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Division Matchups

  • The Habs are in Boston tonight in another Divisional match. This is the week in the NHL where every team plays in their respective Division and the time where the packs will start to separate.

    The Habs of course want and need to do well this week to keep a healthy distance between them and Boston, Toronto and Buffalo.

    Carey Price starts tonight, even after Cristobal Huet posted the shut out and won the game on his own against Buffalo.

    Carbonneau wants both goalies involved with meetings against the Senators and Leafs upcoming.

  1. I think Huet should start against Ottawa and Price against the Leafs. See how either prevail and of course adjust going forward. Sure would like to know if there are any rumblings of trades & who have been targetted by Gainey. Any rumours, anything at all??

    Let’s get the job done on the ice…we’ve been in pretty much all the 14 games so far…let’s keep it up…come on Kovalev, Ryder stop coasting! and get involved. It’s okay to get the uniform wet! Go Habs Go!

  2. Well Sam, if you’re stupid enough ( like me ) to read some of the dribble from hockeybuzz, there appears to be a rumor floating regarding Halak , Ryder and Kostytsin to Tampa for Richards and Roy.If you follow their logic they say that Murray being waived was to clear a spot and some room ( cap).After all the dust settles that would leave the habs about 200k under the ceiling. Can’t see this myself, nor would I want to absorb Richards salary.

    remember, you asked…..I’m just the messenger.

    t-rum…..aka Izzy

  3. #3 habs fanatic says:
    November 8, 2007 at 7:19 pm

    that trade rumour is bogus. Richards has a no trade contract, and being paid 7 million/year. not happening!

  4. #4 Dancan81 says:
    November 8, 2007 at 7:22 pm

    A little poem I found from a Bruins fan:

    Hockey God Hatred

    Man, I hate the Habs
    And all of their supporters
    I dislike them so much
    I even hate their reporters

    And for some strange reason
    They have the Hockey God’s love
    More than any other team
    Far and above

    They get all of the bounces
    The calls and all of the luck
    Sometimes they win games
    When they don’t even touch the puck

    For the Bruins on the other hand
    It goes the other way
    They lose way too many games
    When they dominate the play

    So when the Bruins play the Habs
    We’re doomed from the start
    As always, I have pre-game confidence
    And then it gets torn apart

    As usual, we out work them,
    Out chance them, out hit
    And the end result doesn’t change
    Not one little bit

    I find myself saying “WHY WHY WHY”
    The Nancy Kerrigan way
    I’m not looking forward
    To facing the Hab fans the next day

    My wife says “Get over it, it’s just a game.
    It doesn’t matter at all”
    And I say “It’s never JUST A GAME
    When we play MONTREAL!”

    I grab my remote
    And take aim for the TV
    I focus on the Plasma
    And wonder how stupid can I be
    I opt for a couch pillow
    And throw it against the wall
    But that doesn’t make me feel better
    Not a touch, not at all

    I get so freakin’ angry
    My face turns beat red
    Sleep is a write-off
    There’s no way I can go to bed

    Why do I feel this way
    Why does it make me so mad
    Because I hate the Montreal Canadiens
    Does that make me so bad?

    For some reasons unknown
    The Hockey God is on Montreal’s side
    No matter how much I’ve prayed
    No matter how much I’ve cried

    Oh Hockey God PLEASE
    Please give us a break
    Please lift your Bruin’s curse
    Tell us what it will take

    We as Bruins fans will do anything
    Anything at all
    But please don’t ask us
    To cheer for Montreal

    We’ll even disown Don Cherry
    He’ll have no connection with us
    We’ll send him away
    On the Maple Leaf bus

    We know he was the coach when this started
    The Montreal Boston curse that is
    We’ll fight with visors
    To become enemies of his

    We’ll get cocky and taunt
    Each and every day
    We’ll fake injuries and dive
    The Canadiens way

    Please keep this in mind
    Our chins will be up
    We ask “Please in this lifetime
    Can we have a sniff of the Cup?”

  5. #5 Habs4ever says:
    November 8, 2007 at 11:35 pm

    16 Jostm
    you got it right,
    the cbc is bunch of maple leaf ass-kissers. End of story
    every sat night on hnic it’s leafs, leafs and more leafs, the cbc
    just like the leafs are “losers since 67”
    At least TSN is showing some Habs games this year, thank goodness for them.

  6. #6 habs fanatic says:
    November 9, 2007 at 12:07 am

    I thought Plekanec put on a good move to score the 2nd goal. He works well with Kovalev, but unfortunately they’re a linemate. It’s not Kostityn. He does nothing for that line. If we could get 2 more snipers, what a difference that would make. It’s koivu, Higgins and ? nobody! 2nd line is Kovalev, Plekanec and ? nobody! 3rd line always changes so it’s too hard to figure out. But Gainey get 2 more snipers for the top 2 lines, and then we’ll have some offence, but not until then. Are you listening Gainey? get rid of the deadwood-Latendresse and Ryder, please!

