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Florida Curse

  • Old people go to Florida to die, so they say.

    The Canadiens go for the same reason apparently.

    The Habs had chances to bury the Panthers early last night and failed to do so. The 1-1 score dragged on for ages and you knew the early chances would come back to haunt them and it did.

    On paper you’d think a short road trip to Florida to play some average teams should result in nothing less than a split and hopefully 4 points. The Habs need a regulation win tonight to get that split and come out .500 which is certainly possible but far from guaranteed.

    David Abeischer should get the start since it’s back to back and on the road. Not to mention Cristobal Huet seemed a little ‘off’ in yesterday’s game. He didn’t play bad but seemed to struggle with moving and getting up at his normal speed.

    The Lightning are second last in the East, only to the Flyers. This is a team with Martin St-Louis, Brad Richards and Vincent Lecavalier, collectively earning more money than you probably could in 10 lifetimes.

    Unfortunately for them, that’s about all they have. They are very vulnerable on defence and their 122 goals against and record speaks for that.

    This is a winnable game for the Habs and it would give them a very satisfactory record of 23-10-5 to start the New Year.

  1. #1 smiler2729 says:
    December 30, 2006 at 5:21 pm

    As I said on the former thread, the Panthers are a good, hard working team with key players that can hurt you (Belfour, Roberts, Van Ryn, Jokinen, Gelinas, Horton, Weiss, Bouwmeester). Never take them lightly but Florida is hard to get up for (both teams because the nice weather is so un-hockey like). They’ll bounce back tonight.

  2. generally speaking, the habs seem to do better against the lightning than the panthers, so there’s good reason for guarded optimism about tonight. but i wouldn’t take anything for granted, they do seem to hate playing in florida.

  3. I hate to say it but, Ed Belfour was solid. If it wasn’t for him, the Habs would have won. I think Huet badly needs a rest. He’s been amazing so far and has had to stand on his head numerous times.

  4. #4 hab heaven says:
    December 30, 2006 at 9:19 pm

    already outshot 23-3 in 1st period against Tampa,( a team below 500)! no skating, again! lazy bums!

  5. I’m back. What is going with this team lately?? 23 to 3???? THE HOLIDAY IS OVER BOYS!!! BACK TO WORK NOW!!! GO HABS GO!!!!!

  6. #6 hab heaven says:
    December 30, 2006 at 10:14 pm

    we’re outshot after 2 periods, 35-7 ! DISGUSTING!! What’s it going to take for this team to skate ? horrible defence, Huet let in a soft goal, AGAIN, and no offence, AGAIN! Remember, Tampa and Florida are both below 500, and we can’t beat either team!

  7. #7 koivufan says:
    December 30, 2006 at 10:30 pm

    all i can say is thank god huet is in nets for us. being outshot 35-7 is just horrible. carbo should be giving them a lecture after this game.

  8. #8 hab heaven says:
    December 30, 2006 at 10:45 pm

    We stink!!!!!!! 2 LOSSES IN A ROW AGAINST TEAMS BELOW 500!!! PRETENDERS!! we’re crap! and we looked like crap, too! NO defence, NO offence, SOFT GOAL let in by HUET, and out of sync, passes horrible, just awful looking! TOO MANY PENALTIES, AGAIN!!! What’s going on with these lazy bums?

  9. Even though we shouldn’t get to upset about the fact they’ve lost 2 in a row and to crappy teams(after all Buffalo did lose to St.Louis and Florida), but anyone not named Cristobal Huet should be absolutly ashamed of their preformances during the past two games. The effort wasn’t there at all.

  10. #10 stevejur says:
    December 30, 2006 at 11:04 pm


  11. First time all season we’ve lost two in a row in regulation but the Habs didn’t show up at ALL. The shots…the shots…the shots!!! Huet was the only one who showed up and played. Not a good way to end the year!! Better turn it around in 2007!! GO HABS GO!!!

