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Canadiens sign Tom Kostopolous

  1. #1 Snake says:
    July 7, 2007 at 5:38 pm

    I think Joshtm is afraid of me after the spanking I gave him last month. See teh kid has to now not to bother me when I am getting freaking with the his mommy. Two up that butt.

  2. Xhabsfan do you know what your talking about? When did I ever say this team is like the ’93 team? All I said is we are gonna have a better team then the last couple of years. I think we will make the playoffs, and even if they don’t doesn’t mean I’m going to start blaming everyone from the GM to the stick boy. And if Markov is so bad maybe you should suit up Xhabsfan. You sure seem to know how much everyone else sucks. You and Joshtm must be Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemiux. Because you guys talk like your the best players ever. Maybe we should just get rid of markov, if he is as bad as you say he is. I mean clearly he is one of if not the best player for the habs. Its not all about points sometimes. If Steve fuckin Wonder can tell who is gonna make the playoffs and who isn’t why do we even have a regular season, Why don’t we just have PLayoffs and he can pick the teams who are in? All you do Xhabsfan is say stupid shit with no back-up and no real meaning or point. I mean look at your last comment. What point are you trying to proove? That our team isn’t as good as in 1993? Well shit Joshtm’s vibrator can tell that! Honestly you don’t know anything about hockey do you Xhabsfan?.. Maybe you should just stop writing on this blog, from my short time being on here I can tell no one likes you or takes you seriously. Go start your own blog called Pointless Fags Typing Pointless Shit.

  3. #3 Joshtm says:
    July 7, 2007 at 6:42 pm

    Hey RBK you suck big time don’t you know that? Honestly, if there is anyone who should be asking “are you a fan” is us of you! Honestly, when Gainey makes really Sheety moves like he has, after the horrible up and down season we had, and you praise him for delivering us to a spot just short of a playoff spot and then to be shut out by all people, the worst teams in the league? When we can’t even beat the worst team in the league to guarantee a playoff spot and then have the salt rubbed into the wound by the Laffs? And you thought Gainey was a “God” because of that?

    When the whole city was asking “what is with this Gainey fellow” when he wouldn’t take advantage last year of being able to trade, and then just before the playoffs when he didn’t, and then this past summer when he kicked Souray out but kept deadwood like Dandenault and Bouillon?

    And because we are pissed at Bob Gainey’s lousy leadership, as true Habs fans who like to see winners, you question us? You are a real MORON RBK DO YOU KNOW THAT? Asking if we are fans…honestly.

    Are you totally out to lunch? Are you devoid of common sense? What Gainey gives you free batteries for your dildo and free vaseline and the only question you ask him is “how far down do I bend Mr. Gainey”….

    Let’s get back the real issues here. Gainey is chasing out the high scorers, he is letting Souray go. He penny and dime-ing Ryder to death. All the while Gainey spends big money on players who can’t even score but one every ten games or so! And you love the man for that? Bringing us a gang of has beens?

  4. #4 mysteryfan says:
    July 7, 2007 at 6:49 pm

    Xhabsfan……awsome…you got me on that one……care to share the full length version!!!LOL

    What are you talking about with Markov???? He is a solid point producer and is responsible in his own end?????? Isn’t that what a good “D” man does???

    Give your boney little head a shake Xhabsfan!!!

    RBK…….and little girly-man has the nerve to say that we don’t know what we are talking about???


  5. mysteryman, Markov has NO SLAPSHOT AND I cringe when he does take one cause its guaranteed to hit a fan or something. He’s a good playmaker ,skater and a passer but he’s soft as well,oh yeah he’s rich,that’s it that’s all!Good wrist shot and no snap shot and he couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag….a very quiet leader and his play can be spotty,here’s the problem,he’s our best D man !!!!If we are to be a defensive style of play,should we not have the very best of D men? You know ,like the ducks . Gainey is doing a Carbo, “musical chairs” number on the team and I will bet ANYONE THERE’S GOING TO BE BAD RESULTS! ANY TAKERS????

