night. The Maple Leafs are on a 7 game losing streak which is the worst run they’ve been on since 1997. The Canadiens go to Toronto where they traditionally don’t play well to take on a frustrated and hungry Leafs team. Probably the most important game of the road trip as they are virutally tied in the standings which adds some heat to the normal intensity of Habs/Leafs matchups. The smart move would be to continue with Huet between the pipes but that remains to be seen.

    The bad news is the Habs are tied with the Bruins who are getting back in the win column and creeping back into the picture. The Canadiens fate is in their own hands as they still hold games in hand and can claim 6th, 7th or 8th spot if they put some wins together.

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