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Deadline Day

  • The Leafs make their way to Montreal for a rare Monday night meeting that happens to be on the cusp of the trade deadline.

    The next 24-48 hours should be exciting as the playoff race between the Habs and Leafs is closer than it’s been all year. Tonight could very well be certain player or players last game as Montreal Canadiens.

    Does Craig Rivet remember his last game? His days with Montreal are over and he gets a new opportunity with a pretty good hockey club in San Jose.

    The trade makes sense for both teams, and particularly the Canadiens. Rivet had deep roots with the Habs, leadership qualities and one guy who just loved to be a Montreal Canadien. A quality you don’t find very frequently these days. With so many people refusing to come play for Montreal, Craig Rivet was the polar opposite – a proud hab.

    Character aside, his play this year wasn’t what it needed to be for the Canadiens. The trade makes sense for the Habs bringing in a prospect and a pick and it makes sense for the Sharks who want a little veteran experience on their young blue line. Good luck to Craig in SJ.

    One deal is done, are there more to come? Maybe. Most people believe that now Rivet is gone Sheldon Souray is magically going to re-sign for 10 years. There is still a strong chance Souray is gone before the Habs play New York tommorow night.

    Gainey commented that the Rivet deal had as much to do with the salary cap and financial aspects than the actual players involved. The same rules apply to Souray, who is arguably ‘worth’ more and whichever team he signs with, he will occupy a large chunk of their cap.

    The fact that Souray can be lost for nothing as a free agent almost forces Gainey’s hand. The Canadiens aren’t often in the position to have highly sought after players and with a lot of improvements to be made, HB predicts Souray is playing his last game tonight.

    Another popular theory is the Canadiens have their 1st round pick from the Rivet deal and are ready to move it immediately if the right deal is there.

    Enjoy the game tonight and take a look at each player as it may be there last as a Hab. Should Souray still go, the blueline will be quite a different looking one from here on in and hopefully the playoffs.

  1. #1 R habs 4 real says:
    February 26, 2007 at 6:41 pm

    Hey hab fans: Did you hear what FRANK called our team in the 70’s ?
    He called them SHITTY! Can you belive this guy? I guess we were really shitty when we won 4 cups in a row. And of course, we were absolutely horrible when we lost only 8 GAMES, THE ENTIRE SEASON, in 1976!
    Frank is so JEALOUS!

  2. No, if you could read you would see that I called your team shitty since 1993. There is no arguing that the Habs were the opposite of shitty in the 70s.

    Are fans of teams not allowed to visit other sites? I would welcome the debate but I guess when all you are going to hear is about how crappy your team is you wouldn’t want other fans visiting.

    Plus you guys are a riot. Completely delusional, stuck in the past, completely fairweather, and hilarious unintelligible. This is the funniest site I have ever visited.

  3. And HB, it’s on Yonge Street that Leaf fans celebrate playoff series victories not Dundas. If you are going to use a lame insult at least get it right.

    I’d reciprocate but since the Habs have celebrated so few series victories in the past decade I wouldn’t know what street to mention.

    Leafs 6
    Habs 3

    Everyone here calls for the trade of Aebischer, Koivu, Souray, Kovalev, etc. etc. because they are such great fans 😉

  4. Hooray, I know in the other post, that I complained about Gainey only chosing Josh Gorges, but hey we got rid of Rivet! HOORAY! But I guess we should be grateful we got someone of reasonable size.

  5. #5 Habz4EveR says:
    February 26, 2007 at 8:07 pm

    Koivu is gonna be in the lineup. I don’t know where you guys got that trash about him not showing up. And don’t cite TSN. We know how much they like the Habs now, don’t we?

  6. #6 stevejur says:
    February 26, 2007 at 8:12 pm

    Frank get a life you pathetic homo.
    Your visiting sites? Where’s your girlfriend?
    or in Toronto should I say boyfriend since it’s more common.


  7. What? Players are refusing to play for the Habs? Since when? Better yet, who?

    I bet not one French-Canadian in the NHL would refuse to play for the Habs.

    BTW, I’m a habs fan stuck in Toronto. Leaf Nation is a disgrace. Everyone thinks that the mediocer Leafs are more important to talk about, the the Raptors who are having an AMAZING season. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that Toronto has the best hockey fans. Toronto has the worst fans. Case in point: the AHL Marlies can only attract 1000-3000 fans to their games in an arena that sits 9000. You’d think cheap prices and the future Leafs would attract people, but noooooooooo.

  8. #8 Don Carnage says:
    February 26, 2007 at 9:33 pm

    Well its 3-1 for the Habs starting the 2nd period

    Where are the laff fans now?

  9. #9 Alexander says:
    February 26, 2007 at 10:33 pm

    Mtl is winning 5-2 right now going into the third, Kovalev and Radek Bonk are playin exceptional, and Ryder is also playing well. Souray had a bullet from the point, and for that reason i hope Gainey keeps him. Good luck Rivet. GO HABS GO!!!!

  10. #10 Dalley1 says:
    February 27, 2007 at 12:36 am

    Carbo is an idiot. Putting a jackass in net that can’t stop a bag of grass. The Habs should have won 5-0. All goals that the leafs got Abby the jackass should have stopped. Yeh Carbo he the most stupid coach I have ever seen. Halak has been good they need to go with him. If they keep put Abby the MORON in net kiss the playoffs good bye. They only won tonite by pure luck. Lucky there was not more shots on Stupid. Carbo wanted to go with expeirence. They should have put the stick boy in net. If Abby starts in net again I HOPE THE HABS GET THEIR ASSES KICKED BIG TIME. Carbo is useless a tits on a bull and Abby is not fit to put in net. They have to get rid of the Dumb & Dunber combo.

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