  6. Joshtm are you serious.. If you will look back in my posts I have agreed with you a countless number of times saying Gainey has made some really bad moves and never once praised him. I don’t like what Gainey has done this free agency but I DO like what has not done with our rookie talent. I ask you why go out and spend 50 million dollars for 6-8 years for one good player when you can spend that much on developing our bottomless barrell of rookie talent and have a great team in easily 6-8 years.
    And secondly, Gainey did not LET Souray go, he offered him what he is worth(obviously the same that other teams are offering him because he hasn’t gone anywhere) and Souray and his agent denied that offering. So instead gainey made a smart move by getting Hammer, who is a better D-man then Souray and if you can’t see that you don’t know hockey. Hell Souray is still a UFA, he could potentially still come back( I don’t see how and frankly I don’t care). Joshtm do you love seeing Souray giveaway the puck and then get danced around by other teams players or something?? Because thats what’s been happening. At least with Hammer he will be able to make that crisp break-out pass that begins every play, a crucial pass, not bank it off the glass or ring it around the boards like Souray does, only to have it intercepted and end up in the back of our net. PLus Hammer has a great shot and can replace Souray on the PP. Now he obviously doesn’t have the offensive side like Souray but his great defensive skills will make up for that. I mean what would you rather have a 10 goal scorer who is a +25 or a 20 goal scorer who is a minus 30.. DO the math Joshtm. And you hate Bouillon and Dandenault so much? There combined plus minus was still better then Sheldon Souray’s last year. They are good for thier postion, a 3rd set of defenders, thats what they do!! Are you kidding me, I mean did you see when Bouillon dropped his mits and layed out a little Bitch called Darcy Tucker.. You can’t sit there and tell me you didn’t cheer when that happened. Or maybe you didn’t see that happen, maybe you didn’t see any of last season, you and Xhabsfan were to busy practising positions out of the Kama Sutra..
    And yes I know last season was a bust.. Everyone knows that including Bob Gainey. And if you weren’t paying attention the guy did everything he could to try and land a big name player here. So how can you blame the guy if those players CHOSE not to come! Yes gainey has made some bad moves, but he has made some good ones too. I mean would you still want to be backstopped by Theodore? Honestly joshtm you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself if you were a GM of any team. You don’t know hockey, all you know is saying random shit and ranting and crying. You should go join xhabsfan’s blog.

  7. 102 Joshtm
    Posted on July 7th, 2007 at 6:42 pm. About ‘Canadiens sign Tom Kostopolous’.

    Hey RBK you suck big time don’t you know that?

    HAHAHA thats awesome joshtm…. just awesome..

  8. #8 mysteryfan says:
    July 7, 2007 at 8:57 pm

    Alright…I end it here…..MARKOV….last year….49 pts. and +3, year before…….46 pts. and +14…year before lock-out…20 pts. and -2… Russia during the lock-out….23 pts. and + 27……..he has been getting better and better every year!!!! I would say at this rate Markov will be vying for the Norris trophy very soon!!! What in the HELL are you talking about Xhabsfan????? I think joshtm has been sneeking up behind you again and boinkin’ the sense right out of ya!!!!LOL

    Xhabsfan…..if this is what you call a bad defenseman then I want a whole blueline of bad defensemen!!!!

    I know you are an intelligent fan(most of the time, errrrr.. some of the time, o.k….never really…LOL…kidding!!) but really…..check things out before you spout off would ya!!! Stats don’t lie girlyman!!!!

    And OH MY GOD… sound just like joshtm!!! WTF!!!!

    Hey RBK….any comments??? Care to shore me up here????

  9. #9 Avatar37 says:
    July 7, 2007 at 8:58 pm

    Josh.. get off the crack pipe. If you were a Sens fan back when they came back into the league you’d be screaming after the third year that they were in last place. The Habs have been badly managed for well over a decade before Gainey got here, it’s going to take at least that long to get them back into a good position. You can’t trade Samsonov and a first round draft pick for Crosby in real life, so stop pretending that we’re living in a video game. I don’t think anyone out there could do a better job than Gainey, so while it’s easy to sit back and blame everything from no one wanting to sign in Montreal to global warming on Gainey, the reality is that neither you nor anyone else could do a better job of it. If you don’t want to be a fan through the hard times, then go jump wagon and be an Anaheim fan… for this year.

  10. #10 Fizz says:
    July 7, 2007 at 9:28 pm

    I really hope Grabs cracks the line up… he’s very slick with the puck, and will be exciting to watch! Something to look forward to! Go Habs Go!

  11. LOL,just what I thought,NO takers,come on walk the walk and talk the talk!!!See ,that’s what I’m talking bout Fans, we all know ,deep inside,NEXT YEARS GOING TOO SUCK,AGAIN!!! OH WAIT ,KOVALEV WILL TALK THE YOUNGER PLAYERS INTO SUPERSTARS ,I feel much better bout that,LOL! look if you think using KOVALEV AS A REFERENCE is the way to make your argument,then to-days Habs blog is as uninspiring as our new members on the Habs!LOL And for the guy who said we should follow the ducks then ,I will ,as soon as they wear a C.H.

  12. #12 mysteryfan says:
    July 7, 2007 at 9:52 pm

    Xhabsfan……why is it that when someone makes a point that obviously makes you the loser of the argument….why do you refuse to respond and acknowledge that you were wrong????

