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Craig Rivet traded to San Jose Sharks

  • Well it wasn’t Sheldon Souray who went to the Sharks (yet), but Craig Rivet.

    Rivet and 2008 5th round pick in exchange for Defenseman Josh Gorges and first round pick in 2007.


    More to come soon.

  1. #1 tylerrrrrr says:
    March 9, 2007 at 4:46 am

    there were alot of sharks dissing going on trying to say monteal is better than san jose…hahahahhaah..ahem, yeah higgins..hes okay, he’ll never amount to the greatness marleau has made for himself…ryder..hes good but nothing compared to any of the players on the sharks top 3 lines. sorry..but your an ignorant fool to think that montreal is better than san jose ..montreal is pretty much useless without captain koivu dragging them around..i mean, come on. your all idiots..yeah i said it. idiots. all habs fans are idiots

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