  12. #12 hab heaven says:
    December 30, 2006 at 11:23 pm

    By the way, Philly, a team with the worst record in the NHL, beat Tampa, in Tampa on Thursday,but we CAN’T! Habs should be ashamed of themselves! I can understand not showing up for 1 game, but 2 GAMES IN A ROW? Huet is now letting in at least 1 soft goal, EVERY SINGLE GAME! He won’t take us anywhere in the playoffs. Is it possible to clone Brodeur? If so, let’s do it! Our passing tonight was horrific, and the defence, where was it? WE WERE OUTSHOT 41-12! YOU CAN”T ALLOW 41 SHOTS AND EXPECT TO WIN! This team is now looking like the habs of last year. It’s time to get back to basics. No new year’s celebration for habs. They need a dose of reality! Hard tough practice,laps, practice passing the puck,(because they forgot how to do that), and the PP is now non existant! no PP goals 3 games in a row! I think we’re going to come back to the pack, and that big separation between teams is now shrinking! Too bad we don’t have snipers like Lecavalier or St. Louis. We need a big time scorer, because we don’t have one. We have too many defensive players and not enough offensive players! Plekanec and Murray are wasted players. Get rid of Samsonov too! And the penalties, CONSTANTLY! We just can’t seem to stay out of the penalty box! NO DISCIPLINE!

  13. #13 Where'sDatMojo says:
    December 30, 2006 at 11:34 pm

    What I see is a tired team, I think the top two scoring lines forgot how fun it is to score. Carbano had them all reved up, they look like contenders….BUT with continued performances like this all I can think of is every other season for the past 5 years, out of the gate strong but no stamina. I hardly think its the defense or the goaltenders fault when the offence cant hold on to the puck for longer then 5 secs with twitchy passing looking like they are afraid to get checked. TAKE THE FRIGEN SHOT…its simple, shoot when you get it, no hesitation, rush the net, pick up the rebounds,,,, remember guys. Its two bad games not a season, turn it around and kick some butt.

  14. #14 SundinSucks says:
    December 31, 2006 at 12:00 am


  15. #15 Drive_4_25 says:
    December 31, 2006 at 12:49 am

    All I can say is that in florida last night…The habs dominated the game but Belfore dominated the habs!

    Tonight! The habs just sucked! Every single one of them… huet made some decent stops but then let in a softie! can’t blame him though, he had ZERO DEFENSE!
    As for OFFENCE!Where has higgs been? where’s samsonov’s game out of 10 that he shows up for? Ryder’s been a no show for way too long. and I think even koivu looked demoralized! I understand that teams have ups and downs during the season..But I don’t think that this is what’s going on here! Why can the habs spank a team like buffalo and then get chewed up and spit out by teams like Tampa or philly?!? And finally can someone please explain to me what the team’s goal is? because I thought it was to win games! If so then why the hell is Garth Murray in florida when maxim LaPierre is in Hamilton, sometimes I just don’t understand the bloody logic!(I understood sending him back before the christmas freeze!)but carbo acts Like we owe Murray and or Downey something! Screw that, the name of the game is to WIN at all costs!You owe that to the FANS like me, and everyone on this site, that fill the bell center and pay their bloody salaries in the HOPES of brining the cup back home where it belongs!

    Do you hear that…it’s Boston knocking at our back door!


  16. #16 habs phan says:
    December 31, 2006 at 1:05 am

    can’t go to florida unless it’s a holiday!!! and this was no holiday for us. i can’t beleive we gave up two game to these teams. i think carbs should have a team meeting about shots on net, we are beaten so badly in regards to shots on net. it’s not huet’s fault. you can only face so many shots before some will get through. is our defense in need of a wake up call???? i have no idea what happened because i live on the west coast and only get to listen to the games. but by the sounds of it we need a team meeting to figure out how to protect our goalie. lets get back on track and have an happier new year then everybody else. not giving up hope, never. habs 4 life. let’s clean up the mess and keep rolling over everybody!!! go habs go

  17. Drive_4_25,Your bang on man and I’d what like to add is,the only way this current habs team could win a cup is a win at a coffee contest at starbucks!! IT’S SHAKE-UP TIME,BRING ON THE BULLDOGS!!

  18. YO Habs phan,I live on vancouver island and for $2 per month more on my shaw bill,I get every habs game played this year on the RDS french station , which lately has been a big waste of time,but it could be worse,I COULD BE A LEAFS FAN!!!

  19. #19 Jack Tornton says:
    December 31, 2006 at 1:37 am

    I think I’m going to quit this site. Very disappointing. You gay mother fuckers can express yourselves somewhere else. No need to come under other names. What the hell, I really think the person or people that do this should be charged foe a crime. This is serious.
    And by the way, Habsblog, you aren’t doing a great job dude. Atleast find a way to solve thi issue. “mY mouth is like a vacum on a dick” What the hell do you mean you idiot. If that would’ve me, I would have knoked the shit off of the motherfucker that did it. And im sure about it.


