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Cristobal Huet says Who needs Theo?

  • Cristobal Huet named NHL Defensive player of the week.

    Chris Higgins was runner up for offensive player of the week as well.
    Can you tell things are really going well?

    No Canadien has had either of those honors given to them since Richard Zednik in March 2004.

    The Canadiens roll into Philly tonight with maybe the highest confidence they’ve had all season. The Flyers continue to slump hard. Things have seemingly changed since the 1990s when the Flyers dominated the Habs. The Habs are undefeated against the Flyers this year. Either the Flyers show up and make a game of it, if not it may end up ugly.

  1. #1 kazmojo says:
    March 6, 2006 at 5:45 pm

    The Wild put Daigle on waivers a couple of days ago. Did anyone pick him up? The Habs could make room for him, maybe sending Garth Murray back to the Bulldogs. If he doesn’t work out, don’t dress him. If he does, we get a (smallish) goal-scorer who could fit in nicely on the second line in his hometown.

  2. He went unclaimed so he stays property of the Wild.

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