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Crosby Ices Habs Comeback

  • The Montreal Canadiens took part in their first shoot out in the history of the franchise last night in Pittsburgh. It took 17 games to finally have one and the Habs came out on the losing end, with the only goal scored by Sidney Crosby.

    Crosby absolutely destroyed Jose Theodore with a double fake shot and went to the backhand to tuck it in right under the bar and send the water bottle flying. Despite losing the shoot out, it was extremely exciting to watch.

    Claude Julien selected Michael Ryder, Alex Kovalev and Alexander Perezhogin as his shooters. It’s hard to argue as Ryder is a sniper , Perezhogin is a sniper and Kovalev is the insurance policy in the middle. All failed to score. It was the Canadiens first shoot out ever and Julien will have a chance to redeem himself soon enough. Perhaps Koivu or Ribeiro would have been a stronger choice.

    The Canadiens rallied again from a 2-0 defecit and managed to send it to overtime after Chris Higgins buried a one timer late in the 3rd. Jocelyn Thibault played extremely well the whole game. The Canadiens were dealt a 5 minute major for a totally clean hit by Steve Begin. #22 absolutely leveled Maxim Talbot who had his head down and in an awkward position. Welcome to the NHL Max.

    The Habs still managed a point on the road, and are still undefeated in regulation. Next up Toronto and 2 important divisional points.

  1. Is it true that there wasn’t even a penalty called on Begin until Mario started talking with the officials? (And the boos began from the mob.) I heard both Murray Wilson on CJAD and Gabriel Morency mention this, and quite frankly, I’m tired of the Mario show as well. The officials are intimated by him, and Kerry Fraser, well, he’s still the worst ref available. In the New NHL, he still ends up being the show. The NHL doesn’t like great hits anymore, and now we may see less from Begin as he’ll be confused, along with the majority of others.

    There was only a penalty on Begin because of the injury, and that’s wrong. There was no intent to injure at all, and the officials know it, but they just can’t help their incompetency.

    I also saw some more non-calls last night so I see this New NHL falling a bit, though Ottawa still managed to score their ten goals last night, so I’ll have to check and see how old the officials were.

    I didn’t see it, as I only deemed the Canadiens worth listening to until the final minutes of the third period. Imagine if the Habs played with that kind of energy from the opening minutes. Julien better light a fire under his team earlier, and please stop it with the too-many-men-on-the-ice penalties!

  2. I agree about Mario. Mario took a high stick and went down like a ton of bricks and stayed down for 4-5 minutes! Cmon. High sticks happen, it hurts but tough it out MARIO. He is getting kind of embarassing and tarnishing his legacy. He looks so old and slow out there for the most part and he cries like a baby most of the time. Stick around and mentor Crosby, but then hang em up.

  3. I’ve always loved Mario, the offensive machine. I just wish he’d stop the complaining. I’m sure he’s helping Sidney a whole lot, but leave the Tuckering to the Leaf; whom we’ll see tomorrow.

    Enjoy the game, and let’s hope the team is ready, whatever the result.

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