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Carey Price World Junior MVP

  1. #1 katrina says:
    January 5, 2007 at 5:20 pm

    congratulations carey price!!!!….
    good job and keep it up!!! =)

    you made me love hockey even more… =)

  2. #2 kaitlyn says:
    January 5, 2007 at 5:26 pm

    awesome game! congrats guys :)

  3. Carey Price is not onnly a fabolous goalie he seems like a great person. ITs very rare that you get that all in one player. Let alone someone who is only 19. Great tournament and a well deserved MVP. Gilbert Brule will be a great NHL player but Carey Price proved once again why Bob Gainey is a mastermind.

    OH Canada.

  4. #4 stevejur says:
    January 5, 2007 at 6:27 pm

    Now let’s hope Carey turns out to be better than Theodore.
    Theo won it in 1996 and was the MVP of the tournament.
    I can’t wait for the battle 3-5 years down the road, it’s gonna be awesome.

    The Leafs with Poggie and the Habs with Price.
    Clash of the Champions!

  5. Congrats Canadian Juniors and Carey!!

    Habs are building a great team for the future. Can’t wait to see some of the younger Habbies break in to the Big Time (Lapierre, Kostytsins, Chipchura, etc.) and stay (like Latendresse has been able to do).

    Speaking of Lapierre, I’d be shocked if he weren’t up in Montreal before the end of the month or sooner… unless things really shake up…

  6. #6 Habs#1 says:
    January 5, 2007 at 7:10 pm

    Don’t expect to see Lapierre till his flu clears up. That’s right. Not only did all those Habs get it but Lapierre lost 6 POUNDS this past week cause of the flu.

    Bob is the man. He knew what he was getting when he picked Price. Price carries a brutal to mediocre team on his back every year to the playoffs(1993 anyone?). All those idiots who critisized him sure look bad now.

    He’ll be better then Theo cause he’s calmer then Theo ever was and dosen’t let a goal shake him mentally regardless of wether it was a bad one or not. They both had the physical tools but Price is far more mentally sound.

    Two other Habs prospects who impressed me at the tourney were Sergei Kotstisyn(Andrei’s little bro) who continues to play well regardless of who he plays with and the Russian defenceman Pavel Valentenko who the Habs have appeared to have stolen last year in the sixth round. He had one of the Russian goals and was dominant for them on the back end like Yemelin was last year in Vancouver. Man the Habs are good at stealing Russian D-men in the later rounds(i.e. Markov, Yemelin, Valentenko.)

  7. #7 joshtm says:
    January 5, 2007 at 8:30 pm

    Bob is not the man, he keeps the good rookies down until they are worn out and unable to contribute and then he trades them, and they score against the Habs. Shame on you Bob Gainey for not using your rookies and making them fulfill their dreams in the Habs….shame shame shame.

    Watch, Bob is gonna trade Price for some broken down player….

  8. #8 joshtm says:
    January 5, 2007 at 8:48 pm

    I think someone forgot to tell Bob that he is GM of the Habs, not the Bulldogs, hello Bob, the Bulldogs are there so the rookies can practice and get better, but with Gainey, it’s the other way around.

    Maybe Bob should be kicked down to what he may really want to be, GM only for the Bulldogs, he sure acts like his priority is getting the Bulldogs winning. Hello Bob, you were hired to make the Habs win!

  9. I’m never going to figure people like joshtm out. Never satisfied with anything… that’s normal on this site sometimes, but being braindead about hockey management, that’s just silly.

    Sorry: Bob’s got quite a job to manage a bunch of players who can hack it at the top level, as well as those who want to make it. Way too many players have been rushed and fizzled way too soon in their careers.

    Take your cynicism elsewhere, boy.

  10. #10 joshtm says:
    January 5, 2007 at 10:51 pm

    Good try Jack. The truth be told, Gainey is not taking advantage of Kostysisn, or Lapierre or the other prospects who are good enough now, instead he trades for broken down players like Biron.

    He eats up the budget on the likes of Ninnima and Streit, and Johnson and Downie, who are not worth what they get paid for, and then when you have someone good enough like Price, there is no money left to keep the likes of Price.

