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Canadiens Snatch First Home Victory

  • The Montreal Canadiens improve to 5-2 getting their first home victory of the season against the Boston Bruins.

    The Canadiens came out dazed and confused and found themselves down 2-0 early on. The newly constructed 2nd line featuring Ribeiro, Ryder and Plekanec got the ball rolling with Plekanec taking a big hit to dish Ryder a pass sending him in alone on Raycroft.

    That’s twice this year Ryder has bested the Bruins undeserving Calder winning netminder for those who are counting.

    Everytime the Habs tied it up or stole the momentum, they got a penalty which the Bruins took full advantadge of. 5 goals were scored on Special Teams. Alexander Perezhogin became the PP hero for the Canadiens giving them the lead midway through the third. He continues to impress with his speed and his hands despite taking a stupid penalty when he put Nick Boynton in a headlock.

    Boston down 5 men to 3 nearly spoiled the win on a set faceoff play in the dying seconds. After the time out, Glen Murray bolted down the ice after the face off and the puck whipped around the boards reached him near the Canadiens blue line giving them a 2-1.

    Mathieu Dandenault started the game playing offense with Steve Begin and Chris Higgins. When he was signed last summer they mentioned he could possibly be used in an offensive capacity but I don’t think many people expected that last night. Certainly not the bozo sitting next to me who wouldn’t shut up about it. It’s apparent Claude Julien is not shy to mix things up and change his lines. Steve Begin also played strong and was awarded more ice time.

    Jose Theodore’s play is still uninspiring. Stronger in the 2nd half of play but the Canadiens need him for 60 minutes a night.

    Canadiens play the Islanders at home on Saturday, Richard Zednik is expected to return.

  1. I’m certainly no Raycroft fan, but I’d like to know why you think he was so undeserving of the Calder, and why Ryder was moreso? (for the record, I also did not want Raycroft to win it, and was surprised when he did.)

  2. Boston already had a fantastic team. 2nd in the east. Even if they had Peter Sidorkiewicz in nets, they would have had a strong year and definately made the playoffs.

    The Canadiens on the other hand were a much weaker, smaller, less experienced team. Ryder’s contribution single handedly pushed them into the playoffs, and OVER Boston (Raycroft included.) Yes, playoffs aren’t supposed to count for the year but its hard to ignore.

    Either way it’s just an opinion, Ryder was more valuable as definitely more needed then Raycroft was for Boston.

  3. Boston’s team wasn’t really fantastic until after the first of the new year. I disagree that they would have made the playoffs regardless of who was in net. I do not think, however, that Andrew Raycroft propelled them as far as people around Boston would like to pretend.

    I do not know much about the Canadiens of 03-04, mostly because, well, they weren’t Boston and I had a singular focus. I do remember hearing a lot about Ryder, and I honestly thought (once Patrice Bergeron was removed from consideration because he sat for 11 games due to shoulder injury) that Ryder would take the award over Raycroft. I did not think that Raycroft had played well enough all season to warrant the honor. Nor did I consider him a rookie, as he’d had several NHL games prior to his first full season up with the majors. (However, I know he technically was a rookie.)

    Raycroft did, however, help win several games (that was physically painful to admit), and it’s a matter of opinion as to who was more valuable, because quality goaltending is just as important as quality goal scoring.

    I cannot wait until the end of the season so that someone else will win the trophy and I can stop hearing about how I need to go to Boston to see the Calder Trophy winner, Andrew Raycroft! I wish that Ryder had won it. Sigh.

  4. Raaaaaayyyyzoorrrrrrrrr, Raaaaaaaayyzzooooooorr

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