    I stated some facts about MARKOV that are irrefutable yet you do not respond????? WHY???? Scared????


  13. mysteryfan,when you read what I said in post #104 I never mention Markov as a bad D man nor did I state him to be great ,he’s a good D man and our best and that isn’t going to cut it when it comes to play a defensive style,so when you put words in my mouth that I haven’t said ,it makes it very hard to muster up replies,eh!

  14. I have a QUESTION FOR ALL OF YOU.If all the teams have $40,000,000 to spend and you compare lineup “Detroit, Pittsburgh, Rangers ,Tampa, Ducks and the like against our un mity Habs team,how in the hell did we spend it all???and on what???? At the very least we could of saved moneys for the half way point!!! Right now John Ferguson jr looks like a better G.M. than Gainey
    ;and thats very,very bad Bob !!!!!

  15. #15 Avatar37 says:
    July 7, 2007 at 11:00 pm

    Josh… Were you molested as a child? That would explain your sad attempt to deflect the fact that you’re a moron by making lame sexual references. Speaking of being a moron, obviously you weren’t watching the 2005-2006 season (when Gainey was the GM) when the Habs went to the conference semifinals.

    A piece of advice, it’s better for you to shut up and let everyone think you’re a moron than type and prove it.

  16. #16 mysteryfan says:
    July 8, 2007 at 12:07 am

    Xhabsfan……WTF….your right…you did not say he was a bad “D’ man but you certainly described him as bad????? Read your own fuckin’ words moron!!!!

    I never put any words in your mouth… put them there yourself!!!

    You make no sense?????

    These are your words…..does this not describe him as a bad defenseman???

    He’s soft, he’s got no shot, he cannot fight, spotty play and we’re in trouble if he is our best defenseman???

    Markov has NO SLAPSHOT AND I cringe when he does take one cause its guaranteed to hit a fan or something. He’s a good playmaker ,skater and a passer but he’s soft as well,oh yeah he’s rich,that’s it that’s all!Good wrist shot and no snap shot and he couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag….a very quiet leader and his play can be spotty,here’s the problem,he’s our best D man !!!!

    Please see the stats Xhabsfan…..Markov is a top tier NHL defenseman girlyman!!(see below)

    Alright…I end it here…..MARKOV….last year….49 pts. and +3, year before…….46 pts. and +14…year before lock-out…20 pts. and -2… Russia during the lock-out….23 pts. and + 27……..he has been getting better and better every year!!!! I would say at this rate Markov will be vying for the Norris trophy very soon!!! What in the HELL are you talking about Xhabsfan????? I think joshtm has been sneeking up behind you again and boinkin’ the sense right out of ya!!!!LOL

    Xhabsfan…..if this is what you call a bad defenseman then I want a whole blueline of bad defensemen!!!!

    Your worse than joshtm you sissy!!

  17. #17 mysteryfan says:
    July 8, 2007 at 12:17 am

    Hey Xhabsfan…why is your moniker linked to SHAW.CA??????? Do you work there or something???

    Oh and also……why “X” in fromt of habsfan????? If you are indeed an X habsfan then why are you here???

  18. Yo mysterygoof,since when is it other peoples fault when you can’t figure shit out,ydf !You need to have more accountability in yourlife don’t you?
    You are not trying to say our Habs have a stanley cup defence now ,are you?Cause if you are I told you put your money’s where your really big mouth is,sadly it will be like taking money from the handycaped,”not very karma good”,but for you I’ll do it! Noproblemo yfwmfdbcsd 2]Plus you haven’t answered where the missing 40 millions at PUSS NUTTS !!!

  19. Yo mysterygoof,do you think our Habs now have a Stanley cup defence,do you?Do you see a couple of Niedamyers and Pronger back there?You are on dots that you will never be able to connect you dits,and answer my question for a change ,where did the 40 million go,eh? We got all these rookies ,didn’t spend it on them? And what did we get for the rest ,kOVALEV KoIVU,Hamerlik and Markov,oh yeah I can see the cup at the end of the rainbow,lol.And why do you keep changing your blog name?Are you the pervert writing that shit using my blog name,cause if you are ,think of all the young Habs fans your exposing to that filth ? Hows your Karma? Oh yeah,how is it my fault you can’t understand shit ,eh? Do yourself a big favor ,instead of blaming others take some accountability fool!!! UFNMCSMFDWTW-UYs

  20. #20 LeBeau says:
    July 8, 2007 at 10:15 am

    What the hell, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I’m with RBK. Dude, you make a lot of sense. Sounds like you need a tag team partner anyway. LOL.

    joshtm…in post # 103, you said Gainey was chasing out the high scorers…then why did he get rid of Samsanov and keep Ryder? What the hell are you talking about, moron? And what’s so special about Souray? He led the team with 135 penalty minutes last season. Yeah, he had 26 goals, but -28 rating. Take him off the ice completely, and there’s the extra 2 goals we needed to beat the Leafs to get into the playoffs. I know it doesn’t really work that way, but it almost makes sense, doesn’t it? Yeah, he’s got a wicked slapshot, I’ll give him that, but 19 of those goals were on the PP. If Hamerlik can’t replace him there, then Carbo does like Murray did for the Sens and drops a forward with a hard slap shot on the point for the PP. Souray won’t be a huge loss…especially since his defensive game is so lacking.

