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Chris Higgins to miss 6 weeks

  • When it rains it pours.

    If it wasn’t bad enough losing Higgins for a game or two, he’ll miss at least six weeks of action.

    Injuries are inevitable but this one is particularly hard to swallow as Higgins has pretty much lead the team.

    Can the Canadiens keep winning without him?

    On paper this is the deepest Habs team in year, and that depth will get an early test starting tonight.

  1. #1 johnnyhab says:
    November 7, 2006 at 3:07 pm

    It is time for the second line to pick it up!! without this line producing it will be a long 6 weeks for the habs and then for the topline to reunite to get their timing back. Begin will be on the #1 line before the game is over.
    Guillaume just needs more time to adjust
    go habs go

  2. Ouch, this really hurts! Hopefully, some other players can step it up, but Higgins (as opposed to some other pretenders on the team) looks like he is the real deal. He will be badly missed by the Habs!

    PS. I am going to stop naming the player directly, but there are some great places for players to adjust/develop outside of the first line on a NHL team. These places are called the QJMHL and the AHL. Again, I just really wish that this particular player would prove me wrong, but if you cannot get motivated when playing for a Sutter in the World Junior Championship, this is a very bad omen for things to come.

  3. I hope no one flame Latendresse if he don,t score or get a point in his first game.

    If higgins is out for 6 weeks, I am sure we will see him there. Who else can play with Saku and Ryder ? Kovalev or Samsonov, not sure Carbo will do this, but we never know.

    We will probably see a mix of Latendresse and Begin on the first line.

    Unless there is a trade coming….. Lecavalier….. forget it 😀

  4. With regards to the above comment (post 3), Latendresse has not registered a single point in his first through to his thirteenth game now?

    But I think that I get it now. If you go around thinking every game is his first game, you can carry the magical thinking for a longer period of time. If you can ignore his past, his present and future will always look brighter. Thanks, J-Nic, I will give that line of thinking a try.

  5. #5 tricolor true says:
    November 7, 2006 at 4:00 pm

    So who is out there, that we can pick up?If you think Latendresse will fill the void, think again!We should moce Samsonov to the 1st line, and put Johnson on the 2nd line. either way, we’re in trouble! Too paper thin in talent! you can’t go through the season hoping players aren’t going to get hurt. it’s a part of the game. Unfortunately, Gainey was wishing on a star, or dreaming in technicolor. Why didn’t he make more moves in the offseason to shore up our defence, or bring depth in the scoring department? If we go through a long stretch without winning,(in Higgins absence) then everyone will realize just how valuable Higgins is to our team. He can’t be replaced! The next month could determine if we make the playoffs.

  6. Putting Samsanov on the first line in Higgins’ absence would make a heck of a lot more sense in my opinion. He is fast, can control the puck and occasionally puts the puck in the net. More importantly, he has played on a top line before.

    There are also a few guys in the AHL who may deserve a shot on the team (ie. Lapierre, D’Agostini, and Kotstitsyn.) I still cannot believe that in your poll, over 50% of Habs fans believe that moving an undeserving, under-performing fourth liner to the number one line is a good move. What has he done? What did he do when he was moved to the second line other than create alot of disention on the team?

  7. Well, the Higgins injury is a big loss. But in negative things there is always an opportunity for something positive. In this case, to test the character of the team, to bring up and assess another few rookies (give them a few games each — Kostitsyn, Grabovsky, LaPerriere, D’Agostini, Chipchura, etc, plenty to chose from), and when things get back rolling we will have an extra boost when Higgins and Boullion return.

    Ive invested a heart-pounding 2 bucks on the game tonight. If the Canadiens manage to win and both San Jose and Colorado win their home games tonight, then im up for a whooping 8,20$.

  8. RDS reports that the Flyers have recalled center Petr Nedved from the minors (!?) in order to attract attention for a trade. If anyone wants him, the Flyers would somehow have to pay half of his contract (750K).
    This is a big 6′ 3″ center, 34 years old, has over 700 points in over 900 games. He has alot of experience and has played alot in top 2 lines. It might be an interesting move to bring him over here. It’s not that expensive, and we need experienced centers. It’s true that if he was sent down to the minors, he is not playing too well lately. But if you put him besides Kovalev his performance may get better. A one year deal is not that great of a gamble.

