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Canadiens Second Round of 2006 Cuts

  • The Habs dropped the axe for the second time this training camp as they slim down to their final roster.

    • Jonathan Ferland
    • Maxim Lapierre
    • Kyle Chipchura
    • Corey Locke
    • Ajay Baines
    • Yann Danis
    • Danny Groulx

    This means fan favorite Guillaume Latendresse as well as Andrei Kostitsyn and Alexander Perezhogin all still remain in the hunt for the last forward position.

    On defence Andre Benoit, Dan Jancevski and Ryan O’Byrne are still around to fight for the last defence position.

    Will Guillaume make it? What if he doesn’t? If last years cut rattled his confidence so much what will another year of being so close do to him?

    Whatever happens, this is all good news. When have the Canadiens been so deep with young talent and when has training camp come down to the wire like this?

    The future is bright.

  1. #1 HabsFanStuckInOttawa says:
    September 27, 2006 at 12:10 pm

    Too bad we can’t lose a guy like Streit and pick up both Dan Jancevski and Ryan O’Byrne. Same goes for the forwards…I think it would be useful to give both Lats and AK46 a chance this season, both bring different things to the team. Although Lats brings the power we desperately need (that being said, AK46 is sooo fun to watch!). Oh well, I am REALLY psyched that I bought tickets to the game in Ottawa on Thursday night…should be fun!! :)

  2. Latendresse seems to be ready based on his play. He scores and tries to hit everything that moves. We could use a power forward with talent. However, what will happen to Perogy. He has shown occasional brilliance. I don’t want to lose him but will he accept being moved back to Hamilton or will he be part of a trade.

  3. Latendresse might be able to make the transition to the big club. He showed big league talent with his goal against the Tampa Bay. I think we have a very good club this year. The big improvements are going to be Samsonov, and Huet in nets full time. I like our chances this year. Even if we play in the toughest division in all of hockey.

  4. One way to see it is Perezhogin, Latendresse, and Kostitsyn fighting for one spot. Another way to see it is Perez, Laten, kostit, Murray and Downey all fighting for two spots. I would start the year with Latendresse and Kostitsyn and rotate the other 3 up (or whoever is putting up more effort), if anyone is not doing well in the main team.

  5. #5 sly vester says:
    September 27, 2006 at 4:08 pm

    Tough division? Perhaps but as long as the rest of the conference sucks we’re still in! 😛 But we’ll do well in the division anyways…

    Does anyone know the lineup for tomorrow night? Now that most of the youngsters have been cut, the lines should start looking more ‘Season ish’

  6. @HabsFanStuckInOttawa

    Get rid of someone like Streit??? You can’t be serious! Have you seen some of the preseason games or are you just bashing him because of his play early last season? You’ll sure change your opinion once the season has started. Trust me!

  7. #7 HabsFanStuckInOttawa says:
    September 27, 2006 at 5:34 pm

    I hope so…I’ll be at the game tomorrow and he should be in the lineup (hopefully). Don’t get me wrong, I REALLY liked his play during the olympics last year as well as during the preseason this year, HOWEVER, I DO NOT think that he is indespensible. If we had a younger player that we needed to give experience to, I would pick Streit in a second to go…that being said, our depth in this area is not the best :)

  8. Don’t be suprised if Streit leads all Habs defense in power play points.
    Samsonov and Johnson signings/trades were a mistake.
    We really didn’t need Samsonov, Kostitsyn would have been perfect.
    This way Latendresse would be a shoe in.
    Not to mention the extra cap space $$$
    A draft pick would be great for Zednik and who cares about Johnson,
    Perezhogin is much better.
    This years line combos could have been:

    Higgins – Koivu – Ryder
    Latendresse – Ribeiro – Kovalev
    Kostitsyn – Plekenac – Perezhogin
    Murray – Bonk – Begin

  9. #9 CH tattooed on the heart says:
    September 27, 2006 at 9:41 pm


    You’re fuckin’ right! And then next year when contracts are up, bring up Chipchura and Lapierre instead of Bonk and Downey, to save money to sign Markov and get a D-man or two with that cap space.

  10. #10 CH tattooed on the heart says:
    September 27, 2006 at 9:59 pm

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned the fact that Flyers’ goalie Antero Nittymaki is injured and that might be a great time to trade Aebischer. I wonder if Denis Gauthier is available.

  11. @ CH TATOOED
    I love cristobal but…don’t think for a secind that were ready to give up the tandem of this duo in nets. Once again I love his play and confidence!!! But don’t sell the farm on him just yet! GO HABS GO!
    ( God is a HABS fan! )

  12. You must be kidding Stevejur. You rather NOT have Samsonov and Johnson than have them, without any compensation for the team?
    Are you trying to save Mr.Gillet money or trying to make a good team?
    Of course we cant depend on rookies to do well all year for sure. That line up you mention would have a hard time making the playoffs. But, with the added depth, we will make it.

  13. dose any body think the canadians should have won the cup last year? Why?

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