  21. #21 mysterygoofyourmomma says:
    July 8, 2007 at 12:18 pm

    Xtrafullo’sh-i-thabsfan…..if your going to come at me son ya better put on your bi-foculs and get your walker YGFNMFAHCSDWCLAFSHMB!!!!!!

    No where in my last post did I mention anything about having the “D” to win the cup?????? Where do you get that s-h-i-t???? Again, you obvioulsy purposely skipped over the point…again. You said Markov was not a good defenseman, I pointed out with actual stats that he is and I think the habs would have a very good “D” corp if all we had was Markovs on the blueline!

    Stay to the point goofball!!!

    As for the $40 Million… was spent on the players on the roster of the habs you dumb goof……what did you think…Bob stole it???

  22. #22 Habs#1 says:
    July 8, 2007 at 1:23 pm

    This blog has turned into an absolute joke and it’s not even fun anymore.

    Seriously. People complain about how much certain players, and sometimes I agree that they suck or that they’re cancers(ie. Kovalev) but no one offers A REALISTIC OPTION(go read and understand the freakin CBA some of you) on how to get rid of them or improve the team. Everyone wants instant results with no patience and no actual feasable ideas on how to do it. Everyone complains about Gainey and Carbo yet they don’t bring up anyone to replace them with accept people who are already employed and wouldn’t come or dream about Scotty Bowman coming back(get real, he has no loyalty to the Habs anymore, his loyalty is to the Red Wings).

    Until people actually come up with some constructive, REALISTIC ideas on how to improve the team this blog will continue to be an absolute gong show.

  23. #23 Avatar37 says:
    July 8, 2007 at 2:49 pm

    Lebeau… The only thing I’ll disagree with is when you talk about Souray’s bad +/-, you have to take into account that he did get alot of his points on the PP, and those points do not count towards your +/- … so it’s misleading. Souray was the primary reason that we had the highest rated PP in the league last year, either from him scoring from his shot or from the PK having to slide forwards up high to cover him and leaving space down low for the forwards to operate. Yes, Souray isn’t good defensively, but in his case, his offensive upside and his physical play make up for his defensive lacking, and we will miss him if he doesn’t come back. With the signing of Hamrlik, I don’t see how Souray can possibly come back… but I still have hope they’ll find a way.

  24. #24 LeBeau says:
    July 8, 2007 at 2:57 pm

    Avatar37…I stand corrected. I honestly didn’t know that PP points didn’t count towards +/-. Either way, as much as I loved seeing that shot of his from the point, I can do without it if it means we have a stronger defense. We’re not going to win games 7-2, so we need to assure that our defense can keep the opposing teams’ scores down.

    I’m not a Souray hater, but with Hamrlik on the team, I’m more confident.

  25. #25 RBK says:
    July 8, 2007 at 3:55 pm

    LeBeau.. I’m not a Souray hater either, I loved Souray, but when you look at the logical sense of it all, Souray was a bad defenseman,I mean he has a blistering shot and an awesome physical side. But with Hammer here I’m not even sad that he is leaving because Hammer has those and more. It be cool if somehow they could keep him but who cares if he is gone because we already have a better D-man on our lineup. Your right LeBeau.. With Hammer shoring up the hole in our D Souray won’t be a loss. I mean he helped our pp become #1 but its not like a player like Hammer can’t improve on his shot… So perhaps Hammer is an even better choice on our PP and if not we can do what you said, Drop a forward back there.

    Habs#1 people offer realistic opinions on this site all the time.. even joshtm and xhabsfan from time to time drop something smart into the barrel. You just have to read the hockey part and skip the whole stupid gay remarks LOL.

    mysteryfan you are totally right, Markov is a tier one defenseman, I personally think he is the best player on the team and was extremly happy when Gainey re-signed him. And to tell the truth I do think Markov could make a run at the Norris trophy. He has unreal vision and can read the ice well. Makes mistakes from time to time but hell, who doesn’t.

    Joshtm… post #110… THATS JUST BRUTAL! you didn’t talk hockey at all and then when you tried to you were still wrong!