  7. #7 Habfan17 says:
    November 9, 2007 at 1:05 am

    @ habs fanatic, ” He works well with Kovalev, but unfortunately they’re a linemate. It’s not Kostityn. He does nothing for that line”, What are you talking about? Kostitsyn is the reason why they scored the two goals. That line was unbelievable tonight, good job by Kostitsyn on both goals and what a finish by pleckanec. Good job by Price as well! GO HABS GO

  8. #8 jessef says:
    November 9, 2007 at 1:35 am

    huet and price are the best 1 2 goalie tandom in the league by far!
    nice goal by Plekanec he should have had 2 but kovalev tipped it in right before it went in, he should have let it go in but whatever!

  9. #9 jack hab says:
    November 9, 2007 at 9:36 am

    I’m pretty excited that The Habs won last night and the Sens lost. This should set up a
    thriller Sat. This team has already shown that it can rebound from losses. Hopefully,
    Sat. we’ll get a chance to see The Habs hand a pretty good squad two losses in a row!
    As long as this club gives solid sixty minute efforts I’m with them all the way – win or

    But I have this crazy feeling that this Sat. we’re going to win!
    Enjoy the game!!

  10. #10 habs fanatic says:
    November 9, 2007 at 11:42 am

    Habfan: when I was talking about Kostistyn not doing alot, I meant as far as his goal production. He’s not scoring any goals, and we need goals from him because we don’t have enough scorers on this team. We need scorers on 2 lines, and Ryder has really crapped out. Did you see when he fanned on a shot in the 1st period? He was in the slot, great chance to score, and totally screwed up! He must be traded and get a sniper in return, in order for this team to have a chance of making the playoffs. If we could get 2 more scorers, we would definitely make the playoffs! Gainey has his work cut out for him.

  11. #11 coutNY says:
    November 9, 2007 at 12:59 pm

    Claude Julien statements on the NHL Bruins site ~ “I think from what we saw, seemed like an elbow to the head on that play”… ” “Obviously, he got the elbow in the head and we know what happens from there.”

    From my recollection Claude, Ward was not paying attention to a recently released penalized Boullion and ran into his Shoulder, not the Elbow… Boullion, whose head was turned toward the play which makes beleive there was no malace in the situation…. maybe, and I say just maybe, Boullion shrugged (at the point of contact) possible a reaction or to avoid further injury to a shoulder, which had sidelined him for 2 games earlier… before crying fowl I think maybe take a look at some footage… Here it is, you deside!

  12. I was happy with the win, but they will be in real tough against the Senators Saturday. The Sens finally lost last night but they will be motivated against the Habs. Did you guys read on TSN where they were saying that Ottawa’s projected record will be 71-11 or something like that, and they think they will be better than the 1976/77 Habs. They do not stand a chance against that team, no one does and some older fans know what I am talking about. Back then, regular season games did not go into overtime when they were tied after 3 periods and there was no shootout either. There is no comparing this years Senators to that years Habs. That teams stands head and shoulders above any other team out there. Anyways, if they really want to compare this Ottawa team to that legendary Habs team, then the Sens need to win the cup this year to even be mentioned in the same breath. It really pissed me off tha some people are already comparing them to the greatest team of all-time, the Montreal Canadiens!!! Sens suck!


  13. #13 Habfan17 says:
    November 9, 2007 at 7:00 pm

    @habs fanatic, I don’t really mind if Kostitsyn doesn’t score as long as he makes the line productive like he did last night, 3 points in 2 games soo far, he had a slow start, but now he’s starting to do better. I’m more worried about Ryder though, but i’m sure he’ll find his game soon, and when he does, it won’t be good for the opposing teams.

  14. TRADE RYDER TO THE Blackhawks for Martin Havlat

  15. Martin Havlat is considered damaged goods…do we really need more players that will spend more time away from the ice than on. Why wouldn’t we trade Ryder for a bonafide forward. Lecavalier/Patrick Marleau/Shane Doan type players…the bait will have to be packaged more than likely but include Halak and Dandenault and you may have a bite.

    Go Habs Go vs Ottawa. Keep the game close and they have a shot at the win. Try to go all out and watch the game slip away…I think Huet is due again after the Sabres shutout win. Keep it up!

  16. Ryder is playing so bad that its screwing his linemates and that is as damaging as it could get.We have got enough hungry players in bulldog land that would do a better job than Ryder at this point and help Higgins and koivu out,and in the mean time a guy like Havlat could healup nicely. He would be an excellent addition as the playoffs near.Remember thats our no.1 line and its only got 2 forwards.

  17. #17 habs fanatic says:
    November 10, 2007 at 1:43 pm

    I hope Gainey doesn’t wait too long to pull the trigger on a trade. If vwe don’t have a complete 1st line, we have no chance of either making the playoffs, or doing something in the playoffs. Hey, every team, no matter how bbad they are,has at least 1 GOOD 1ST LINE! WE DON’T!!!!!!!!!

  18. #18 habslover says:
    November 10, 2007 at 2:36 pm

    our second line is our first line in everything but name at this point. If the habs are down by one, which line do you think going to be on the ice to score? line “2”

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