  20. WHAT THE FUCK…Am I on the LEAFS BLOG?????

  21. Rivet is FREAKIN USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who gives a sh*t if he is a leader if he plays that badly then being leader does not mean anything. HE is absoulutely useless. He turned the puck over about 35 times in the first period alone. He can not mark a man and constantly gets lost inhiss own end. Put him on the waiver wire for all I carre just get him away from teh Habs. Ninmaa sounds pretty darn good right now.

  22. #22 Drive_4_25 says:
    December 31, 2006 at 9:23 am



  23. #23 smiler2729 says:
    December 31, 2006 at 9:58 am

    Some of you are PATHETIC. Trade this guy, put this guy on waivers, release this guy, bring up this guy, shake up the team, waaaa, waaaa, what a bunch of sad little people you are after 2 losses, TWO LOSSES!!!! So the team was tired, it happens, GET OVER IT. I’m so sick of the Samsonov bashing, the guy I see out there hustles and skates and never stops, I’m sorry he’s not Jagr or whoever you want him to be, as for Rivet, he alone is not the reason they lost, it takes a team to win and a team to lose… bunch of pathetic Leaf-like fans, I’m ashamed to be a fan of the same team as you so go jump on the Duck or Sabre bandwagon and we’ll be better off here. As an aside here, is it me or is Michael Ryder becoming Brian Savage? Hmmmm.

  24. pathetic…two gimmee games squandered! Time for a big wake up call. I suspect Carbonneau was letting bad habits come back to bite the players. This is a situation where the players and the chemistry need to adjust one another. If the dynamics doesn’t work, then I suspect Gainey will look to doing something. Losing in a close competitive game is acceptable. However, getting outworked, outskated, outshot too lopsided…that’s plain simple embarassing and unacceptable. Got to look inside for inspiration and work together….and do it before next game. Let’s wake up.

  25. Can somebody, anybody, please explain to me why Craig Rivet continues to play on this team. this guy is the worst defenceman I have seen in 40 yrs of watching hockey. He must be great in the dressing room because this guy makes huge and noticeable mistakes EVERYTIME he is on the ice. Get rid of this guy-NOW!!!!!!
    Anybody else agree??

  26. People CALM DOWN FOR GOD’s SAKES!! It’s only 2 games!! Honestly some of you sound like Leaf fans on here. It’s pathetic how you like to blame this player or that, but the simple truth is the WHOLE TEAM ( with the exception of Christobel Huet) played horrible last night. Everyboby seems to have a kneejerk reaction to every loss, myself included, but you have to look at the big picture. The Habs are seven points ahead of the pace they were last season plus this is their first two game losing streak all season which is amazing to me, so lets cheer on the team, EVEN after a loss in stead of sounding like a bunch of whiners like all those Leaf fans out there. Put it this way… WE COULD BE THEM, OR WORSE!! GO HABS GO!!!

  27. #27 hab heaven says:
    December 31, 2006 at 1:38 pm

    It’s not just about the losses! It’s the way they played. NO EFFORT! they were outplayed, outskated, outshot, and did absolutely NOTHING! If you give 100% effort, and still lose, I can and will accept that.But when you don’t even try,totally INEXCUSABLE! And it’s not just 2 losses; they have now lost 4 of the last 5. Their getting into the same bad habits of last year. And the PENALTIES, especially at crucial times,(so many in the 3rd period), is just killing them, and taking away any opportunities, and time to score. How you discipline players, I don’t know. But something needs to be done.If a player takes too many or undisciplined penalties, BENCH HIM! As far as Samsonov is concerned,he’s making roughly 5MIL/year, and has scored 5 goals, or about 1 mil/goal. Didn’t we get him to score goals? We didn’t get him to skate from his blueline to the opposition blueline, and never finish! We have plenty of guys who can pass the puck. What we need his players to put the puck in the net, and HE CAN”T DO THAT! He is totally USELESS! If we get rid of him, then we can secure a centerman. Why do you think he jumped at the opportunity to sign with Montreal? Because NOBODY ELSE WANTED HIM! He couldn’t do the job in Edmonton, and he wore out his welcome in Boston. What does that tell you? So again, this isn’t 2 losses, it’s losing 4 out of your last 5, and no effort.
    It also doesn’t help when your goalie allows 1 soft goal/game. In a close 1 goal game that could be the difference. If we had an adequate backup, Carbo wouldn’t be forced to play Huet so often. Huet was obtained originally, as ONLY a backup, because he just doesn’t have the physical or mental stamina to play almost every game. Unfortunately, Aebischer has been so shaky, Carbo is compelled to insert Huet, whether he’s ready or not. When a goalie gets tired, they lose their focus and concentration,and that’s when bad goals are allowed.I hate to think the shape Huet will be in, come April; exhaustion, and totally drained,= early exit from the playoffs. Do I need to remind you how we exited early last year? ( horrible goal he allowed, from the blueline by Carolina). Do we want a repeat performance? Remember, this is only,the half way point, and Huet is already tired. Imagine 42 more games, or let’s say 35, for Huet? Can’t happen!