    Xhabsfan… your right man.. its sad.. remember when gainey did that interview on TSN and was like, “we only have 2-3 million to tinker with” I was like how the fuck do we only have 2-3 million. So I looked at the numbers and was blown away by how sad it was. The only thing I can think of is how players, like smyth and others are taking pay-cuts to play with contender teams. And I never said that we were a contender I just said I think we will make the playoffs. But this isn’t Gainey’s fault guys… Everyone here knows he tried to spend big bucks this free-agency and no one knows what else he has been trying to do behind the doors. I mean he could have been dropping unrealistic deals like Joshtm does. But Markov does deserve the 5.5 we are paying him.

    K so this is what it boils down to and this is why I’m not happy with the moves Gainey has made this free agency. Last year our special teams were right where we wanted them (our PK sucked later in the year but got it together near the end, still good but could improve) and our 5-5 play was sad. So Gainey went out and got Hammer, which is great because Souray is gone(pretty much). But then gets Smolinski and Tommy K. I mean these guys are great at thier position but we all know they aren’t goal scorers. So why get them? I dunno, I’m not Gainey bashing like Joshtm and Xhabsfan, because Gainey has done way more good to this team then he has hurt it. The only way I can see them being reasonably moves if he begins to dip into the rookie barrel and pulls out a Grabovski or a Chipchura. This would make sense then to leave a spot open. But we will have to wait and see what happens.. No matter what goes down Habs All the Way!!

  26. #26 Avatar37 says:
    July 8, 2007 at 4:00 pm

    Unfortunately, I’m not really familiar with Hamrlik so I’ll refrain from commenting on whether or not he’s a good replacement for Souray until after I watch him play during the regular season. My only beef is that Priessing signed for half that salary, and that Regehr signed with Calgary for less. Regehr is one of the premiere defensive defensemen in the league, either of those defensemen would have been great additions. I hope Hamrlik can live up to the expectations that his large contract sets up. Also, with Souray gone, who is going to step up and fight on the team? We have no real enforcer, Souray was the only legitimate fighter on the team (Bouillon isn’t half bad) but we need one player who can step up and defend Koivu and some of the other smaller forwards on the team.

  27. #27 RBK says:
    July 8, 2007 at 4:00 pm

    Just thought if we didn’t sign smolinski or Tommy K perhaps we could have picked up a guy like Teemu (who I think is gonna retire anyway) but there was still more. Zubrus, Lang any one of those guys just to improve the offense of the Habs.. But Gainey knows what he is doing I think.. I hope anyway. I’m thinking he purposly left somthing open for a rookie or two. Once these guys develop even joshtm will be happy with the team.

  28. #28 RBK says:
    July 8, 2007 at 4:01 pm

    Tommy K can fight.. I think he loses alot but he will do it..

  29. #29 RBK says:
    July 8, 2007 at 4:07 pm

    Also Avatar, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Robyn Regehr was a UFA or and RFA, I think he just signed a 5 year contract extension. Let me know if I am incorrect though.

  30. #30 LeBeau says:
    July 8, 2007 at 4:30 pm

    Komisarek, Bégin & Murray can fight.

    Unlike a lot of people seem to think on here, I like Smolinski. If nothing else, he’ll add great leadership to our rooks. I just remember seeing him play for Ottawa. He’s another player who just seems to have a natural love for the game. I really do think he’ll help bring a positive attitude to the dressing room.

  31. #31 Avatar37 says:
    July 8, 2007 at 6:58 pm

    RBK… You’re right, Regehr was signed to a contract extension, he wasn’t a UFA or RFA, which means that no one else could have signed him as he was already under contract this year to Calgary. I wasn’t suggesting we could have signed him, just that he signed for less than what we just gave Hamrlik. Priessing was a UFA and he got exactly half of what Hamrlik did.

    Komisarek, Begin, and Murray can fight… as apparently can Kostopoulos. I meant, fight *well*. Souray won his fights. Bouillon wins most of his. I don’t think I’ve seen Murray win one yet. Begin isn’t an enforcer although once in awhile he’s been known to drop ’em. I don’t recall Komisarek getting into a fight last year but he certainly has the size. I didn’t mean we needed just anyone to drop their gloves, I meant, we need a bonafide, genuine enforcer, someone that opponents fear getting into a fight with.

  32. #32 Habs#1 says:
    July 8, 2007 at 7:09 pm

    The Habs need a heavyweight to compete in the East. Almost all the big time teams have one: Ottawa-Neil and McGratton / Buffalo-Peters / New Jersey-Cam Janssen / Pittsburgh-Laraque and Cairns / Rangers-Orr / Tampa-Roy, etc.

    And if you want to intimidate a bigger Leafs squad you have to have a guy that can beat up Belak.