    Or wasting it all on the likes of Samsonov.

    What gives?

    Or wheeling and dealing for defensemen who could not stop some peewee hockey player from shooting on Huet or Abby.

    And patronizing the likes of Muller and Jarvis who have no place on a team, or who are wasted as Assistants, who really should be coaches on their own to match the likes of Carbo.

    It is time to get some real technical assistant coaches who can get the defense operating like defensemen. Or working with gifted players like Souray, of Markov, and getting tough with Kovalev and Koivu to show leadership.

    I don’t think Gainey knows where he wants to go. It is one thing to have you ear to the ground and know which rookies are good. It takes skill to know when to use them, and when to trade them, and when to not waste money on a farm team….

    Or worse yet, to hedge all your money on players who are hurt to begin with before they are acquired. Montreal is a hockey team, it is not the Montreal Jewish Hospital Hockey Team. But the way Montreal operates and trades you would think the scouts are told to look out for hurt players who used to have skill with the hope of rehabitating them into good players.

    It did not work in the past, we have not seen one hurt player rehabed, yet we pay them big bucks to basically get free healthcare at the fans expense….

    It would make sense if the Habs were one big tax break for the rich.

    I guess we now know the truth don’t we?

  11. #11 Jack Tornton says:
    January 5, 2007 at 11:02 pm


    Can you linx me your email?

  12. Well Jack,I got to tell you , that’s some of the fustrations on the Habs I feel aswell and I thought that was well put by blogger josthm,this habs team got to get real for the second half.But what can they do about it,banks broke and so are the players and even though they got some mileage out of it,it’s still an old horse on a dead-end trail.

  13. #13 high 4 habs says:
    January 6, 2007 at 12:18 am

    I like Bob Gainey as a GM. he’s very astute,and knows the game inside out. But I wish he was more animated and not so placid. be a mover and a shaker!

  14. #14 habs phan says:
    January 6, 2007 at 4:33 am

    keep the, at home winning streak going, go habs go. lets get back on track.

  15. #15 Drive_4_25 says:
    January 6, 2007 at 10:26 am

    I agreed with many of JOSH’S points with the exception of laying it all over BOB! The man has been here for 3 years and he’s turned a pile of SHIT into Lemons that is slowly turning into Lemonade! However, From a managerial point of view (And I Am by far no expert on the hockey management side of things as I have never managed a pro hackey club) But I like the fact that Bob is patient rather than to quick on the draw! Being patient is what gets you to be able to unload theodore and pick up aiebesher! being quick on the draw is when you get some loudmouth,no-brain,arrogant media ASS to coach your team, and then let him personally be responsable for forcing your franchise goaltender to be sent to colorado! That’s what being impatient gets you!

    Do I understand why only TODAY Maxime LaPierre has been called back up instead of on December 28th…NO!
    Do I understand why Kovalev is permitted to show up for only 30% of the season…NO!
    Do I understand why I get nervous everytime Rivet touches the puck..Well yeah but that’s another topic of conversation!

    All I can hope for is that the man upstairs (BOB not GOD)has a handle on things and has a vision of what needs to be done to bring the cup home! And at this point I don’t think ANYBODY can point the finger at BOB GAINEY and say your not, and haven’t been, doing the right things for this team!

    (I wonder if anyone would be saying anything had he landed SHANNAHAN in the off-season like he wanted to!)

    NY at 3pm today hopefully this bug going around the team doesn’t slow us down too much!
    On a poisitive note much like belfore,nittimaki,and thomas seem to have the habs would seem the aebisher has that touch against the rangers!

    Go HABS Go!

  16. #16 Habs#1 says:
    January 6, 2007 at 12:28 pm

    And joshtm dosen’t understand the point of not rushing prsopects. Ryan Miller didn’t get into the NHL till he was 25. Look at how good he is now. You DO NOT rush goalies. Higgins, Ryder, Pleks, Perogy, Koivu, Markov, everyone drafted by the Habs has had to prove themselves down in the minors. Look at Spezza and Stall. They weren’t brought up till they lit up the AHL and look at how good they are now.

