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Canadiens show Character

  • What a game. The Canadiens and Flyers fought it out and after trailing by 2 goals on 2 occasions the Habs still managed to send it to an exciting extra frame and then a shoot out to earn a valuable point.

    The Canadiens dominated much of the early game but got into some costly penalty trouble. Cristobal Huet showed the first few chinks in his armor and allowed a few “Jose Style” goals for the first time this year. Now it’s not fair to jump on Huet who was just named Defensive Player of the Week in the NHL. Yes it wasn’t his best game, but he came back and saved the game several times allowing it to get to overtime, including a Mike Richards breakaway in the last 10 seconds. Huet looked more fatigued then anything.

    Can you blame him? Coming into the pressure cooker that is Montreal and basically leading a mixed up team to a strong playoff chance while having never been an NHL starter anywhere else. Not to mention returning from surgery and being thrown into a starting rotation and schedule he’s never experienced before. He’s only human.

    Since when do the Canadiens come back after being down 2 goals? 2 goals on the road, and twice. Everytime I thought “Ok, it’s over.” The Habs found a way back in. They’re playing with confidence and showing character when it counts.

    Huet got them into the shoot out and a potentially huge point for the Canadiens. In the shoot out his wheels fell off by the time he had to face the 3rd shooter. The Canadiens may have even stolen 2 points if they could have buried another shot on Robert Esche. I’m a big Michael Ryder fan, but at this point you have to realize he’s not a shoot out player much less the 3rd shooter. Ryder’s missed every shoot out chance he’s had. Ryder is more of a player that knows how to put himself in the right position and fires pucks at the net at any opportunity. When he skates in alone from center ice that strategy doesn’t seem to be the strongest. Maybe he has too much time to think and it usually results in whipping a puck over the net.

    Brian the loser Savage
    There seemed to be a lot of diving and BS penalties called as well. I’m not sure if it was a rookie official but there were lame penalties called on both teams. The game could have been decided on some bad calls. I loved Brian Savage’s face after being called for diving. That’s what you get Savage. It was pretty upsetting however to see Peter Forsberg pull a total dive. Savage is a loser, Forsberg is a competitor and it hurts to see a player of that calibre play that kind of game.

    You can’t be too impressed with the Flyers. I don’t know how they’ll expect to get anywhere with Robert Esche. The Flyers should have buried the Habs not once, but twice. If the Flyers meet a good team in the playoffs they’re done for. I’d pick them as a definite beatable team for a lower seed upset.

    The big game is tonight. The Canadiens are in Toronto to take on the hated Leafs. Tonight may very well be the game that buries the Leafs gets Pat Quinn fired. The Leafs trail the Habs by 8 points and a win tonight will make it 10. The Leafs losing tonight should cement their status as sellers as the trade deadline is only 48 hours away and they have plenty of roster problems to deal with and plenty of teams to catch.

    Start Huet or give him a rest? Is he fatigued or was it one bad game? You’d like to see Huet start and get the win but if he’s not ready you don’t want to give the Leafs any breathing room.

    It’s going to be an interesting week.

  1. I think that Gainey will leave that decision up to Huet since he’s the only person that could know if it was a bad game or a case of being tired. Either way, I’m not too worried because if it was just a bad game then who cares, it happens to the best of them. If it was a case of being tired then all it will take is a little bit of rest.
    I don’t think that this is a sign of things to come for Huet. He’s a strong golie with a .926 save % after playing 21 games and he will be the difference when it comes to making playoffs.

  2. I think he deserves a break but unfortunately every game is a big game for Montreal from here on out. If Toronto wins a big game like this they could build some momentum and make a run for Montreal’s spot.

    On the other hand, Toronto isn’t having a good time lately so maybe tonight is the night to put Danis in there and ensure that Huet doesn’t get burned out. Danis will be hungry after sitting on the bench for 2 weeks. He should be able to come up with a solid game.

  3. Ya, it’s one of the tougher decisions lately. Danis hasn’t played in months….you know Toronto’s gonna come hard tonight…I think you gotta go with Huet just because its the Leafs..he can rest after.

  4. I know! Start Danis against the Flyers and let Huet rest for the Leafs game!

    Oh, wait – too late for that now.

  5. #5 kazmojo says:
    March 7, 2006 at 1:25 pm

    Danis should definitely start tonight. Huet looked as if he wasn’t concentrating and was probably fatigued; a long road trip can do that. The Forsberg shootout goal was simply bad form by Huet. The Umberger goal might fall in the same category too. We all know he’s better than that, so it must be fatigue.

  6. Forsberg is a competitor and it hurts to see a player of that calibre play that kind of game.

    i don’t know where this comes from flopsburg has always been a dirty player and a DIVER. big time. He can play i’ll give him that but he’s a punk and whiner. He dives more than greg louganis

  7. #7 riser8 says:
    March 7, 2006 at 4:00 pm

    I would go with Huet tonight even though he was a little shaky last night. He had a shaky third period against the Isles last week and came back strong against Florida the next game. Even when he was with the Kings a couple of seasons ago (and did play 41 games) one of his strengths was his consistency from game to game. Either way I feel confident with either goalie in net.
    The habs are playing some good hockey at this time and with Gainey calling the shots I believe he will go with Huet tonight.

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