    This is why I’d love to see Boogard in a Habs uni.

  33. #33 Avatar37 says:
    July 8, 2007 at 8:22 pm

    I agree, Habs#1, although that’s why they should have signed Brashear when they had the chance… The winning teams in the east have figured this out, I don’t know why Gainey is a pacifist, or thinks we can get by without one… Even the Rangers picked up Avery. We need someone, it’s that simple. I hope at some point we do too.

  34. #34 RBK says:
    July 8, 2007 at 10:08 pm

    Ya that would be nice, we also missed out on Laraque. But with the instagator rule the way it is fighting can sometimes harm a team. But you guys are right in the way we need a big physical presence. And Avatar you are totally right in the fact the Hammer was probably over-payed. And thats because of the ridiculous amounts mediocore players are recieving. Thats why it’s better to aqcuire a big name player through a trade or to draft him and develop him. But hell we are screaming at Bob because he didn’t get a big name player and overpayed mediocore ones. But I don’t know how the Rangers did it! I still feel like the Habs will be better then previous years and I trust Gainey still even though I’m not happy with the moves. Even the experts on TSN say Gainey is the guy, so why wouldn’t I?

  35. #35 Joshtm says:
    July 9, 2007 at 1:49 am

    Grow up RBK! Stop being an imbecile and posting in the mini habsblog, that just demeans you and what you have to say….and you do say some interesting things when you are being a real pervert!

    The reason why TSN loves Gainey is they realize he is destroying the habs….and TSN has year in and year out predicted the Laffs would win the cup only to see the laffs lose out early on…..

    When they start crapping on the habs is only when the habs do well…after all TSN really stands for Toronto Sports Nitwits!!!! RBK is really a Laffs fan in disguise here to trash this site. Give him the disrespect he deserves!!!!

    So its too bad we lost out on Laraques but okay that we got a goon in Hamrlik? And we overpaid the goon even though the instigator rule the way it is fighting can sometimes harm a team? Man that just doesn’t make sense!!! HAHAHAHAAA!!!!!

    Really a Laffs fan for sure, the same screwed up logic that a hundred years without a stanley cup will bring!

    Man we really have a smattering of laffs fans here too. Oh ya, we need one heavyweight on the team to compete in the eastern conference. Man that just doesn’t make sense again. When Gainey drafts and hires featherweight rookies and light as a feather used up veterans, and bring on just one overweight goon….hello, that is just one line out of four. If the habs are gonna compete in a conference where heavyweights rule, they need heavyweights four lines outta four! That is like saying, oh ya, we only need one winter tire and then we can use Formula One Track Tires on the other three! You jerks just make no sense!

    You praise Gainey for drafting lightweights! You praise Gainey for overpaying mediocre players! You crap on fans who complain about this. You are nothing but a bunch of Laff fans who have highjacked this blog you jerks!!!!

  36. #36 Joshtm says:
    July 9, 2007 at 2:10 am

    Nobody seems to get it. Gillett hired Gainey, cause Gainey was supposed to be some Hockey God and we would get into the playoffs and, well guess what, its the second year with Gainey and a second year of being shut out of the playoffs!

    Now we are going into year three of the Gainey Gong Show, and we have the threat of losing Ryder through arbritation. We have seen Souray go, and while Bonk was not a high scorer he did play on many lines and assisted in quite a few, he was a playmaker in his own right, a quarterback of sorts. It was good we kept Markov cause when he wants to he can score, but he sucks totally as a defenseman though.

    People still don’t get it, Sakku is a one man show. He is not a team player, he is not a leader. Kovalev is a friggen prima donna! What do we have to replace Souray and Ryder? What so we don’t get to see the Habs score so the next big thing is we get to see Krusty the Clown drop his gloves? Wow, move over Sakku, you are gonna finally have some visitor, cause poor Sakku felt kinda lonely in the P-Box with his King of the Minor Penalties.

    There is still no guarantee that the rookies are gonna stay in Montreal. Imagine Corey Price making the grade in camp, only to have Gainey yank him back and forth between the dogs and the habs and destroy his confidence like he did to Halak, to (insert rookie goalie name here, pick any rookie goalie the past two years)….

    Anyway we still have to wait and see, if Gainey’s picks that have been untested will come out big, like Biron, will Butterfly Biron float like a butterfly and get stung like a bee…will he fold? Will this be the year?

    I’m not gonna hold my breath. The trades this summer, and even the rookies, all have mediocre stats. And unfortunately, Gainey is king of the mediocre. Like the man can’t even crack a real smile for God’s sake!!! It’s like Gainey is operating at two speed slower than everyone, like he is in perpetual slow motion!