  28. I can’t blame Huet because he is the main reason the Habs are where they are. However, he still has to prove that he’s a playoff goaltender and not just a stand-out in the regular season.

    I agree about the penalties-they have been short-handed 40 more times than they have been on the power play.
    Tampa Bay had the worst penalty kill record before last night’s game-75% and 30th in the league. What does Montreal do-draw two lousy penalties while killing off 5. Including Kovalev taking a penalty right at the beginning of a Habs PP. $6 million a year for Kovalev-not worth it. This guy looks great out there stick handling by an entire team by himself-but never anything point wise at the end of the night.
    I would expect a team coached by Carbo, Jarvis, Muller and Gm’d by Gainey to be much more disciplined than they have shown.

  29. #29 smiler2729 says:
    December 31, 2006 at 2:51 pm

    Oh well, Patrick Roy was traded and is now retired, Cristobal Huet is the goalie, what do want, Martin Brodeur??? Okay, it’s so easy, maybe New Jersey will give him to us for Rivet, Samsonov, Niinimaa, Murray and Aebischer and whoever else all of you dislike so much. Or maybe Kenny Dryden can be talked into a comeback? Or maybe New York will take Samsonov for Jagr… or hey, maybe the Lightning will trade us Lecavalier and St.Louis for nothing!! Yeah, that’s how it happens!!! It’s SO EASY! People, the way you all talk, you have to know that you are the reason that people hate the Habs, spoiled by winning so easily 20-30-40 years ago!!!! I am truly embarrassed by some of your reactions, and when things turn around and Montreal starts playing well again, I don’t want to hear shit from you about anything, go jump on some perfect team’s bandwagon in make-believe land… my God we have people bringing up a game winning goal in last year’s playoff to prove how bad Huet is!!!! Leading the league in SAVE PCT. DON’T MEAN SHIT TO YOU???? You are NOT hockey fans, merely whiny little Canadiens fans who don’t know shit about hockey so join others like you and cheer for the Maple Leafs, it seems to fit your style better.

  30. #30 hab heaven says:
    December 31, 2006 at 2:59 pm

    Obviously, Smiler you don’t understand how SAVE PCT. works. It is based on the number of shots a goalie faces. So of course, if your goalie faces 40 + SHOTS EVERY GAME, as Huet faces, then of course, YOU”RE GOING TO LEAD THE LEAGUE IN SAVE PCT.! Do you honestly, like the fact that Huet is exhausted every game, because his team’s defence, LEADS THE LEAGUE IN THE AMOUNT OF SHOTS GIVEN UP! Do you think he should be forced to try and stop 40+ shots every single game? Because that’s what’s happening. He should sue his defence for lack of support. you shouldn’t be happy with that stat. If you are, you’re brainless!

  31. hey smiler,what games you’ve been watching?Dude, truth is,our habs suck and they need a make over.Don’t be afraid of change ,change is good,look at the fu–ing bruins. This problem won’t go away like it dosn’t exsist,or by mixing up the lines,we have big holes to plug and the good news is the shovel’s called BULLDOG.It might smart-in- up some sleeping dogs.Oh yeah,what make’s everyone wrong and you right?Man, if you were the bus driver I wouldn’t climb abord for the oncomeing crash.

  32. #32 habs phan says:
    December 31, 2006 at 4:09 pm

    wow, everyone is so angry, why bother getting so involved, sure there is a reason for concern, but getting all heated about it isn’t gonna solve anything. we all cheer for the best team in the league, we are having a killer season. so let’s all be happy. like i read a million times before “it could be worse” we could be cheering for the leafs!!! take a step back and realize that everything is awesome. and happy new years to all my habs fans out there.

