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Crosby: Canadien Killer

  • Sidney Crosby made his presence felt in his Montreal debut scoring 2 goals including the game winner and lifting the Pens to a 6-4 victory over a sloppy confused Canadiens team.

    The Canadiens held a post-game meeting to try and determine their problems. The Habs have now lost 3 straight and are sliding lower and lower down the Eastern Conference standings.

    The Canadiens managed to rally against a defensively weak team and score 4 straight goals to take the lead 4-3. These are the Pittsburgh Penguins remember? Michel Therrien called a timeout which seemed to be the turning point as the Canadiens figured they could now give up again. A lack of effort in the 3rd and same old story – a home ice loss to a less than .500 team.

    Jose Theodore once again certified his bush league status letting in questionable goals. Painful to watch. Claude Julien’s patience is running thin and his “enough is enough” comment might be more than just frustrated post-game words. Things can’t continue like this for much longer and the chance the Canadiens make a move and perhaps a big move is looking more and more likely to happen.

    The scratching of Ribeiro and Dagenais is sending a message. Changes are being made. Are they in the process of being traded or is Julien just sending them a warning? Time will tell.

    The roster on Thursday in New Jersey will be interesting to see and may give us further clues. In the meantime don’t try to call the Bell Centre as Bob Gainey probably has all the lines tied up.

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