  37. #37 nigelski says:
    July 9, 2007 at 6:10 am

    Two tough guys who are still available are Simon and Mcarty, Habs#1 (post#133). Simon had that messy incident last season, but all round, is the better of the two guys I mentioned. Either would be an upgrade over Murray or Downey, IMO.

    I have to say that, despite his defensive shortcomings, I’m surprised that Souray hasn’t signed anywhere yet. Unlike some others, I don’t feel his asking price or -28 rating last year are holding teams back. I’ll miss Souray on the PP, as will the team, and wish him success wherever he does go.

  38. #38 LeBeau says:
    July 9, 2007 at 6:50 am

    joshtm, what are you smoking, bud?

    RBK never said Hamrlik was brought in to be an enforcer. Where did you read that? And why do you keep saying that this is the second season that we’ve been shut out of the playoffs? Did you miss the 2005-06 season? Yeah, Carolina knocked us out of the 1st round, but they were the eventual cup winners.

    And about Gainey…remember (in ’06) when the team started bombing, so fired Julien and took over the coaching duties (like a man) because he admitted that it was his fault that the team was doing so poorly? And then he helped them get into the post season? Remember that?

    Dude, you’re full of more shit than a Leaf fan.

    PS…are you miserable every day in your real life too?

  39. #39 t-rum says:
    July 9, 2007 at 8:21 am

    as usual. I skip this site for 3 months or so only to come back to see the collective opinions of everyone with the signings. What do I get?….the same old joshtm show i saw before. It made me leave. It made Izzy leave and he never had a bad word to say about anyone either.We both begged habsblog to do something about this guy, and we both got nasty letters from him for doing so.Maybe they’re the same guy?
    Anyhoo, take care guys. I’ll tell Izzy I was here and gave my two cents worth again…lol.

    hope you guys get this…last time I criticized the hb he quickly removed it….lmao

  40. yo joshtm ,I think it’s the french hater habs4ever or habs4life thats writing that filth,man that’s one sicko.It strikes me funny that we can’t have the truth around here but people can hijack this site ,make arses of them selfs,be weird and perverse and nobody bats a eye.LOL . The best part though josh,is months after we say something ,you know about the time an ego heals,every-one else makes the same statment.It’s the very best .

  41. #41 Fizz says:
    July 9, 2007 at 4:39 pm

    Anyone care to make a prediction where Shelly will end up? At this point, I have no idea? Just curious as to what the rest of you think…

  42. #42 Snake says:
    July 9, 2007 at 4:49 pm

    JOshtm you are being a bad boy again. Dont upset me.

    Souray has priced himself out of the market. What is he thinking. HE will get screwed at the end of the day. I bet you no one has offered more then the 5.5 4 year deal we did. IF he is not careful he will end up on the island and he will turn into the next Aucoin. Should of tookt eh deal shelley!!!

  43. #43 Snake says:
    July 9, 2007 at 5:15 pm

    Lets be honest JOshtm does not know what he wants. He is just here to fill some perverted jollies.

    example 1: HE continues to say he wants the young guys from Hamilton on the team but then we Gianey did not fill our tema will overpriced UFA’s he crticized him for it.

    example2: HE contniually complains about our 5-5 but when we sign a solid D man to help that cause he complains.

    wexample3: Lets be honest, throughout the season when the habs were doing well we never saw Josh posting, but when we hit a snag he would be jumping all over Gainey with comments like “how dare he take a day off for his daughters funeral” and ” how dare he send Lapierre down for 3 days to save a roster player”.

    example4: His mothers pink lemonade is really not that good.

    example5: Joshtm=Xhabsfan, but I guess that is pretty obvious. Give it up

    example6: Its pretty obvious that he falls under 1 of 2 categories. He is either one of those depressed kids who tries to bring down everyone else or he is a leafs fan. I tell you why would anyone cheer for a team they hate? mental illness I guess.

    example7: ME ad Josh have a extensive past together. ITs a real love-HAte thing that has turned into me being more of a father figure for him. A spank here and a spank there and he settles down for a few days.

    example8: WE all know he is a child, Well put it this way he is either a very angry 13-15 year old or he is a very sad adult. EIther way this type of person needs to be handled with care. THink of it like dealing with a monkey or ape. IF you throw a stone he will throw one back. Kinda like Joshyboy.

    Example 9: THere has been numerous times I have seen a poster wirte a long column with alot of the same thoughts as Josh. BUT if there is one comment he does not like he will jump all over it, begin the name calling, start the criticizing and next yuo know the rest of us have to read through an hours worth of garbage of ranting that leads back to Lapierre being sent down for 3 days. BOy is Lapierre overated.