  9. #9 Jack Tornton says:
    November 7, 2006 at 6:19 pm

    There are three resons why Higgins injurie benefits to this team. First of all, most of the team depended on him. While he’s gonna be out, many players will wake up such as Johnson, Begin, and all those sleeping players. Secondly, A serious injury such as this one gives the team a goal to achieve. In this case, the team will try to get its players score more often and expect more from them. Last but no least, LATENDRESSE(period)! Latendresse has a life time chance to prove his true identity to both the staff and the fans. After all, we don’t have to worry much about Higgins injury which would 6 weeks.

  10. #10 Jack Tornton says:
    November 7, 2006 at 6:21 pm

    * which would last 6 weeks

  11. #11 kazmojo says:
    November 7, 2006 at 6:58 pm

    Nedved would be interesting, but maybe in a package deal. Carbo has been saying that he plans on settling on a true #1 soon, and both Abby and Huet have been impressive. Philly is not strong in the goaltending department. Given the fact that Souray will probably not re-sign after this year, what about Souray and Abby (or Huet) for Nedved and Joni Pitkanen? Philly would get a goaltending upgrade, and Souray’s booming point shot (and his defensive foibles). The Habs would get a true #1 d-man, and some offensive depth. But would the Habs trade a top goalie to another team within their conference? Not sure how the cap numbers work out either.

  12. #12 joshtm says:
    November 7, 2006 at 7:09 pm

    Well the rookies did well, in Halifax, they kicked butt big time. It is too bad that the Habs don’t take advantage of the collective strength of youth….maybe it is time to bring up one of those who did so well in the pre-season Halifax game….

  13. #13 tricolor true says:
    November 7, 2006 at 7:22 pm

    the problem with a trade involving Souray, is the fact that he wants to go to LA, to be closer to his daughter. he doesn’t want to go to the east coast, and would probably veto the trade. otherwise, yes getting Nedved would be a good idea. In fact, I stated that comment last week on this blog,when Philly sent him to the minors, and he cleared waivers. Now, we would have to give up a player to get him. When he was on waivers, that was the time to grab him.perhaps a trade involving LA or Anaheim, or maybe Phoenix, as the coyotes are really struggling.Either way, we have to make some kind of move. Putting Begin on the 1st or 2nd line would be ridiculous. He’s not a scorer; he’s a defensive specialist. no matter who we put, it just won’t fill the void. Don’t you think, if we had talent in the minors, they would be with the habs now? the talent in the minors is lacking, or just not ready to make the jump to the NHL.Gainey, do something!

  14. #14 Gumper says:
    November 7, 2006 at 7:35 pm

    Kovalev and Sami should start earning their $$’s as of now and make a game of it tonight!

  15. #15 tricolor true says:
    November 7, 2006 at 7:53 pm

    in case anyone saw sports on CFCF Tv at 6pm, Latendresse was interviewed. he said:”Koivu and Ryder are real nice to me, and they talk to me.” Is this guy in kindergarten or what? He sounds like a total moron, and looks like one on the ice! there is no way he belongs on this team, or in the NHL! I can’ believe Carbo is putting him on the 1st line! Where is his head? Samsonov should be moved to the 1st line, not Latendresse! Latendresse acts more like a big goon than anything else. Maybe he could land a job as the mascot for the Phoenix Suns(NBA); oh, by the way, their mascot is a GORILLA! I think he could be an enforcer, or goon, like George Laraque, or what Downey is.

  16. Or maybe just leave him alone and send him back to minors, tell him that he did good, and he just needs a few more years.

    Confidence is everything in the game today.

  17. #17 t8ter says:
    November 7, 2006 at 8:31 pm

    Razz great idea!!!! Get Nedved and put him on a line to center Kovalev and Samsonov!!! Where is the motivator on that line? Why not put pockets on there pants so they can keep there hands warm?