    And what do you mean not enough money to keep Price? He’s going to the AHL next year, he’s not NHL ready and he won’t be a UFA till he’s played at least 5 years in the league.

    As for Biron, Bob traded Patrick Traverse for the guy!

    Bob is one of the top 2 GM’s in the league along with Brian Burke. Stanley Cup teams don’t get built overnight!

    And then there’s the salary cap. Lapierre was sent down cause they couldn’t afford to keep him up cap wise and with some of the other guys coming back from injury what was he gonna do? Sit in the press box? Players should have to play 2-3 years in the AHL before they are permanently brought up. It’s called seassonning. Some of the great’s have started in the AHL, it’s a useful tool, people like joshtm just don’t see it.

  17. #17 Habs#1 says:
    January 6, 2007 at 12:34 pm

    Oh yeah, and what would you like Bob to do? Pull the trigger on the first deal that comes along just cause one does come along?

    Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a trade that swings in your favour? There isn’t going to be anyone stupid enough to trade a young superstar after what they saw happen to Boston and Mike Milbury isn’t around anymore.

    So your dreams of trading Murray, Sammy, Rivet, Abby, Johnson(who deserves more respect, he’s part of the best checking line in hockey. That’s what he is, a defensive player, not a scorer.) and Downey for Vinny Lecavelier and Nick Lidstrom isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

  18. When did a Brian Burke team win a cup? And murray ,sammy ,downey,ninamma are not trade bait in all of north america.

  19. #19 high 4 habs says:
    January 6, 2007 at 3:55 pm

    you have to give a quality player in order to get a good player back. Nobody in their right mind will want Downey, Murray, and Samsonov. C’mon now, be rational. As I see it, the only commodity we have worth trading, is Ryder ,Kovalev, and Souray. maybe also another D man, and also Aebischer. that’s it guys. So, don’t get your hopes up. I think the best we can hope for, is that come March, teams out of the playoff race, will try and unload high priced players.

  20. #20 joshtm says:
    January 6, 2007 at 7:31 pm

    I guess as long as we give Bob the excuses we will always see our prospects leave….and the rookies will be traded to other more deserving teams.

    Meanwhile we waste what little money there is on expensive injury ridden veterans and their medical bills…the hidden side of where the millions go.

    You guys sound even more pathetic than those braindead Leafs fans who will never see a stanley cup again in spite of throwing money at talented mercernaries who don’t know how to work as a team.

    No wonder Montreal is where it is. Being a champion means thinking like a champion, not some loser.

  21. #21 joshtm says:
    January 6, 2007 at 7:45 pm

    Kinda makes you wonder what Bob was thinking when he threw literally millions away going for those broken down players when there was more talent out there.

  22. #22 John R Dicks says:
    January 12, 2007 at 2:20 pm

    First time I have been on this site. Very interesting indeed. First off everyone should take a minute and visit the site-hockeyfutures. Canadiens prospects are listed 5th or 6th best among NHL teams. Therefore, top 6 team AND top 5/6 prospects. Note-none of the other NHL teams in this range-NONE- made the playoffs last year. Price,both Kostytsyn’s,Chipcura( future captain ),Grabovsky,Maxwell,Valentko,Emelin,etc-etc-etc. Bob Gainey is doing exactly what he did in Dallas. Building a future Stanley Cup winner, only this time through the draft. This is not 1993 or 1986, when winning Stanley was perhaps somewhat of a surprise. This is like the 70’s when the team was built for this year, for next year and for ten years from now. As previously mentioned Gainey took lemons and is making lemondade. GO HABS GO.


  23. #23 Kailtin Bush Simard says:
    November 21, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    Hey you guys I love you guys rock…I wish I could come to
    see you guys play agin…this is for Carry Price and the rest of the team…I think im come to see you play on November,23 2008…love you GUYS! o and I live in Ojay-Bougamou
    …I hope you guys come to teach hockey school here in Ojay
    im in pee-wee(AA)……Kaitlin Bush Simard…seeya
    love you (Carry Price)

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