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Canadiens win 5th Straight

  • The Montreal Canadiens came back from another 3rd period defecit to win 3-2 over the Tampa Bay Lightning. It felt extra sweet to hand the Lightning their 4th straight loss after the last playoff series. The Habs and Lightning have a nice little rivalry building.

    The Canadiens were outplayed in the second period getting few shots on goal. Jose Theodore had a strong game keeping the Habs in it. Exaclty what he is there for, if he can play like that the Canadiens are going to win more often than not. The Habs capitalized on their chances in the 3rd, scoring a power play goal to tie and Richard Zednik buried his chance when Kovalev sent him in alone on the rookie goalie.

    The Canadiens have now won 5 straight games and sit on top of the Eastern Conference. It’s still early in the season but it’s definitely a good place to be and I am among those who are extremely pleased but quite surprised we are where we are. Especially considering the way we have been winning. 3rd period come from behind victories are a dime a dozen. When you think they are down and expecting a loss, they come back and find a way to win. After years of mediocre and just plain bad Canadiens teams it’s an odd feeling being the fan of a #1 team and a team that’s winning. You keep thinking it’s a lucky streak and the bubble will burst, but it looks like this year’s Habs may be here for good.


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