    Go Habs!!! but not shopping for Nedved

  18. In case it has not been noted previously, I fully agree with post #15 — it looks like some eyes are opening to the fact that Latendresse is not really ready to play on the Habs right now — much less the top line (maybe another year or two in the minors will serve him well.)

    Right now, your poll is 50-50 that Latendresse should not have been moved to the top unit, but tomorrow, it will be that much clearer that this was not a good move, and a week from now, it will be still more clear. He might even score a goal sometime this year, but remember, it’s his overall performance that matters which has been sub-par that of which is expected of any NHL player.

    If Nedved ($750k) is available for less than Latendresse ($850k) is making, why not pick Nedved up for one of the top two lines. In fact, I am getting more and more certain that Carbonneau/Gainey will likely do the right thing, and send Latendresse back to the minors before this season is half over. They might even be trying to let him go out on a positive note by putting him on the top line.

  19. #19 Habs#1 says:
    November 7, 2006 at 11:36 pm

    1st star: David Aebischer
    2nd star: Guillaume Latendresse
    3rd star: Saku Koivu

    Guillaume, aside from the shootout, was absolutely fantastic tonight. He was great in his own end, fantastic in the offensive end, just great overall. I can’t believe that I just wrote that. But he was great.

  20. #20 tricolor true says:
    November 7, 2006 at 11:37 pm

    yes, we won the game tonight, but I thought the powerplay was in disarray, with alot of disorganization, and bad passing. It seemed like, anytime the puck was passed back to the point, it went beyond the defenceman. the passing, in general was not good, certainly not tape to tape passes. Why was Streit on the PP, along with Perezhogin and Latendresse? I thought the PP was for our best players.We need to work more on our PP; didn’t look good tonight.the refereeing was horrible. did you see that trip on Johnson? He tried to injure Johnson, and instead of a 5 minute penalty, he gave a penalty to Souray. Ridiculous! The referees need to be more consistent. I think I preferred the way the referees used to call the games, before last year. All the penalties take away all the flow of the game.but the fights were pretty good tonight. But Carbo, please don’t put Latendresse on the PP. He’s screwing up the PP. He doesn’t know what to do with the puck!

  21. #21 tricolor true says:
    November 7, 2006 at 11:39 pm

    Latendress fantastic? You must have been watching the game with rose color glasses on. Sounds like the eternal optimist! Or better still, maybe you NEED GLASSES!

  22. #22 Habs#1 says:
    November 7, 2006 at 11:49 pm

    Maybe I went a bit overboard but this was by far Latendresse’s best game of the season. You have to admit that.

    I’m just really ecxited because I live in Edmonton and all my friends are Oilers fans, so unlike last season I have the bragging rights!

    Bring on the Laffs and their fans.

  23. #23 Gumper says:
    November 8, 2006 at 12:50 am

    Despite the win, the habs looked lacklustre and always a step behind themselves. One other thing i can see,.. they miss Higgins and his hustle (obvious). Carbo was experimenting with others (Streit and Nini) on the PP and shuffled things up near the end by putting Souray up front… and Bonk on D. I’ll say it again, Bonk rocks this year. He’s become reliable and solid both ways… a complete 180* from last year. Looks like abby thrives here too and is showing that he won’t lie down for the #2 spot either. All in all, I’d really like to see more gelling on the lines.

    There’s a reason why the Oilers and Mc”T” think they’re over penalised. It’s because they are struggling with a less talented and slightly slower team this year and,… they’re actually making the infractions. Every year, the refs get sick of one or two teams because they’re chronic complainers. Remember Vancouver? I hope Don-(I’m wearing Vito’s curtains)-Cherry caught both fights tonight and makes mention of the old “pull the jersey over the eyes ’cause i’m too much of a pussy to fight yeah” routine.

  24. A. Markov is “OVERATED”. He’s the mini-me version of Sergie Gonchar.
    28 years old and every year “we’re still waiting, this is the year”
    Markov and Streit brutal game.
    Streit coughs up the puck for the first goal, than gets a penalty at the end of the third.
    Rumour has it that the Coyotes have asked about Huet and Samsonov.
    Jovo and Doan have been mention as the return.