  33. Wow,a buddist habs fan, that’s very gandian.Listen here habs phan,speaking for myself,the only thing I ask this time of year,as I take on new credit dept and try my best and my hardist to provide for my family, while doing a very dangerous job,is to at least have the habs play there best.This is not there best!!


  35. #35 Habs#1 says:
    December 31, 2006 at 5:41 pm

    Reason the Habs have lost the last 2 games: no secondary scoring. Other teams now know that if you shut down the top line and the powarplay the Habs have no offense. Plekanec just isn’t cutting it as the 2nd line centre. He’s far more comfortable with Perezhogin on the 3rd line. And you know what, I don’t have a problem with Samsonov as much as I do with Kovalev. At least Sammy goes out and try’s every night and dosen’t yell at the refs when he get’s a penalty, Kovy is the complete opposite. If the Habs can pick up a second line centre with size for Kovy then do it. If they can’t then they’ll have to wait till summer cause the Habs need one and Kovy needs to go.

    A lot of hockey writers have Shane Doan pegged as a target by the Habs at the Febuary 27th trade deadline(which isn’t that far away folks), and he’d look great centering a line with Samsonov and Latendresse. And anyone who complains about him being a ‘biggot’ because of something he ‘supposedly’ said, we’ll never know the full story so give the guy a chance if he comes over.

  36. Hey Mark;

    ITs simple really, teams know other teams weaknesses and Tampa hit it right on. They know to pressure us down low and this will keep are forwards from showing what they can do. Right now if Im an opposing caoch I am focusin gdead on Rivet. Everytime Rivet is on the ice put it in his corner and you will get the puck. FOr the first time last night I realized just how bad this guy is. NOt only did he lose every race to the puck, the odd time he got it he passed it right back. He was constanlty leaving his man unmarked and when he did mark a man he would rotate off him to cover thin air. Which I might say did very poorly at doing.


    a) PUt him on waivers and maybe he will be claimed. I guarantee you TAmpa would not and they are in desperate need of a right handed D man.
    b) OFfer him some kind of coaching job, maybe a A coach in Hamilton. Just because everyone raves about his leadership which is obviously off the ice.
    c) Trade him? But any takers?
    d) Put him with Markov but I promise you it will hinder Markov’s game and that is hard to do.

    NOW I know there are a couple of others on the team not playing their top game (Samsonov, Kovy, Murray) BUt at least these players show a glimpse here and there and are not completely useless. Now remember this is coming from a fan who really appreciated Rivet a few years ago but maybe that was just because he was compared to Brisebois, DYkhuis, Traverse and Quintal back then. But something has to be done immediately about this. When Rivet was with Souray then Souray struggled defensively and now he has been with Boullion and not Francis is struggling. GO FIGURE>

  37. 1. Markov
    2. Souray
    3. Komisaurus
    4. Streit
    5. Dandeneault
    6. Boullion
    7. Ninimaa
    8. Cote
    9. New guy from SJ
    10. O B
    11. Rivet

  38. I have a couple of things to say here. First of all, while I am disappointed that the Canadiens lost a couple of games they could have won against the Panthers and Lightning, they are still a good hockey team that is tired right now and will turn it around. Secondly, every team in the NHL goes through slumps at some time or the other. Look at Anaheim, they are struggling a bit as well and the Sabres had a bit of a slump a couple of weeks ago. Buffalo also lost to teams like St. Louis and Florida. Does that mean that Buffalo is not a Stanley Cup contender? Anaheim lost to Phoenix and Philadelphia this year and San Jose is now struggling as they lost two consecutive games to the Coyotes!! My point is that every team will struggle at some point. You cannot expect the Canadiens to win every single game and be hot all year! I have confidence in this years team that they will go deep in the playoffs and make a run at the cup. Anyways, three losses in 4 games is not as big of a slump as some people think. I do not want the rest of the conference to start creeping up on Montreal but we will have to wait and see. If Montreal finishes in 4th or 5th in the conference, I would be happy, even 6th wouldn’t be that bad. I only hope they don’t finish 7th or 8th like they have the last three times they made the playoffs. Where would you people want Montreal to finish in the conference? Please, you guys feel free to give me some feedback on my thoughts and what you think!


