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Captain Koivu Ready to Lead

  • Saku Koivu
    Captain Koivu

    The Canadiens have come to terms on a one year deal with Saku Koivu. The Canadiens captain said both sides were happy with a one year deal. Koivu becomes an unrestricted free agent next year and although he expressed interest that he would like to test his market value, he has made it known he wants to remain in Montreal for years to come.

    Koivu is to earn a little over $3 Million a season after taking a paycut from $4.25 Million. Perhaps a little on the expensive side for Koivu, whom many consider to be an excellent 2nd line center , but just not big enough to fill the #1 role.


    Koivu has played his whole career for The Habs, I was in the crowd at the Bell Center for his comeback game after returning from beating cancer. Let me say it was a pretty magical moment when the audience gave him a 10 minute standing ovation.

    Grit, determination, he lacks none. This fierce competitor will bring everything he has to everygame, playing a full season with Kovalev could perhaps result in some big points being put up.

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