    Now that would be an awesome move for both teams
    A hard nosed winger like Doan is what we need,
    and a clear #1 in Jovo would be a blessing
    Imagine Samsonov and Nagy, WOW!

  25. What does it mean when a poster’s name is in red? Are they all admins on this site? And where did you read that rumour, stevieboy?

  26. #26 PACTUM SERVA says:
    November 8, 2006 at 8:00 am

    The red names are like links to their blogs.Just cklick on the name in red and it should show you.

  27. #27 johnnyhab says:
    November 8, 2006 at 8:07 am

    Razz that rumour is different I think it would be a great deal for the Habs
    (so where did you get this tid-bit)?

  28. #28 PACTUM SERVA says:
    November 8, 2006 at 8:16 am

    In regards to picking up nedved.ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no.We dont need anymore players for ppl to complain about.Read the 17th post great comment

  29. I wouldn’t break out the Calder just yet, but at least, Latendresse showed something last night. I am not sure that he was really the number one star; I would think that Aebischer (who stopped four straight shots in the shootout) was. Latendresse was wise to poke in Koivu’s shot before it got all the way into the net by itself. He is now tied with Mike Komisarek and one behind Rivet in goals scored. Oh well, if everyone wants to wear rose coloured glasses about this guy, what the heck…

  30. I have never, NEVER, seen such a harsh and stupid web posting as this one is.

    I can’t believe some of you (the ones harshing Latendresse) are habes fans, who are supposed to understand hockey.

    Who do you guys think you are?

    Have ANY of you ever played 1 fucking minute in the NHL? Do you realise how fast and difficult it is?

    Give Latendresse a break.

    The kid is 19. NINETEEN. He’s too good for junior, and not allowed to play in the AHL, where you have to be 20.

    Please have some sense of the big picture.

    Lafleur sucked his first 2 years. I’m not saying Latendreassee is Lafleur, but you have to give the junior kids who are too good for junior and not old enough for the AHL a break.

    The ignorant comments on Lats from some posters on this website today explain why we can’t get good free agents, and why Lats may never develop properly in Montreal, with such idiotic criticism all the time. Thanks very much for that.

    Play in the NHL or shut the fuck up. We are FANS, which is short for FanATICS, which means we know NOTHING, and are too emotional.

    Latendresse is doing fine, he needs 2 years, get it?

    Fucking morons.

  31. #31 PACTUM SERVA says:
    November 8, 2006 at 12:00 pm

    lol woo hoo You read my mind bsl but trust me it wont help.I think alot of 13 year olds post on this site.

  32. #32 tricolor true says:
    November 8, 2006 at 12:58 pm

    And alot of people with PROFANITY! Hey, BSL( I think that stands for bullshit), didn’t you just leave the same post TWICE? We get the idea! now shut up and RESPECT OTHERS. Life would be very very DULL if we all agreed? right?It’s good for people to disagree. it adds spice to life. maybe you don’t have a life?Do you have a bar of soap?

  33. #33 dyed in the wool fan says:
    November 8, 2006 at 1:04 pm

    I think the habs do need an impact player, someone the likes of Shane Doan. he really reminds me of Higgins. Someone who gives 100% on every play. Do you notice that when Kovalev is tired he just cuts the play short, and shoots the puck in? Higgins, on the other hand, tired or not, follows the puck into the opposing end. Now that’s what it’s all about. a player with heart and soul. Too many european players are lazy, and can’t be bothered. look at Yashin with the islanders,or Zednik; nothing like a good old Canadian player!

  34. My apologies to post was way too harsh. Don’t know what came over me.

    Still believe in what I wrote, but sorry to anyone I offended.

    Will be more respectful in the future.

  35. I think the team motto should be “Get Higgy with it”

  36. Latendresse certainly has to play to get better… But let’s apply the same logic to some of our other kids on the farm and bring them up for a look. I say 20 games max for “MINI-GUY”. Then he rides the pine…

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