    Example10: WE all know JOsh is very repetitive but by posting soo much garbage he also contradits himself. NOW we all know this so maybe it is best to just ignore that and pretend that we are equals. Kinda going back to the monkey thing again.

  44. #44 Snake says:
    July 9, 2007 at 5:20 pm

    Souray will end up in either:

    1) NYI – career killer
    2) NJ – ehhh, will average 6-8 goals a year
    3) SJ – Proabably the best fit for him
    4) MTL- wont happen now, you really screwed yourself Shelley.
    5) CLB- That should be fun, for opposing forwards.

  45. #45 habs4ever says:
    July 9, 2007 at 5:58 pm

    141 Xtrahabsfan
    Posted on July 9th, 2007 at 9:52 am. About ‘Canadiens sign Tom Kostopolous’.

    yo joshtm ,I think it’s the french hater habs4ever or habs4life thats writing that filth,man that’s one sicko.It strikes me funny that we can’t have the truth around here but people can hijack this site ,make arses of them selfs,be weird and perverse and nobody bats a eye.LOL . The best part though josh,is months after we say something ,you know about the time an ego heals,every-one else makes the same statment.It’s the very best .

  46. #46 habs4ever says:
    July 9, 2007 at 6:07 pm

    The only people making fools of themselves are the 2 of you. Your mad cuz I told the truth about certain french media and french fans needing french players to somehow make them feel better. Ridiculous, you guys are not hockey fans. You bring politics into hockey, doesn’t matter to me if a player is french, english, italian, mexican, american, russian, swedish male or female, black or white. Quebecers are insecure about themselves and theyre spepartist movement and try to bring it on the ice. Do you see any other organization crying for players form theyre home town or speak a specific language. Your part of the reason this team is in turmoil and players don’t wanna come here. I remember Joe sakic wouldn’t get a raise with the Nordiques, cuz he didnt want to learn french. The Nordiques are gone, and people like you wish to take the habs down a similar path. You wanting french Canadians is like LA wanting actors or models, or dallas wanting cowboys, we got french players on the team, soley because theyre french, like dandy, boully, begin, all below league average, but here to plz ppl like you. Gainey has a hard enough time signing FAs. Imagine if he was to target french only. HAHAHA Xhabsfan, you shouldn’t be allowed on this brd or to talk hockey. Your the racist, wanting french players to make u feel better. I’ll take the best player. French or not!!! Loser

  47. #47 Joshtm says:
    July 9, 2007 at 6:11 pm

    Hey Nigelski and T-Rum, I guess one man’s garbage is another man’s “Gainey is God”…..HAHAHAA!!!!!

    You know what is really PHOQUED UP? Here Gainey knew he was gonna run Ryder and Souray outta town by nickel-and-dime-ing them to death. Any GM worth their weight in gold would have used that leverage to trade them for equal or better players.

    But what did Gainey do? Okay so he traded Samsonov, but hey now we have to suit up two more mediocre Samsonov types!

    And between the lines, you can bet the sports columnist world in their nice words about Gainey are basically middle-fingering Montreal. “nice guys finish last” comments means that Gainey is a loser. Code words like “even though he tried his best, Gainey couldn’t attract talent”….that basically says Gainey has lost it even though great players were willing to negotiate with Gainey, he fluffed them away. And that is what happened.

    We should have some entertaining games coming up. Where we get to watch the other teams basically skate rings around Hamrlik, and watch Smolinshit draw even more stupid penalties than Sakku. And then Janne Capucino Lahte will try and outdo Sakku with even more stupid wimpy penalties.

    At least the rookies if Gainey allows them to actually play, will rescue us out of a slump once more only to have Dandenault and Bouillon throw it all away again….and once again Markov will be the invisible great russian defenseman. Why did he get so much credit for doing what?

  48. #48 Dan Im Fed UP says:
    July 9, 2007 at 6:49 pm

    This site has gone to S>H>I>T! I used to enjoy reading the blogs and not getting invovled. I grew up in MTL and moved to Calgary a few years ago and this is one of a few sites I visit to get news and perspective on my dear Habs. But recently the spats between hockey dorks has left me wondering why do I even bother? Until hockey is the main topic, i won’t be coming back.

  49. #49 Don Carnage says:
    July 9, 2007 at 8:36 pm

    So your saying that Ryder is gone? Where did he sign?

  50. #50 LeBeau says:
    July 10, 2007 at 6:22 am

    148 Joshtm
    Posted on July 9th, 2007 at 6:11 pm. About ‘Canadiens sign Tom Kostopolous’.

    But what did Gainey do? Okay so he traded Samsonov, but hey now we have to suit up two more mediocre Samsonov types!


    Are you referring to Salmelainen & Cullimore? Their contracts were bought out on June 29.

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