  39. 6th is probably the best spot because you will have the weaker of teh division winners

  40. #40 smiler2729 says:
    January 1, 2007 at 9:28 am

    Well put Ziyad, I’d like to finish in the 2,3 or 4 spot, without the pressure of being 1st and still with home ice advantage. I hope no tradewinds blow thru Montreal, I like this team but the one I’m not impressed with in his role is Plekanec as scoring center. Maxim Lapierre would fit in there but Plekanec will probably replace Bonk (UFA) next year on the checking line so there’s no need to get rid of him. Kovalev and Samsonov need a quick gritty centerman with a mean streak to relieve the incredible hounding they endure, is Lapierre the answer there? Maybe Bonk? Higgins? Johnson? Chipchura? Garth Murray??? Carbo and Gainey will figure it out. Does anyone else here think letting Ron Hainsey go on waivers was a good thing last year? That pissed me off… him and Komisarek were the future here and now he’s top two defence in Columbus.

  41. 1. JACK… me stupid if you like, but what in the above posts pissed you off so badly?…I for one enjoy reading your comments / opinions.

    2. Word down here is that the habs are having a few chemistry issues. Has nothing to do with being too tired to beat the panthers…they are well conditioned professional athletes. The issues come from two fronts….1. Kovy /Ryder….( not the best of friends )….2. Lapierre being sent down irked the likes of Latendresse and believe it or not Perezhogin.

    word from the street in the former farm league town.

    ps…..I was purchasing a ticket for my son yesterday and as the guy across the counter was typing in my info I noticed a leafs wristband on his arm.I joked with him that he had a lot of guts to wear such a thing in public. He laughed and said “I know, but they are my boys and they do the best they can with what they have, and I still love to watch them.” There was no whining…no heated discussion of who they should trade / fire / demote / hang.
    Just a guy saying he loves hockey with a passion and that he loves his team unconditionally.

    hmmm….sounds like a good attitude to me , no?


  42. HAINSLEY on waivers,realy bad move. Could of used him as of late and this my point,out with the old and in with the new and it works with pay cap.The leaf fan was also a comunist,don’t u know!

  43. #43 Hab-a-dab-a-do says:
    January 1, 2007 at 5:39 pm

    I can’t believe the way you all are fighting, Has any of you ever played on a team that has won every game or played perfect every game? Sure the points are nice but you got to cut them some slack,way to critical some of you are being, If the 2 loses in a row turn into 10 then I could see some of the comments, My bets are we see a different team tormorrow night.

  44. I hate to say it living in Florida and all but the Panthers suck. I don’t care much for them, they constantly disappoint.

  45. OH and not only do people come here to drive they come here with licenses that were issued from a cracker jack box!

  46. #46 habs phan says:
    January 2, 2007 at 3:35 am

    let’s get those 2 points back. go habs go

  47. #47 hab-dab-a-do says:
    January 2, 2007 at 10:29 am


  48. #48 smiler2729 says:
    January 2, 2007 at 11:05 am

    It seems like Alexei Kovalev is a problem for a lot of fans, media types and past and present teammates, yet he still is in demand by teams and commands a big salary to go with his incredible talent that only shone through in Pittsburgh for maybe a season and a half or two… I, personally, like him on the team but my expectations for him (and Samsonov for that matter), aren’t as high as everybody else’s I think. I don’t see him as a superstar or even a 50-goal scorer but rather a talented 1st or 2nd line winger. Much like Mats Sundin in T.O., he needs a great linemate to make him better and I thought we’d found it when he first arrived when he clicked with Koivu and Zednik for that cool playoff run in ’03. He seems to elevate his game (as everybody does) for playoffs and big games which I like cuz his talent is a little superior to others. It’s too bad his big mouth and sometimes lazy defensive play land him in sin bin more than others. Oh well, he’s on the Habs and we gotta support him eh.

  49. #49 Frank says:
    January 2, 2007 at 12:01 pm

    HAHAHAHAHA I thought that the Habs were the bestest team in the world and were going to smoke Buffalo and then Anaheim on their way to the cup. What happened?

  50. #50 Jack Tornton says:
    January 2, 2007 at 1:01 pm


    Last game we played against Tampa, an idiot came under Kariya-mania’s name, and sarted saying”bullshit” such as ‘ my mouth is vacum over a cock’
    Is this what we want to read on this site?
    I think that was more than stupid. Watching the game against Tampa made me very frustrated and seeing these comments on this site, made me lose my senses. I just expressed my thoughts about this (unknown) dude’s immature acts.
    Sorry for everyone else that read my comment. Hope he saw what I wrote, and learned from it!

    GO HABS GO! Way to go, 2007 is waiting for US!

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