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Ed Olczyk on his way out?

  • Speculation around the league is the Pittsburgh Penguins Head Coach Ed Olcyzk is on his way out very soon.

    I predicted this back in September before the season even started.

    Pittsburgh got Sidney Crosby and a boatload of talented free agents before the season started and they are still a brutal team and nowhere near a playoff birth. The blame has to go to someone and that someone is Ed Olcyzk.

    The related twist, the replacement coach seems to be non other than ex-Habs bench boss Michel Therrien. Therrien coaches the minor league affiliate and has been on a mission to get back to the NHL level.

    The Penguins definitely need to shake something up before the team loses all morale and gives up.

    As I said in September: “don’t be too surprised if the Penguins don’t burst out of the gate or aren’t cup bound by December, to see a coaching change.”

    Looks like my timing is dead on.

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