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Defenseman being Snatched Up

  • Two days into free agent season and defenseman are moving quick

    Adam Foote has signed with the Columbus Blue Jackets for 3 years at $4.5 Million a year. Personally I think Foote is a little old and a little tired to be making $4.5 a year.

    We’re starting to see the market value for these top tier defenseman emerge, as Adrian Aucoin has signed with Chicago for 4 years, $4 Million a year.

    Philadelphia missed out on Foote but it seems to be for the best as they recovered by signing three big strong defenseman: Derian Hatcher, Mike Rathje and Chris Therien.

    As far as forwards, not much action yet, unless you count two old school Maple Leaf dinosaurs Gary Roberts and Joe Nieuwendyk as news.

    They’re quite content to go out soft collecting that last couple mil and lounge on the Florida Beaches.

  1. Good to see more Habs fans out there. I have been a little disillusioned with the Sport as a whole after the last year or two, but it is quite exciting to see they are ready to go again!!!

  2. I think we were all a little disillusioned, or maybe ‘pissed off’ is a better term. But I can’t help to be happy that hockey is back and I think I’m more excited than ever.

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